April 23, 2012

Truth for Fiji: Robert Beam & Pacific NorthAM Hoodwinks Fijians For Naseyani Springs

Just as we suspected, Fiji's water war's and the various players/characters/beams of light are slowly thrusting themselves to the fore.

Fellow blog, Truth for Fiji reveals these latest round of shenanigans:
The Inside Story On Naseyani Springs, Robert Beam and his associates caught on tape hoodwinking the people of Fiji in a Fiji government grab of Naseyani Springs. 
"Blue Gold" in Fiji is the same as "Blood Diamonds" in Africa - Robert Beam and Pacific NorthAM Hoodwinks Fijians For Naseyani Springs - A legendary water source in Fiji is being exploited by the Fiji dictatorship through various government agencies resulting in the deaths of Fiji Natives. While pretending to bring solidarity the divide and conquer scenario is playing out in Fiji, pitting Fijian Native against Fijian Native, and Fijian Natives against others that are exploitative and disrespectful to the Native Fijian People. 
In the mix is the Fiji dictaorship, the Central Bank of Fiji, the Unit Trust of Fiji and the Native Land Trust Board, among other agents both domestic and foreign. 
Robert Beam is the US citizen, along with Rajit Pathak and Sumar Prasad and Patel Cartel devotee Alpesh Patel. The Patel name is not unfamiliar to Fijians in the know. Robert Beam and his associates consider the Fijian Natives as too uneducated to catch on, but I am sure the Fijian Natives know fully well what is going on and this short video documentary proves it. 
I have discovered and documented this activity over several months in researching investors for the so-called "Naseyani Water Project". Robert Beam is the rogue ramrod for the Fiji project and also the V3 Waters International, Inc. operation. Its all about exploitation of water resources for filthy lucre. This video is some of the most revealing evidence I've gotten. I have other written evidence documented as well. 
Download this video while you can as it may not remain available. I acquired this footage and it has been delivered over to the authorities of the City of Hargave and the judge has ruled that it is evidence of subversive activities, and has authorized this video to be made public as a public service for all to see what is happening globally with the exploitation and confiscation of vital water resources of high quality. 
I am the owner and developer of Bionaid and Micarox and an expert in the field of specialty waters. I was intending to get these vital, liife-saving water products to the Fijian people and during my endeavor I came across the characters in this video, and also Alpesh Patel, all of which have proven to be involved in a conspiracy of crimes that have also had adverse affects upon me and my associates. During the time I was doing my due diligence regarding investors to accomplish my mission to help the Fiji I had the opportunity to get on the inside of of this operation and learn the truth. I will have no part of this kind of treachery, and I cannot stand by and do nothing, ergo the publication of this video. 
Please help the People of Fiji that are being exploited and grossly mistreated by making this video go viral. It is no different than the "Blood Diamonds" of Africa, another group of nations also suffering from water exploitation by big corporations with their paid mercernaries. 
Elder/Range Guide 


Anonymous said...

The only "hoodwinking" going on here is by the author of this article. This information is many years old and this group has long since disbanded. The land rights for the water were released from this group. The "Magic Mountain" structure no longer exists.

A little fact checking perhaps?

Keep The Faith said...

Well golly gee Anon. According to our research, the original author posted this video and the blurb up on youtube very recently.

Furthermore the military regime propaganda Fiji Focus piece titled "Americans knock on our doors " on page 10 from the November 2011 edition makes the whole saga very recent.

Perhaps a little fact checking from your end (and sources saying otherwise) is more in order.

Elder said...


Video removed by fraudulent claim to Youtube by Robert Beam - video no removed by user!

New link for removed video: http://www.cityofhargrave.com/robertbeam.htm (Small File / Huge HD Video File available)

New Youtube link for new video:

New commentary at Youtube:

Robert Beam and Pacific NorthAM's Fiji spring-water scam results in illness and deaths of Native Fijians likened to Africa's "Blood Diamonds" terrorism. Native Fijians are being forced away from the healing waters (containing nano-silver) by stakeholders conspiring with the Fijian dictator Voreqe Frank Bainimarama and governmental agencies under his control.

Numerous illnesses afflict the Native Fijians often resulting in death. The so-called "Naseyani Chief", a stakeholder in the Naseyani Springs water scam meant to take the water and sell it off to foreign countries, admits to forcing Native Fijians away from the Naseyani Springs on a daily basis. The Fijian dictator issued license to kill to members of his military regime.

In the video that was taken down by Youtube ot avoid legal risk, one of the people in the video was called a "Black Angel". This is a term used for these individuals with a license to kill. The video that was previously on youtube is a large file in HD and may be seen at the folllowing link:


Robert Beam has made threats against the editor, Burk-Elder: Hale, Third. Some of these are noted in the Youtube video here. Robert Beam, President of V3 Waters International, Inc., has made these threats since Elder has exposed Robert Beam, his associates, the Fijian dictator and his agents in the field that are involved in the abusive take-over of the legendary Naseyani Springs that has been accesible to all Native Fijians until the springs were taken over for profiteering by the Fijian dictator. Elder has all the evidence in email and mobile texts as well as phone calls recorded and witnessed by the mission staff he oversees while the phone was set to speaker-phone.

To date, Robert Beam and his co-conspirators have failed to deny claims made by Elder, ergo their failure to deny Elder's claims evidence's their acquiescence thereby proving Elder's claims. Robert Beam has broken contracts and broken the law to say the least, and has avoided open challenges to prove otherwise. He will not answer calls from TV reporters investigating his involvement in the Fijian terrorism or his unethical and illegal conduct in America. Documentation of Robert Beams involvement and the Fijian dictator's controlled corporate interests has already been sent to TV stations. This documentation is available upon request by sending an email to Alerts@NationalEmergency.info.

Robert Beam is contributing to the illness and deaths of the Native Fijian People by his actions and his cospiracy with the Fijian military dictatorship and its corporate conspirators such as the Unit Trust of Fiji.

This is one more example of what lengths greedy people will go to in order to grab "Blue Gold" water resources in America and around the globe that results in death and displacement of local populations or outright genocide. The "Blue Gold" in Fiji at the Naseyani Springs is equivalent to the "Blood Diamonds" in Africa.

Burk-Elder: Hale, Third, Citizen of the City of Hargrave, encourages you to boycott Robert Beam and any products he markets because of his unlawful activities and his failure to do the Right thing when the opportunity presented itself when Elder tried to get Robert Beam to cease his activity in Fiji and with those in America tied to corporations involved in the Naseyani Springs scam and terrorism.

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