March 31, 2010

Public concerns over indecent assault and alleged rape rising

The Fiji Head Teachers Association has called for stepping up of security in school's in reaction to the case of the 8 year old girl who was indecently assaulted and allegedly raped last week.

The illegal and treasonous Bainimarama rides on the wave of public concern and attempts to point-score by wading into the debate, fancying himself as a lawmaker, and calling for tougher penalties for such crimes.

The illegal and treasonous Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, corrects Bainimarama and states that their illegal Crimes Decree amply penalises sexual perpetrators.

In another unrelated incident in Namosi yet again showcasing the degradation of our societal values because of lawlessness, two brothers fought over ice-block resulting in one brother being hacked with a cane knife by his brother. The victim is 33 years old.

Sugar returns not so sweet

As we surmised yesterday, the Fiji Sun (surprise, surprise) today presents 2 news items of both a farmer; Gyan Singh and a former Fiji Sugar Corporation board member and large scale grower; Arvind Singh, lamenting the woeful inadequacy of the recent payouts.

Regime to stimulate capital markets in Fiji by privatising FEA

Curiouser and curiouser.

No sooner had the illegal and treasonous Central Bank governor, Sada Reddy, lauded increased visitor arrivals and increased electricity production as an impetus not to alter his monetary policy, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum announces the military regime's intention to restructure, privatise and publicly list the Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) -- the one certainty adding value to our economy.

In sacrificing the FEA to stimulate capital markets the military regime is in lala land and believes that while they "partially" (hyuk, hyuk, hyuk) privatise the entity, they can still maintain control over the monopoly. 

Obviously the regime grapples with grasping what "privatisation" means.

The Government Printery will also be divested to the private sector and Khaiyum is cited as saying that "it will contribute towards the private sector development in Fiji and led to the good economics in the government operations".

Leweni responds to extension of EU Sanctions

Fiji TV and Fiji Times now permitted to participate in Media Decree consultations

No wonder the illegal and treasonous Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is almost choking while making this announcement (ref 0:22 mark on the video) -- it's an admission on the military regime's part that their original intent to side-line these 2 media outlets from participation in the illegal Media Decree consultations, was foolhardy and wrong.

Apparently the draft Media Industry Development Decree is now ready and the government is expected to have consultations April 7 in Suva, on April 8 in Labasa and in Lautoka on April 10.

That in itself should set off alarm bells for the 2 media houses. They are only being allowed to participate BECAUSE the regime may not have any intention of altering what they believe are appropriate rules for keeping the media under control. Perhaps there is also an expectation that all media houses will rock up to these 1-day consultations to rubber-stamp the regime's vision of "fair, accurate and responsible reporting".

The draft decree apparently establishes a Media Industry Development Authority which monitors compliance with the media codes of standard.

The decree also establishes an Independent Media Tribunal which is to hear complaints against media organisations and individuals and the tribunal will have powers to hand down rulings. 

Essentially it's another farce in the making.

Building and Construction Industry in decline

3 Senior Government officials let go

Hopefully other aspiring supporters of Bainimarama's illegal and treasonous regime heed the valuable lesson that their tenure is never guaranteed, as 3 Permanent Secretaries are now painfully aware.

It will be interesting to see whether Bainimarama's military boys: Neumi Leweni, Pio Tikoduadua, Viliame Naupoto and Manasa Vaniqi OR Bainimarama supporters: John Prasad, Pita Wise and Solo Mara also retain their positions.
Changes to PS positions
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Only 5 Permanent Secretaries have had their contracts extended by the Public Service Commission.

The PS for Public Service Parmesh Chand
, PS for Public Enterprise Taina Tagicakibau, PS for Labour Taito Waqa and PS for Works Cama Tuiloma have had their contracts extended for three years.

The PSC has also confirmed Colonel Mason Smith as the Permanent Secretary for Agriculture.

The PS for Indigenous Affairs Ratu Meli Bainimarama has had his contract extended to the end of the year.

The outgoing Permanent Secretaries are Maria Matavewa of Lands & Mineral Resources, Josefa Matau of Defence, National Security & Immigration and Sakiusa Bainivalu of Trade & Commerce.

Bainivalu opted to retire.

FBC News understands PS for Education Filipe Jitoko is leaving the Ministry for a post at the Forum Secretariat.

Acting appointments have been made in positions where the posts could not be substantively filled.

Malakai Nalawa will now act as PS for Lands - Saipora Mataikabara
will act as PS for Trade and Commerce and Jale Fotofili will act as PS for Defence.

PSC Chairman Josefa Serulagilagi says all have received their letters of appointment and their appointments were done in consultation with the PM.

Escaped prisoner still at large

Police are appealing to the public to assist them in their attempt to recapture a prisoner who recently escaped in Lautoka.

Perhaps the prison's newly donated "yellow submarine mobile" needs to be cruising their own prisons compound and creating greater awareness among the inmates that escapades like this only make their Yellow Ribbon privileges more tenuous.

Air Pacific resumes "boutique" route to Christmas Island

Air Pacific yesterday announced the resumption of their flights to Kiribati's Christmas Island declaring it a "boutique" route. 

In addition Air Pacific's Nadi - Honolulu leg has increased to 3 flights per  per week.

Meanwhile Patrick Wong of the pliant Tourism Fiji lobby group has applauded the mililtary regime's Open Skies policy.

More tips for staying under the military radar if you're blogging or reading blogs from Fiji

There continues to be anecdotal whispers that some blog and discussion sites remain blocked for users in Fiji. 

We are grateful therefore to for their expert tips on how to get around them, and we share them with you today.
How To Access Blocked Web Sites
Proxy websites allows us to bypass our current ISP’s IP and connect to targeted website with a different IP; thus hiding our actual origin from detectable. Internet users useproxy websites for various reasons, some to access websites potentially blocked by their colleges or workplace, some use it to test their scripts. I frequently used them to test geo-location ads or to check if DNS are properly propagated when I adjust their settings.

I’ve decided to bring this entry back from archive to front page after receiving tones of emails asking for alternative proxies. Instead of the previous 2 proxy websites, here’s my personal collection on proxy websites.

90+ Proxy Websites To Access Blocked Websites

Note that not all of them are working perfectly; some of these websites could be offline too. I’m not encouraging you to use this to bypass sites that you are banned from surfing in colleges, work place, etc. Use them with cautions make sure you know what you are doing. I shall not be responsible for any damages or rules and regulation you violate from using these proxies.
9 Alternative Ways To Access Blocked Sites

Is your school, college or office blocking you from getting on social network sites like Friendster, Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut, etc? Here’s few ways you can bypass the restrictions and surf like normal, but please check with your local authorities before using them. We will not held any responsibility if you’ve breach the regulations of any.

1. Using IP Instead of URL

This depends on the software/application used. Sometimes blocked sites are stored as a list of URLs (eg.,,etc) and typing the IP instead of the URL might sometimes work. In a local computer, doing a ping command in Command Prompt (Mac users use Terminal) will return you the IP address. You can also do it online via

2. Redirection with Short URL service
Sometimes the URL you intend to browse might be ban, but converting them to another a shorter URL with short URL services might just help you to bypass the settings.

Here’s 2 Short URL service we’ve previously mentioned – MooURL, SnipURL

3. Google Cache
Search engines like Google and Yahoo cache webpages and these cached pages are stored in search engines themselves, which likely will be added to the blocked list. Click on the ‘cache’ will bring you to a cache version of the page, as updated as how Google caches it.

4. Internet Archive – Wayback Machine
Wayback Machine is a internet service that periodically keeps a copy of almost all websites in the Internet way from the date they’re started. Clicking on the latest copy of what Wayback Machine have should be somewhat similar to the real site. Another way to access blocked sites via caches.

5. Anonymous Surfing
Some site allows you to take advantage of their proxy or domain to surf other sites as anonymous. Here’s
90+ proxy websites we’ve previously mentioned.

6. Use Proxy in Browsers
There are tons of sites out there that distributes free proxies of almost any country. Here’s an example. Check out the following methods on how/where to insert proxies in your web browsers.

Under Advanced tab, select Network tab, then click inside Connection Settings. Select Manual proxy configuration, put proxy under HTTP proxy.

Go to Tools -> Internet Options. Select Connections tab. Click into LAN Settings, check Proxy Server. Insert your proxy URL inside Address.

7. Bypass with Translations services
Online translation services like AltaVista BabelFish, Google Translate allows you to translate a website from one language to another and display the translated results on their own page.The trick here is to enter the URL (website you’re blocked), retranslate it even if you don’t need to and let Google or AltaVista fetch you the content.

8. Subscribe to RSS Feed
This might not work for all sites, but if the site you intended to visit provides RSS feeds, you can subscribe and read it with a RSS reader, or have it regularly send the contents to your email

9. Retrieve web pages via Email
Web2Mail is a free service that sends websites you want to read right into your inbox. All you need to do is send an email to with the URL as subject title.

March 30, 2010

EU extends Sanctions

No wonder the Fiji Sugar Corporation aided by the military regime are bracing themselves for some major and difficult and EXPENSIVE decisions.

Even seasoned media personality Mahendra Chaudhry's Fiji Labour Party is pussy-footingly reverting to web updates to make their concerns known.

As we predicted earlier, the EU is definitely not dancing to Bainimarama et al's tune.
EU extends sanctions against post-coup Fiji
Published: 2010/03/29 01:59:01 PM

EU nations today extended sanctions against post-coup Fiji for 6 more months, over its failure to respect human rights and the rule of law.

“This decision follows the delay in implementing commitments the Fiji authorities made to the EU,” notably on the constitution, human rights and the postponement of parliamentary elections, the 27 EU nations said in an agreed statement.

The measures, originally introduced in 2007 following a coup, largely involve stopping EU development funding for the Fijian government.

Aid to the country’s key sugar sector is also hit.

The December 5, 2006, bloodless coup in the southern Pacific island chain was greeted by outrage in the international community and a number of countries including Australia, New Zealand and the US have imposed sanctions.

Humanitarian aid and direct support to civil society can continue.

Last month Fiji’s military junta dismissed pressure for elections to be held before those scheduled for 2014 as futile, amid a barrage of western calls for a swift return to democracy.

The European Union statement said that “a credible and inclusive process which would result in progress in the interim government’s reform programme and early restoration of democracy would prepare the ground for new consultations,” on the sanctions.

The extended EU sanctions will now apply at least until October 1.

Waqairatu & Tugaue to remain in Methodist Church hierarchy

Rev Tuikilakila Waqairatu is interviewed by Radio Australia's Bruce Hill and details why he and Rev Tugaue will not step down from the Methodist Church hierarchy.

Gates acts as President


Chief Justice Anthony Gates is acting President in the absence of President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

This was confirmed by the President’s Office yesterday.

Ratu Epeli is in Hong Kong and is expected to hold private meetings with businesses, including major hotel owners there. He is accompanied by his official secretary, Joeli Rokovada.

Fiji's Ambassador to China Sir James Ah Koy will aid the series of meetings.

Ratu Epeli’s itinerary has not been revealed because of security reasons.

He is expected to return to the country later this week and undertake a tour to visit those that were affected during Cyclone Tomas.

21 year old Father-to-be is Alleged Rapist: Bail Denied

The case of the 8 year old girl who was indecently assaulted was brought before the illegal Magistrates Court yesterday.

Magistrate Margaret Mua rejected bail for 21 year old Petero Bai who allegedly raped the 8 year old. Bai requested bail on the grounds that his wife was pregnant and his desire to be present at the birth of his child.

Bai, with his head bowed, appeared before a packed courtroom yesterday under heavy police guard, and with the crowd hurling abuse at him.

The case has been adjourned to the 12th of April for mention.

The eight year old victim is still admitted at the Intensive Care Unit and is in a critical condition.

Meanwhile the illegal Prison's Chief, Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua, perhaps already aware of mounting public anger on this case has assured the safety of the suspect.

Military appointed Education Minister Filipe Bole has urged that security in schools be stepped up, EVEN THOUGH the military regime's (Bole included) flawed daylight savings policy and public concerns on the safety of school children moving about in the dark can be pointed at as a contributing factor.

Illegal Government guarantees $120mill loan for Fiji Sugar Corporation

On the heels of the recent payout to cane farmers, the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) has been granted a Government guarantee for a $120mill short-term loan and is considering reducing their workforce by 600 -- as part of FSC's moves to restructure the organisation and implement reforms.

Already the FSC is whining about the non-realization of cane harvests that they expected. The issue is not about idle land but rather the returns that cane farmers themselves are perhaps not realizing.

This is a lesson for the military regime and their sales pitch that land reforms will benefit us all --- they can make all the policies they want, but at the end of the day it falls on individuals to make good on the grand idea's.

And if they're not feelin' it, it simply ain't gonna fly.

India's Bank of Baroda targets rural customers

The India-based and international Bank of Baroda yesterday launched their Microfinance Scheme as part of a campaign to increase their market share of rural customers. 

The Bank of Baroda rep stated that our economy is "showing signs of recovery even though business is is picking up".

Jetstar's Here

March 29, 2010

Military Takes Over Suva Rugby Union

It must be the week for "control and domination" for Bainimarama and his illegal cronies.

Now they've taken over leadership positions in rugby - Suva Rugby Union. Obviously the intention is not to end control of rugby there but perhaps even venture a foray into leadership positions in the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU).

Check out the hollow statement of the murderous Francis Kean and his desire to"set the house in order".

Navy commander new Chairman of Suva rugby
Sunday, March 28, 2010

Navy Commander Francis Kean has been appointed the Chairman of Suva Rugby Union.

Commander Kean was apointed to the position yesterday, along with the Commander 3FIR, Lt Colonel Ratu Tevita Rokouluilakeba Mara who was appointed President of the Union.

Maika Waqavatu the Secretary, Saimoni Camaitoga the Treasurer.

Speaking to FBC sports,Commander Kean says he has given an ultimatum to former executives to prepare the 2007- 2009 financial report by the 17th of April.

“In order for us to go in with a voice come the FRU AGM towards the end of April. That we get these reports in, as I earlier, we need to set the house in order, this is one of the areas we’re looking at, ther is transparency and that’s accountability in the financial affairs of Suva Rugby Union.”

Newly elected Suva Rugby Union Chairman, Commander Francis Kean.

The other executives that were appointed at the AGM today are Liutenant Commander Lepani Vaniqi of Navy as the Assistant Treasurer, Major Pacolo Luveni of Army the Assistant Secretary, Opetaia Ravai the Games Committee Chairman, Major Samisoni Kafoa the Assistant President of the Disciplinary Committee.

If only Life imitated Virtual Reality...

Central Bank claims increased visitor arrivals aids unchanged monetary policy

We don't know what Sada Reddy has been smoking but as one of those aiding & abetting the illegal military regime, he is clearly out of step with their own internal script and has contradicted a view of one of his "gang".

Military supporter and illegally appointed Central Bank Governor, Sada Reddy, releases a statement claiming that his monetary policy would remain unchanged because of increased visitor arrivals and increased gold exports and electricity production.

Just last week we heard from the illegal and treasonous Tourism Minister, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum that increased tourism arrivals did not necessarily translate to increased spending on their part.

Reddy is also claiming that labour market indicators are showing signs of stability.

March 27, 2010

8 year old girl indecently assaulted in school

Someone's 8-year old daughter/grand-daughter/niece left for school on Thursday morning not realising the tragedy that would befall their child later that day.

When even schools in broad daylight are a predatory grounds for lawless inhumane attacks such as this, it is  crystal clear validation that the social and moral fabric of the society that is Fiji's, is well on its way towards total disintegration.

And we can assert here that because treasonous lawlessness has pervaded the country through Bainimarama's military regime at the very top, the signal that it sends to the populace is clear: Break the Law because you can get away with it as we have.

This is a sad day for Fiji and citizens can only expect to see many, many more incidents like this.

We are failing as a society because we have allowed lawlessness to take us over without so much as a whimper, and we did not dig our heels in to demand that the rules for our society remained intact and paramount.

FSC Cane payments of $5-03 to be paid out next Wednesday

US Travel Promotion Act to benefit businesses in Fiji

The recently passed US Travel Promotion Act  will apparently benefit businesses in Fiji.

Trade and Fiji Tourism will be primary beneficiaries with greater access now to the US via Continental Micronesia Airlines:

Fiji Higher Education Commission launched

Agriculture Rehabilitation, Health Concerns and Humanitarian Assistance post-Cyclone Tomas

Military appointee, Col Mason Smith begins agricultural rehab work with rural communities they have surveyed and found to be requiring assistance:

The Ministry of Health shared their concerns on hygiene and sanitation post-TC Tomas:

And humanitarian assistance continues to arrive in Fiji, most notably from Australia and New Zealand:

PSC Ramps Up Real Estate Business

You would be forgiven for thinking that the Public Service Commission (PSC) had suddenly found itself a new statutory role.

As far as the Public Service Commission Act 1999 goes, this is what we understand their mandate to be:
Public Service Commission’s statutory functions

11.-(1) In addition to its constitutional functions, the Public Service Commission has the following functions--

(a) to consider and report to the Government on public service issues;
(b) to promote and uphold the Service Values and the Code of Conduct, and to monitor and evaluate-
(i) the extent to which Ministries departments and parliament bodies have adopted the Public Service Values;
(ii) the extent to which the structure of the public service supports the Public Service Values;
(iii) the adequacy of the systems and procedures in Ministries departments and parliamentary bodies for ensuring compliance with the Public Service Code of Conduct ;
(c) to develop promote review and evaluate public service employing policies anti practices;
(d) to facilitate continuous improvement in human resources management the public service;
(e) to provide or facilitate training and career development for the public service (including public service examinations ) and to coordinate support service-wide training and career development opportunities in the public service insofar as those functions are not performed by some other body;
(f) to contribute to, and foster, leadership in the public service;
(g) to review, and advise the Government on the structure, size and composition of the public service, including the creation amalgamation and abolition of Ministries and departments, the functions of departments and staffing levels in Ministries and departments
(h) to perform in relation to employees the functions of an employer including but not limited to-

(i) the classification of employees;
(ii) the duties of employees, and the places where they are to performed;
(iii) the transfer of employees to and between Ministries and departments.
(iv) the setting of remuneration and other terms of employment unless another written law confers those functions on some other people or body in relation to any employment or class of employee;
(i) to ensure that adequate office accommodation is provided for the public service ;and

(j) to supervise physical working conditions in the public service as required.

(k) if requested, to give advice and assistance to Ministries, departments and other service Commissions in relation to public service issues; and

(l) to perform any other functions given to the Commission by or under this Act or any other written law.

(2) The Public Service Commission must, if directed by the Ownership Minister for a statutory authority--
(a) investigate and report on the state of the statutory authority and give a copy of the report to the Ownership Minister, and
(b) give advice and assistance co the statutory authority in relation to--

(i) its management or employment policies and practices;
(ii) training or career development for its employees.
(2) In this section--
"department" includes a parliamentary body;
"employee" includes a wage earner.

Vatukoula Fund Trust to be set up

The body tasked with disbursing a $6mill over 5 year payout from the Vatukoula Gold Mine (VGM) Social Trust Deed is to be set up soon.

Membership will comprise 2 reps from Government and 4 reps from the gold-mining community in Vatukoula. The Fund is expected to benefit all but those who have been re-engaged with the mine.

This fund is also expected to cater for 917 redundant workers and the payout is equivalent to approximately $1300 per worker per year for 5 years which really is not a heck of alot if our mathematic skills are still up to par. To qualify for this money redundant mine workers must vacate company quarters.

The payout is a small price to pay considering the nice spike in VGM's profits

Watch the Mineral Resources Permanent Secretary, Maria Matavewa explain the situation. Matavewa incidently is in charge of all mining license applications in Fiji, so we would say she would primarily be the one to target when all the mining starts stuffing up living conditions for the rural communities in the vicinity of mining operations:

A "Yellow Ribboner" Dances Himself Out of Incarceration

Despite all the hype about the Yellow Ribbon campaign for prisoners, to the extent that they are even given traditional dancing lessons and opportunities among other benefits (at the taxpayers expense), it has now come to light that the Yellow Ribbon dancing is so popular that one prisoner has danced himself out of incarceration.

This incident reminds us of a similar Yellow Ribbon stuff-up by the military regime.

Celebrating World Water Day Even When There's No Water

How's this for irony?

While military man and Commissioner Western, Naval Commander Joeli Cawaki, hypes up the regime, the merits of World Water Day and its importance to the Western division, the Central division still has no water.

March 26, 2010

Taxpayers and Consumers could suffer more price hikes

If the illegal and treasonous Charter Chair and PSC Chairman, Josefa Seruilagilagi had his way, he'd happily shaft consumers of his protected industry AND taxpayers with hiked costs of milk and butter even as many in this country still struggle to pick up the pieces after TC Tomas.

Seruilagilagi has been trying to shaft consumers for a while now but the Prices and Incomes Board, and (we hope) the Consumer Council stands in Rewa Dairy's way. 

Here's some thoughts Seruilagilagi: take a loan, reduce your operating costs, whack those cows into producing more domestically so that you stop importing stuff, whatever. But don't lazily assume that consumers and taxpayers will pick up the tab because consumers can always choose to make life harder for you and stick it to you via their purchasing power. Or worse they can stuff up your bottom line and just forego your product.

Meanwhile new residential properties or private sector entities who need water connections can expect to pay more for the service. We are told that that the Government had been subsidising these costs thus far. CORRECTION: The subsidies have been met to a good extent  by taxpayers. 

Once again taxpayers get hit in the back-pocket by an unelected regime.

With all the hype about the merits of a privatised Water Authority headed by Tony Fullman, who is apparently an extremely good mate of Lt Col Roko Ului Mara, we now find that it is much ado about nothing and the entity even has the nerve to be concerned about public complaints being made via the media.

Being a monopoly tasked with the social responsibility to provide clean water to its citizens, the regime is once again found lying in relation to earlier promises that water tariffs would not increase.

According to the announcement above aimed perhaps at sweetening the Water Authority's setup, the regime's own Water Authority Promulgation 2007 apparently does not permit an  increase in residential tariffs.

30 - (5) The obligations of the Authority in relation to supply are -

(a) to only impose charges and price increases in accordance with the Commerce Act 1998;

(b) to provide timely response to reports of defects in its assets affecting the supply to customers or posing risks to life or property; or

(c) to provide as efficient and affordable a service as is possible to as many areas as are possible.

Some relief for market vendors who sell cooked food. Finally the Suva City Council is waking up and trying to prove their worth to rate-payers who expect, want and look forward to these products in the market every weekend. 

Even the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama and his Mrs appear to be most influential consumers in that regard.

FTIB Chief manages to find conscience for a whole minute

Pushing the trade agenda of an illegal and treasonous military regime obviously doesn't prick at the conscience as much as sitting on a Board that oversees the regulation of the real estate industry.

Air Pacific to face stiff competition from Qantas's Jet Star beginning Monday

When entities start displaying hints of a staff exodus you know there's trouble. Air Pacific is still on the hunt for a new chief and their recent re-branding exercise is a clear signal of their attempt to increase their market share.

However even travel pundits have predicted a mess where air travel and routes to and from Fiji is concerned.

The recent MoU between our national carrier and the military infested police force is not going to do tourism any favours.

Meanwhile the military regime's tourism cheerleader, Patrick Wong, does what he does best and pretends that all's just dandy.

Sure, YES, we may have more tourists arriving from Australia with Jet Star's set up however the class of tourist and the type of holiday they will be seek will correlate to the fact that they are arriving on a low-cost carrier. Therefore that may mean that some of the current facilities we have to offer, may not exactly match their holiday needs.

Again Wong's rah-rah-rahing assumes of course that our national carrier can:
(a) get their regular logistical stuff-ups sorted ASAP and
(b) can continue to offer competitive fares AND full flights without the benefit of a Qantas code-share partnership.

Manasa Lasaro questions reduced drinking age

At least we now know the conversation that the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama had with the Methodist Church leaders was not one-way.

Rev Manasa Lasaro managed to ask a very pertinent question to the military delegation headed by Bainimarama which was: why did they reduce the legal drinking age to 18 years.

Bainimarama's faithful side-kick Neumi Leweni attempts to answer the question after the meeting but still manages to look pitifully half-asleep & grog-doped & inept while at it.

Seeing as the visiting delegation comprised mostly military personnel, it is clear that the issues they have with the Methodist Church is not government related but one that stems solely from QEB and their shady Military Council.

Once again it becomes clear to all and sundry that the regime have no qualms about controlling the country illegally via Government AND with the threat of back-up firepower.

Bainimarama specifically wants Tugaue & Waqairatu out of Methodist Church Hierarchy

Well Bainimarama being the illegal and treasonous dictator that he is, made no bones about who exactly he wanted "changed" from the hierarchy of the Methodist Church.

The Acting General Secretary, Tevita Nawadra seems a tid bit shady as well. From his interview it appears that he wants to align the church more with the wishes of the military regime rather than with what the church needs to do as an independent institution that serves the religious needs of its members.

March 24, 2010

Central Bank to Grant Loans to Businesses Affected by Cyclone Tomas

Our knowledge of the intracacies associated with financial systems may be a tad limited but when we saw the news that our central bank had taken it upon itself to grant loans AGAIN to businesses affected by the recent cyclone, it raised a few questions in our minds.

First and foremost is how these loan intiatives are supposed to be aligned to the central bank's legal mandate.

Second of all, in this day and age it should be almost automatic that the private sector has ample insurance cover as well as ample reserves to tide them over during times of sudden disaster.

If there is one thing we can learn from the USA, it is that it is NEVER a good idea to let the central bank run amuck and bail out or subsidise entities that are well placed to look after themselves, compared to the everyday citizens who face the brunt of the natural disasters head on.

The "Aiyaz & Naz Show" Do Corporate Governance

The illegal & treasonous Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, during a recent Corporate Governance workshop, expresses shock and horror at the "depressing" incidents of bad corporate governance he has observed.

Former High Court Judge and military regime supporter, Nazhat Shameem facilitated at the workshop.

Shameem took the time to lay out an example of bad corporate governance citing how the Rabuka Government was dictating (the then) National Bank of Fiji's (NBF) policies

Somehow it escapes the duo completely that nothing much has changed where their "leadership" is concerned.