March 27, 2008

Foot in mouth disease prevails

Today's outburst (probably stemming from the audacity of being questioned by a civilian) by a Captain Suliasi Gukimaleya of the army’s Civil Affairs Department, heralds what we've always known would happen.

“The question from district representative Ifereimi Rokomasa Talatu was ‘will the Charter abolish the Constitution?”

The answer from Captain Gukimaleya was ‘No it won’t! It will be inserted into the Constitution.

Captain Gukimaleya settled concerns about the viability of the Constitution when he said the Charter would be inserted in Chapter Two or the Compact Section of the Supreme Law, which will provide a guide for governments to come.

You CANNOT edit/update/insert/change the Constitution without the necessary Parliamentary process, as even that process in itself would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Our beloved light blue book, the Supreme Law of the land is on its last legs.

Let’s have a Protest March—Virtually—flowing on from So Kon Po

In case you thought we had Closed Shop, we haven’t.

But we do pay homage to all the bloggers out there who have continued to maintain the pressure…you know who you all are and we salute you!

We also thank the many emails and comments of concern about our silent blog presence. We’ve always been here, and are very much still kicking.

For us here at Intelligentsiya, it took this u-tube video

to revive our patriotism (even though we are sure that many of us STILL don’t know where this country is headed) and get the good ol’ “intelligent resistance” juices flowing again ;)

There have been thoughts floating around the blogosphere about protesting against this Junta and taking it to the streets. However, as everyone living in Fiji is aware, there are safety issues to be considered.

So that got us at Intelligentsiya HQ thinking….why not a Virtual Protest March? The outcomes being like any protest march, placards and numbers from everyone who cares about what’s happening in our beloved country.

Given Fiji’s knuckle-rapping yet again in Auckland, the Junta has promised to appoint an Elections Supervisor in a week’s time. We are upping the ante once again (even though we are cynical about the public promises that elections will happen) via this virtual protest march.

Make your virtual presence felt when Fiji kick’s off in Hong Kong and email us ( your pictures (cropped and touched up if you’re in Fiji to remove any inkling of identification) or u-tube footage and we’ll post up your physical being against your placard in protest against the Junta…we’re making this protest march virtual and we want it viral.

In your emails let us also know where you’re “protesting” from e.g. Suva, Sydney, LA, Auckland, Kadavu, Tailevu etc. and we’ll post them up on Jokes on the Junta (

Even group shots with your placards around the tanoa while watching the Sevens are welcome.

This march is going to keep going and going and going until we have Elections—which if you haven’t noticed is our un-shifting goal post. And we can just forget about the sham of a Charter.

As for all aspiring candidates preparing themselves for Elections in the first quarter of 2009…we wish you all well, but be very aware that the blogosphere will be scrutinizing every detail of every public utterance against “action”—past, present and future. Be sure that your manifesto’s have the fullest consultative process available with us, the people. We’ll let you figure out how that’s going to be done.

So get to it peeps…Go Fiji Go and Forward March!