July 23, 2009

Methodists Not Budging

The Methodist Church remains steadfast and refuses to budge on their intent to hold their conference.

There could be wave after wave of believers willing to face persecution and oppression for the Lord's work (as is foretold in the good book). This time Bainimarama has picked a fight with the wrong foe - God.

Let's see how many methodists the military can round up and charge with incitement, before they collapse in exhaustion or run out of holding capacity.


Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Intelligentsiya bloggers. Au vakabauta ni gadrevi me update na Heroes Roll Call.

Anonymous said...

The evil in using SDL politics to infest the Methodist Church of Fiji and one weak Province of Fiji is disgusting.

A group of destructive and inciteful individuals posing as people of God using challenging tactics to challenge the law of the land. What are we to expect of persons who play God.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian, I am sick and tired of publicity hungry chiefs seeking political notoriety, without dealing with what's important, standing amongst distracting homosexual looking Kanailagi crying out as victims of what they created.

Impure intentions of the embittered and the desperate, missing what once was which many did not favor, feeling rebuffed by a government who professed to represent us, the common average hardworking invisible people of Fiji.