May 27, 2009

Chief Registrar, Major Ana Rokomokoti defiant yet panic-stricken

If you had the chance to get a peep at the Fiji Times of 26 May 2009 you would have seen the 2 full-page ad spread of the Chief Registrar, Major Ana Rokomokoti Daucakacaka advertising the "legal" justification of her treasonous deeds. It is a clear attempt to show defiance.

Yet the fact that they chose the Fiji Times to run their ad is an indication of the "panic attack". They too are only aware that their favourite propaganda machine, the Fiji Sun does not have the circulation to get their views out, thus their running back into Fiji Times' arms.

The recent bomb scare is also a panic-stricken move.

May 25, 2009

Media Coverage: Fiji Democracy March, Sydney, 24th May 2009

The recent protest march by Fiji democracy lovers has now apparently triggered movement by Fijians in the United States of America, with similar intentions:
A group of us will be staging a peaceful protest march with petitions to be given to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the United Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations, New York, next month. The date is tentative (Friday, June 5) and will be confirmed once the rest of the Steering Committee confirms their availability.

The purpose of this march is to present a petition to this high office concerning:
- abuse of human rights;
- unwarranted arrest of innocent civilians;
- murder;
- torture of innocent civilians;
- no rule of Law; and
- to stop the employment of Fiji soldiers in all peacekeeping missions.

Email: for more information.

May 24, 2009

Warrant to Arrest: Fiji

May 24, 2009
By Michael Field

Perhaps unwittingly, one Ana Rokomokoti has thrown the entire Bainimarama dictatorship into international peril.

At the very least, the Commodore will now find his travel options severely limited – somewhat like the Burmese generals and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.

Bainimarama may well have to reflect on the fate of Augusto Pinochet, the Chilean dictator who ended up with international arrest warrants in many countries. He had to slowly decay at home in the end, his medical conditions untreated in foreign hospitals.

Bainimarama, who suffers a heart condition that cannot be treated in Fiji, had best hope that one of his goons does not whack a foreigner – or a Fijian citizen with family outside the country.

For to do so now, will be to make him subject of an Interpol arrest warrant.

The problem is very simple; the world no long accepts anarchy. As romantic as it might seem, dictators are becoming globally accountable for their human rights abuses.

At the very pinnacle of things is the International Criminal Court for major crimes against humanity. Fortunately, the People’s Republic of Voreqe has yet to intrude into the area of its jurisdiction.

That does not mean, though, that he is off the hook.

Fiji, along with most other nations, has signed onto a range of international human rights conventions. They were not empty words, although perhaps Suva might have thought so at the time.

Now, of course, the world’s leaders can and do wonder the world without fear of arrest. It is called sovereign immunity to prosecution.

Its based on the central assumption, made by the United Nations and the human rights treaties, that each member nation can and will fairly prosecute its own crimes.

But what happens, as has happened increasingly of late, when international human rights organisations caste their lights on nations and see inadequacies and corruption. It is no long possible for an individual state to prosecute crime, especially that committed by those in power.

This is where Rokomokoti comes in and may well have committed the blunder that will get Bainimarama into deep trouble.

She raided the offices of the Fiji Law Society without a valid search warrant. She seized files and is apparently preparing to act against individual lawyers, without due process.

She does this, nominally at least, as Registrar of the High Court. But no one is overlooking the fact that she is a Major in the Fiji Military and is subservient to its head, the self appointed dictator of Fiji.

He has removed the courts and stacked them with supporters; no international tribunal will ever accept the notion that the aging president acted spontaneously on this.

Bainimarama has even closed the Human Rights Commission that so actively supported him.

It is Rokomokoti though, with her single act, who has so explicitly and clearly demonstrated the corruption and failure of the Fiji judicial system.

When the military are raiding lawyers, there is no justice left.

Sadly, the people of Fiji have no recourse to ending this. Bainimarama can do what he likes now, and sending some major into lawyers’ offices is military routine.

But, it is being noticed.

Fiji is being watched much more closely.

Names are being collected.

It is no long merely a case of Australia and New Zealand creating an immigration black list.

As Pinochet found it, his travel plans suddenly hit the brick wall when people he had never heard of, filed human rights complaints in their own countries against him. In Britain and Spain, in his case.

That he was not, ultimately prosecuted, in those countries is not the point; what is important to note though is that there are a growing list of powerful countries, with active human rights goals and a lively judiciary, where sovereign immunity is a point of debate, not a bedrock point of law.

Someday soon, Bainimarama could find himself sliding his passport across a desk – in Delhi or Hong Kong or Los Angeles – only to be told, there is an Interpol warrant to arrest over you.

Here is a 2004 quote from the United Nations Secretary General that is relevant to the People’s Republic of Voreqe:

"For the United Nations, the rule of law refers to a principle of governance in which all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the State itself, are accountable to laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced and independently adjudicated, and which are consistent with international human rights norms and standards. It requires, as well, measures to ensure adherence to the principles of supremacy of law, equality before the law, accountability to the law, fairness in the application of the law, separation of powers, participation in decision-making, legal certainty, avoidance of arbitrariness and procedural and legal transparency."

May 23, 2009

Breaking: Lawyer's illegal muzzle now in force

Thanks to blog commentator Semi Meo, we have just received this breaking news.

It appears the shredderous and treasonous illegal Chief Registrar, Major Ana Rokomokoti-Daucakacaka, who melodramatically refuted our shredding allegations earlier, is no longer bashful about her key role in the military regime and is furthermore proud to be able to now control other lawyers via the new illegal decree.

This plan was broken by the coup4.5 blog on 6 May.
1. As of two hours ago, six High Court Administration Staff, led by the Regime’s Chief Registrar Ana Rokomokoti, forcely removed the keys to the Fiji Law Society secretariat, from the custody of Secretariat Staff Ms. Afrana Nisha, and attended the Secretariat. Afrana Nisha was then taken to the Secretariat where she was told to hand over all complaint files.

2. According to the Chief Registrar, the complaint files were being removed pursuant to a new Decree issued as of yesterday which provided her with all the powers pursuant to the Legal Practitioners Act. When we asked to sight the Decree, we were informed that the Decree could be obtained from the Government Printery. The Chief Registrar also notified us that she will be issuing the Practising Certificates and that the Fiji Law Society will be but a voluntary body henceforth.

3. The President requested that they wait at least until Monday so that proper records could be made available to them, however, his request went unheeded as the files were forcefully removed.

4. This latest development is of grave concern to the President and the Council, given its dire implications, as this effectively terminates the core functions of the Fiji Law Society and all its members’ years of hard work since 1956.

To add salt to the already festering legal wounds, yesterday Injustice Anthony Gates offered a feeble and wimpy justification for his return to the bench.

However. Being the "Major Lewzer's" that they are, their timing could not have been more impeccable. Australia now drop's the gauntlet and readies itself for a long, hard, fight to help bring Fiji back to democracy while Fiji democracy lover's prepare to take to the streets of Sydney tomorrow to protest their opposition to the military regime.

May 22, 2009

The Kangaroo Court is now in session

All rise, all rise. Under an illegally shrouded cloak of secrecy the treasonous bench-warmers have arrived.

New judges sworn in
The first set of judges has been appointed by President Ratu Josefa Iloilo this morning.

Justice Anthony Gates has been reappointed as Fiji's Chief Justice.

Justice Davendra Pathik, Justice Daniel Gounder and Justice Sosefa Inoke have also been sworn-in as High Court judges.

President Iloilo also appointed Mary Muir as Resident Magistrate.

Muir is a former lawyer from Ba.

They have been appointed under the Judicial Services Decree.

Other appointments are expected soon.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Anthony Gates is expected to issue a press statement later this afternoon.

Stay with Fijivillage for that.

Thaaaaaaaar they blow (off) again

As if to prove his worth and intent to worm his way back into the inner circle, the illegal Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum weighs in on the recent EU decision.

Radio Fiji (snigger) reports him as maintaining his confidence of the EU running back into their arms just because “of Fiji’s willingness to engage with them and the numerous reforms government has in place for the sugar industry”. Yo! Reforms are not going to be turning the EU on mate, and this you know only too well.

Aiyaz’s tone on RNZI has a slightly more “we’re still friends and can work it out” tone. Side eye now.

Fiji Village (ha!) has Aiyaz with a “we will row our own canoe” type tone with the “we must move away from hand-outs”. Fair enough. But why then is Leweni’s politically screaming down the “Now or Never” demands on Australia and New Zealand?

Who’s on the begging end again??

Leweni plods on with government subsidized “poropoganda” initiatives that will just see more resources down the drain and more TV’s switched off (and thus more paper in our pockets).

I hope they're prepared for the valuable entertainment fodder these programmes will provide for the blogosphere.

The good news is that Amnesty International is not going to let any grass grow under the illegal regime’s feet. And you know what that means. Amnesty also states their welcome of blogs as an alternative to free-flowing information.

However. A letter in today’s Fiji Times lashing out at the recent illegal and farcical decree on the Human Rights Commission slipped through the nets.

Viva La Censor's! Can you say “Inundation?” Let the love flow from abroad.

Evidently they're still panicking.

May 21, 2009

Fiji Democracy Movement in Aust to take to the Streets this Weekend

Fiji Freedom loving Australians and their diverse supporters will be taking to the streets of Sydney this weekend to protest their opposition to the military regime.

Detailed below is a note from the organisers to fellow Democracy-loving supporters who may also wish to show their desire to see Fiji return to democratic rule.

Joining us at the march on Sunday 24th May 2009?

Here are some important guidelines to remember:

- This is a peaceful march. Any behavior that is deemed inappropriate will be dealt with accordingly by the observing NSW Police Force.

- If you are bringing your banners- any offensive , inappropriate language etc, will be deemed as an offense.

- Wear a black arm-band on your left hand to support the Black Arm Band Protest established by youth activist groups in Fiji. If you don't have one, we will be distributing black masking tape at the Town Hall Steps.

- Bring rugs, mats or foldaway chairs to Hyde Park to ensure that you are comfortable.

- Bring umbrellas and extra warm clothing for the evening chill at the park.

- When you get to the Town Hall Steps, DO NOT OBSTRUCT OTHER PEDESTRIANS by congregating on the footpath. Make sure you line up in an orderly fashion.

- DO NOT BE LATE! Be there at approximately 1pm. Marching will commence at 2pm. Volunteers are requested to be there at 12pm to be outfitted with vests etc.

- Best method of transport to the event is by train to Town Hall train station. Nearest train station from Hyde Park is Museum train station.

At Hyde Park our guests will include the following people:
1.Hon Ted Young, deposed Minister in the SDL Government
2. Pramod Rae, National Secretary of the National Federation Party (Fiji’s Oldest Political Party)
3. Bhallu Khan, New Zealand Businessman who was bashed so badly he almost died whilst in custody of the Fiji military Forces


Foreign Affairs bureaucrat - Ross Ligairi passes on

Sources are revealing that long-standing Foreign Affairs bureaucrat, Ross Ligairi has passed away.

Mr Ligairi is best remembered during the 2006 coup saga as having raised the ire of Samoan PM, Tuilaepa for "sugar-coating" the outcomes of their political meeting.

Our sympathies go out to the Ligairi family at this time.

May 20, 2009

Ajmal Khan Did It

Journalists abroad have confirmed the news about the detention of prominent lawyers and their equipment further highlighting the increasingly draconian and illegal measures that people are up against.

Sources have confirmed that 2 of the 3 lawyers: Jon Apted and Richard Naidu have been released from the Criminal Investigation Division of the Police Department although their computers are still being "analysed". There are no reports yet about lawyer Tevita Fa.

As far as pro-regime blog's "Real Fiji News" erroneous and malicious exposures go, their target Raw Fiji News continued to blog unrelentlessly all afternoon.

Sources also highlight that the regime's friendly and treasonously appointed Chief Magistrate Ajmal Khan (pictured on the right) signed the search warrant.

Khan's propping up of the regime is being counter-propped by regime sympathizer and favourite defence lawyer, Haroon Ali Shah who adamently asserts that the absence of high court judges is not bringing law and order in the country to a halt.

As far as the business community is concerned, this incident further jeopardizes investments as lawyers who act on their behalf could at any time have highly confidential information confiscated on a whim.

Once again the military regime single-handedly undermine their own illegal efforts.

Uh Huh - They’re still panicking

The treasonous President Iloilo moves his gnarley digits in panic and reveals two new illegal decrees.

One farcical decree essentially see’s the fast-tracked exit of FHRC’s former military pet rottweiler who no longer enjoys housebound privileges. Dr Shaista Shameem is sent out to pasture as we predicted and her replacement will apparently be appointed upon Bainimarama’s return from singing his sob stories at the ACP meeting in Guyana (he might want to give the next ACP meeting a miss as Samoa is hosting and you can be sure that their PM Tuilaepa will rub his hands in glee at the opportunity to give Bainimarma a one-on-one tongue-lashing).

Naturally this delay gives the military regime time to round up someone legally challenged enough to take up this mantle. The illegal Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum for the record is still searching for more legally challenged sorts to back them up illegally on the high court benches.

The second illegal decree titled the "Administration of Justice" decree hijacks any case challenging the "validity or legality of the Fiji Constitution Amendment Act 1997 Revocation Decree 2009 (Decree 1)" and provides that such cases "shall immediately transfer the proceeding or the application" to the illegal and shredderous Chief Registrar, Major Ana Rokomokoti-Daucakacaka. Oh ye of small minds. In Bainimarama’s own televised words “there are 500 hundred ways to skin a cat” and there are therefore a myriad of other international processes that can and will be exploited.

Epeli Ganilau is acting as Prime Minister this time around, and this perhaps points to a sign that Aiyaz no longer finds favour with Bainimarama. Khaiyum is now confined to barracks with trivial legislation like the one currently driving younger people to the drink faster -- a sure-fire nightmare in the making. It is possible that the show pony strutting and vociferous lies of yore has had him fast-tracked to the outer margins of the inner circle like his mentor Shaista Shameem.

Bainimarama’s globetrotting feats are of course only opportunities for him to sing the “we’re the victim” mantra to other world leaders and, if the opportunity presents itself, specifically corner Pacific leaders with his irritating whine. He has already done a voice-checked panicky solo to the EU to that effect as the ACP group have more pressing issues to tackle.

Already the one-time friend of the regime, Mahendra Chaudhry and the sugar sector are panicking at the effects of the EU announcement.

The fact that the regime will also be represented at the upcoming ILO meeting and “minussing” trade unions like FICTU, that don’t share their illegal views are not isolated incidents. This also is a panic-stricken move. The “we’re the victim” sobs that Filipe Bole will now add to the mix will be dramatically raised in Geneva largely to extract more political pity from those bothered to listen. The ILO meeting is possibly an opportunity for the military regime to assess who the military regime's circle of dwindling friends are.

Unfortunately for all of them and these wasteful jaunts, their illegal and treasonous reputations precede them. The respected political forum that we were once key members of has spoken.

Treasonous Vice Pres, Nailatikau’s confirmed trip to PNG to woo the Grand Chief for pity should also be entertaining. If Nailatikau is banking on old friendships and his extended blood-ties to one who Somare was very tight with, it will take much, much more than that to convince the old man. For one, Nailatikau’s obvious Tongan-ness has him at an immediate disadvantage and he too will be panicking again soon.

The “protected” tourism industry is now also panicking despite lauding the recent devaluation, they aren’t rejoicing anymore as their expected returns remain ummmm stagnant.

As we revealed earlier, the panic has also seeped into the down-graded local government offices who have been directed to issue new and illegal opening hours of certain business even though their licensed opening hours stipulate otherwise.

At the height of the military regime's giddying panic-room mania, they haul up innocent lawyerly-type citizens in their needle-in-a-haystack quest to find bloggers who continue to be a thorn in their panic-stricken sides. Prepare to laugh as Leweni becomes the face of these two-bit espionage attempts.

We sincerely hope the falsely alleged bloggers are released ASAP and remain unharmed.

Tongan PM Sevele has been most disappointing and conceivably been pressed by the royal palace to soften Tonga’s position on Fiji. Unfortunately the Tongan chappie is showing the world more and more what a total woos he is. He is only confirming Bainimarama’s allegations on Sky TV that Sevele conned him into a 2009 election date.

Mind you, Sevele has done the 1 step forward, 2 steps back shuffle before and other PIF leaders are only too aware of this “weak link”. A decision was taken by all leaders that they agreed to. If there are second thoughts now it is an indication of weakness in the face of hard decisions. Sevele was not voted for by the people of Fiji to worry about our "poor people". He clearly has enough of that with his own constitutency to worry about.

There are misplaced notions that Fiji is being ostracized by the international community. It is not. The only entity being put out in the cold by the international community is Bainimarama and his military regime. And for that they have the fullest support of the people.

Perhaps these Forum Governments need to be reassuring each other a bit more that it certainly was the right decision. And therefore they should be guided by factual information. To that end we would certainly encourage them to take a poll (and not selective cherry-picking like American Samoa) from the folks of this country to allay their conscience. So go on then. Ask us and be democratic about it.

Any more of this to-ing and fro-ing only show's them all in extremely poor political light.

But Pacific Leader’s should make no mistake, the majority of muzzled voices in this country want Bainimarama out and are prepared to suffer as we have already illegally under Bainimarama's tyranny. This is why Bainimarama is stifling dissent and prepared to dictate what information we masses are privy to.

Breaking: Richard Naidu and John Apted taken by police

Sources have just revealed that lawyers Richard Naidu and Jon Apted have been taken away by police.

Their computer hard-drives are also being seized.

Source reveal that Mr Apted has been told that he would be locked up at the Central Police Station for 7 days.

The haul ups could be instigated by false & libellous claims from the Real Fiji News blog.

May 18, 2009

Censor This: Military Regime in “Panic Mode”

Last week’s detention of the Methodist Church’s senior minister, Rev Manasa Lasaro, has been labelled as a signal of panic by the military regime.

Rev Lasaro’s recent release follows similar detention strategies of journalists who have not complied with the illegal Public Emergency Regulations.

Regional media agencies such as PACNEWS are set to flee Fiji’s shores following the intense muzzling of the media.

The military regime now toys with intensified PR attempts to control the news that people in Fiji receive and will particularly use media outlets that have been pandering to the slanted propaganda.

These media outlets could see a drop in their circulation, listener/viewer-ship and instead become propped up by Government subsidies from taxpayer dollars, if they're lucky.

Rev Lasaro has expressed the continued defiance of the church despite recent warnings from the regime to refrain from “destabilizing the country” lest their annual church conference also be halted.

The panic room situation developed a few weeks ago when the illegal military regime was forced to admit the selective release of convicted killers of Rabaka and Verebasaga.

Today’s statement from the EU detailing the severance of funds for sugar will not leave any room for Bainimarama’s regime to move at the upcoming ACP-EU meeting in Guyana which he hopes to attend.

This formal EU announcement follows the regime's overzealous PR attempts (read lies) on the EU’s position on Fiji.

The Sugar Cane Growers Council remains hopelessly optimistic that the EU will reconsider their position.

The ACP itself may not want to maintain their alliance with Fiji following this recent announcement, lest it place their collective bargaining position with the EU at a disadvantage.

At the end of April the ACP’s Committee Ambassadors had raised their serious concerns on Fiji’s illegal situation.

The military regime, upon receipt of signals of the international communities intention to isolate it, quickly develops policies to deal with the extra, un-utilised manpower plaguing the nation and heralds another diplomatic booboo by targeting Taiwan.

More panic attacks by the military regime reveal that internet café’s are being targeted.

The recent week’s clamp-down attempts by Bainimarama’s military regime only highlights all the more that they are quickly losing political control.

The regime knows that underground moves are afoot but the nature of it including logistical details which could aid their rapid restraint evade them completely, highlighting all the more the rapid loss of political power and their ostracization by society at large.


Suva, Fiji
18 May 2009
For Immediate Release

The European Commission has taken the decision to cancel the 2009 sugar allocation for Fiji in the absence of any indications that a legitimate government will be in place in 2009.

Fiji's allocation for sugar reform accompanying measures for 2009 totalled EUR 24 million. The Commission would have made this financing available to Fiji subject to a legitimate government being in place in accordance with EU Council decision of 1 October 2007.

European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, Louis Michel said: "I encourage the Government of Fiji to fulfil its commitments to the EU so that we are able to reinstate sugar reform payments in the future."

Delegation of the European Commission for the Pacific
Level 4, Development Bank Centre
360 Victoria Parade, Suva, FIJI
Private Mail Bag, G.P.O. Suva
Phone: (679) 331.3633
Fax: (679) 330.0370

Europe drops Fiji's sugar subsidies

The European Union has cancelled Fiji's sugar industry assistance payments for 2009, worth more than $US30 million.

The move is in response to the military-backed interim government's refusal to allow a return to democracy.

It is the second year in a row that Fiji has been refused access to EU subsidised payments for the sugar it provides to European markets.

In 2007, the EU announced that because of a military coup, Fiji was in breach of the conditions relating to democracy and human rights under which subsidies are provided to third world countries.

There has been no response from Fiji's interim government.

May 15, 2009

EU reaffirms opposition to Fiji's government's plans

The European Union has re-affirmed its opposition to the Fiji military's refusal to allow the country to return to democracy for at least another five years.

The European Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Joe Borg has been meeting in Canberra with Australian ministers.

He says virtually all financial assistance to Fiji has been suspended.

Mr Borg also said reports in the Fiji media quoting the EU's Commissioner for Development Cooperation, Louis Michel, as saying the EU wanted to assist Fiji were entirely false.

"Commissioner Michel was very clear in that he expressed his extreme disappointment with the recent developments that have taken place in Fiji and that these are completely unacceptable to the European Union,"he said.

Businesses to pay to operate after 5pm

Reports are surfacing on the military regime's attempts to charge businesses who open after 5pm.

It is unclear whether the regmie's policy is a blanket one or targetting a few.

Complaints on this are apparently being directed toward local government councils and/or the Police as legal remedies cannot be pursued.

May 14, 2009

Methodist Church Executive "Arrested"

Following Rev Manasa Lasaro's statement on Radio New Zealand expecting to be hauled up by the military regime, sources confirm that Rev. Lasaro is currently being held at the Police CID office in Suva.

The reason's for his "arrest" are still unclear.

May 11, 2009

Japan not to invite Fijian leaders to its summit with Pacific islands

10 May, 2009 00:02

NANDI, Fiji - Tokyo has decided not to invite interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and other Cabinet members of the current Fijian military regime to its summit with Pacific island nations in late May in Japan, a Japanese government source said Saturday.

Japan made the decision due to the increasingly dictatorial nature of the unelected military regime and to the international community's response to the situation, the source said.

The decision follows the Pacific Islands Forum's suspension of Fiji from the 16-nation grouping earlier this month.

A summit between Japan and the forum, formally known as the Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting, will be held in the village of Shimukappu in Hokkaido on May 22-23.

Fiji is arranging to dispatch a non-Cabinet level delegation to the summit, the source said.

Japan has been hosting a summit with the Pacific Islands Forum every three years since 1997.

Bainimarama, who also heads the Fijian military, seized power from democratically elected Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase in a bloodless coup in December 2006 and became interim prime minister in 2007.

In April this year, the Fijian Court of Appeals ruled the military-backed government was illegal and Bainimarama resigned from the premier's post.

But President Ratu Josefa Iloilo, an ally of Bainimarama, abrogated the constitution, reappointed Bainimarama as interim prime minister and said elections may not be held until 2014.

Two more journo's hauled up

Military seizes Fiji journalists

Two Suva journalists have spent their second night in police cells after they reported on how the Fiji military dictatorship had freed soldiers jailed for killing civilians.

Media sources in Suva, who cannot be named due to fears for their safety, hold concerns for Dionisia Turagabeci and Shelvin Chand, of the website Fijilive. The website is not reporting on the fate of its own journalists.

Dictator Voreqe Bainimarama imposed martial law on Fiji last month and has extended it another month, imposing censorship on all media.

Earlier this year a soldier was convicted of murdering a civilian. In a separate case nine soldiers and three policemen were convicted of the manslaughter of a civilian.

They were sent to jail for terms ranging from eight years to life, but last week all were released on parole.

Fijilive reported this on Friday and on Saturday Turagabeci and Chand were picked up and taken to Suva Central Police Station.

They have been held in separate cells since and have not been allowed to see friends or lawyers.

Although the military have purported to abrogate the constitution and there is no superior court system, it is likely the two journalists will be taken before the Magistrates Court and charged with breaking the emergency regulations.

Last week military spokesman Neumi Leweni hailed the effect of martial law censorship.

"The people of Fiji are now experiencing a remarkable change from what used to be highly negative and sensationalised news to a more positive, balanced and responsible reporting by the media," Leweni said.

The nine soldiers and three policemen freed had been convicted of manslaughter after graphic evidence of how they tortured 19-year-old Sakiusa Rabaka to death a month after the 2006 coup.

His mother, Alanieta Rabaka, mounted an emotional and drawn out regional media campaign to get justice.

Helen Clark and John Howard, prime ministers of New Zealand and Australia at the time, took up the case.

May 09, 2009

Whence Comes Their Power?

"Dictators require the assistance of the people they rule, without which they cannot secure and maintain the sources of political power. These sources of power include:
Authority, the belief among the people that the regime is legitimate, and that they have a moral duty to obey it;

Human resources, the number and importance of the persons and groups which are obeying, cooperating or providing assistance to the rulers;

Skills and knowledge, needed by the regime to perform specific actions and supplied by the cooperating persons and groups;

Intangible factors, psychological and ideological factors that may induce people to obey and assist the rulers;

Material resources, the degree to which the rulers control or have access to property, natural resources, financial resources, the economic system, and means of communication and transportation; and

Sanctions, punishments, threatened or applied against the disobedience and noncooperative to ensure the submission and cooperation that are needed for the regime to exist and carry out its policies."
Dr Gene Sharp, The Albert Einstein Institute.

In case the junta thinks the ACP is not in the loop...

They are.

The Committee of Ambassadors of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States,

Having regard to the principles of the Georgetown Agreement establishing the ACP Group, the ACP-EC Partnership Agreement signed in Cotonou, and the Intra-ACP political dialogue framework;

Recalling the Declaration of the 5th Summit of Heads of State and Government held on 7 and 8 December 2006 in Khartoum, Sudan, condemning the coup d’état of 5 December 2006 in the Republic of Fiji, and calls for the restoration of constitutional order in the Republic of Fiji;

Having regard to the conclusions of the consultations held on 18 April 2007 between the European Union and the Republic of Fiji within the framework of Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement, and having regard to the undertakings agreed by the interim Government of the Republic of Fiji following said consultations, notably as regards respect for human rights, rule of law, democratic principles and the holding of free and transparent elections by the end of March 2009 at the latest;

Having regard to the conclusions and recommendations of the ACP Committee of Ambassadors' mission to of the Republic of Fiji from 12 to 16 May 2008 to evaluate the implementation of the above-mentioned undertakings, and the impact of the sanctions imposed by the international community on the Fijian economy and society, and to determine how the ACP Group could assist the Republic of Fiji;

Seriously concerned by the recent events in the Republic of Fiji following the decision taken on 10 April 2009 to abrogate the constitution, and the postponement of general elections to September 2014 at the latest;

Regrets the abrogation of the constitution, suspension of freedom of the press, and the declaration of the state of emergency; and

Calls for the opening and strengthening of inclusive political dialogue with all parties concerned with a view to quickly restoring constitutional order and holding democratic elections as soon as practically possible.

Issued in Brussels on 21 April 2009

May 07, 2009

Retaliation Begins

While Bainimarama is offshore pretending to know about money and attempting to dazzle other ADB leaders with lies, he has, despite being publicly lauded as one of three elephants in the room, been busy working the phone-lines back home barking out retaliation orders.

In thumbing their noses to justice, they release convicted criminals back into society. The Prisons Commissioner, Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua, himself a military man is undoubtedly making this happen. The reality is that everyone was expecting it to happen. Even Mr Peni Rabaka, father of the deceased Rabaka, who now fears direct retaliation from these thugs.

The state of play on our legal arena is ever fluid and the Law Society’s head, the ever bold Dorsami Naidu, continues to speak out questioning the absence of High Court judges and the impending actions that the military regime is planning against them.

Reports are surfacing on the up-close-and-personal clamp down attempts by military thugs on access to uncensored information via internet cafe's.

It is all essentially aimed at sending a signal to you PIF leaders that they, within the safe sovereign vicinity of their EEZ, are untouchable.

The other subliminal signal he is sending to his “loyal troops” is that he’s got their back if they continue to do his treasonous becking.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the illegal and treasonous Acting Prime Minister has also been spouting his mouth off a bit too much for his own good. So much so that the PIF Chair is now said to be considering the movement of the PIF Secretariat. He has been sworn at by the heroic Samoan PM, Tuilaepa, indicating that he really is getting up their noses.

Aiyaz has forgotten (or does not know) that despite trying to position Fiji as an elder sibling in the Pacific, the unwritten understanding is that silence indicates assent. The Solomon Islands, Kiribati and Tuvalu all know that. Tuilaepa points this out icily as only he can.

Fiji’s place as a UN peacekeeper debate continues and Australia PM Kevin Rudd, sticks to his guns. The UN rep being questioned on Fiji’s UN security assets, rightly points out that as an international civil servant he is no position to comment on a member states assertions.

Naturally. As an international civil servant he simply executes the wishes agreed by (read majority) member states. Bainimarama's current retaliation antics are simply providing more valuable ammunition towards more voices against the engagement of our security forces. The report to the UN Security Council therefore reveals that they are already talking 'options'. They will however take their cues from the principal inter-regional political body, the PIF.

The Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa’s Maoridom have, in deciding to champion Fiji’s supposed indigenous challenges, opened themselves up unnecessarily to a stinking can of worms. They should have learned from the faux cries rallying for indigenous “to arms” by George Speight in the coup of 2000.

What’s missing in all this STILL are peaceful signal’s to the world that We The People stand united and firmly against Bainimarama’s treasonous tyranny.

May 06, 2009

It's Official: They Let the Dogs Out

Radio NZ confirmation at 04:08pm today.

Rabaka assailants free after only weeks of a four-year jail sentence in Fiji
Posted at 04:08 on 06 May, 2009 UTC

Eight soldiers and a police officer convicted of killing a teenager in Fiji have been released after being sentenced in March to four years and four months in prison for his manslaughter and assault.

In January 2007, Sakiusa Rabaka and two other youths were taken to the Black Rock military site on the outskirts of Nadi where they were detained for eight hours, tortured, stripped and assaulted.

The nineteen-year old died about a month after his detention.

The Public Prosecutions Office in Lautoka says it is not common for people to be released so quickly after being sentenced for such serious crimes.

But the lawyer for the men, Haroon Ali Shah, says they have been released under a community service order, which is not unusual.

“They’re back in the community you know, they go about. I don’t know if they have been absorbed into the service, that I’m not aware of. But obviously apart from the restrictions, as per the warrant, its a special warrant it would have the conditions under which they are released, reporting, monitoring, reporting to perhaps a police station or a probation officer, or something to that effect.”

Defence lawyer Haroon Ali Shah

May 05, 2009

Rabaka Killers Released

Reliable sources have revealed that the Rabaka killers have very recently been released under the Compulsory Supervision Order (CSO).

P.S. Further verification from other sources have pointed to the fact that both Rabaka & Verebasaga killers were released yesterday under the CSO.

May 04, 2009

When No Means No

This is what happens when you flout defiance in the face of democratic norms.

You get desperate. So desperate that you unabashedly shove yourselves back into forum’s that you are no longer privy to.

Ditty for money for all things sweet and syruppy. The EU will most probably send along an RVSP to your begging bowl party if you read between the lines of their statement of 22 April 2009.

In case you start getting cocky about the economic saviour, mainstay and “protected” industry -- tourism. Watch yourselves.

As confidently espoused by Bainimarama during his interview with Graham Davis, the military regime naturally look for friends in the North. Someone therefore is doing the doublespeak here.

Any more jaded tricks the international community can respond to?

Check again Bainimarama.

May 03, 2009

"The Hand in the President’s Glove”

This was the interviewers statement that flummoxed Bainimarama to the extent where he could only respond with “Umm Ahhh (sheepish grin)…I, I, I really do not want to talk about that” in the now infamous Graham Davis exclusive interview for Sky News.

Check it out in part 1 of the 3 part series available for on-line viewing (thanks to U-tube) here, at the 8:33 mark.

Part 2 of the interview is available for on-line viewing here.

At the 3:44 mark in part 2, Bainimarama burns the bridges to Tonga by accusing Tongan PM, Dr. Sevele, as having coerced him into agreeing to a 2009 election date to appease the rest of the leaders. That surely must what the illegal Attorney General is referring to when lashing out reactively to the PIF on our suspension, vis a viz “very strong ties with our brothers and sisters in the Pacific”?

It could also be Aiyaz’s subliminal call to the NZ Maori Party who become mistakenly compelled to help Fiji out as Maori Party co-leader, Tariana Turia, nobly asserts. Forget it lady, you don’t want to dip your paddle with Bainimarama’s morally corrupt and now alone canoe. What would make empathy from the Maori’s gain more democratic commitments than past attempts from 15 Pacific Island leaders with whom we share extensive history and blood?

On that note, the Australian Opposition’s views on the need for the relocation of the Forum Secretariat headquarters will be worth watching.

At the 5:56 mark of the second part of the interview, Bainimarama further divides and rules the Pacific by declaring that American Samoa, because they decided to take up the mantle of Fiji with Hilary Clinton, “understands what’s happening in Fiji”.

Up until Congressman Eni Faleomavaega’s sudden visit here, American Samoa had no visibility or relevance in this country. Perhaps the visit was also related to the sale of BP in the Pacific (which includes their presence in American Samoa) to Fijian Holdings Ltd, and the fact that the American Samoa Power Authority, a semi autonomous agency of the government, had announced it was negotiating a fuel purchasing agreement with Mobil Oil to take over its market share.

Also very telling in the interview is that our foreign reserves is down to 1.8 months (and not 3 months as interviewer Graham Davis had thought)…check that statement out at the 6:30 mark. Bainimarama backs up the sorry free-fall state of the economy with the assertion that “that was one of the reasons why we devalued the dollar, the Fiji dollar about 2 weeks ago” at the 6:50 mark.

More telling sound-bites:
7:58 mark – “because we protect our tourist industry” – Bainimarama
8:04 mark - “crime has dropped drastically” – Bainimarama

Part 3 of the interview is available for on-line viewing here.

Early in part 3 at the 1:41 mark the question “do you think you’ve isolated all potential threats to yourself in the military?”, was confidently responded with “All Gone”.

Davis - “So everybody in the military is loyal to you?”
Bainimarama – “E Yes”
Davis – “So there is no split?”
Bainimarama – “There’s no split”
Davis – “…as you said, no split”
Bainimarama – “None”

That is quite interesting when you view that against documents posted up on the “Stop Persecuting Fiji” blog: namely Lt Col Filipo Tarakinikini’s resignation letter and eyewitness accounts of other RFMF Colonel’s on Bainimarama's order (and subsequent reaction to contrary advice) in 2004 to put together a plan to topple the Qarase government.

The Illegal Government Responds to PIF Suspension

Acting (Illegal) Prime Minister and Attorney-General Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
Statement in response to Fiji’s suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum
Saturday, 2 May 2, 2009

The statement by the Chair of the Pacific Islands Forum that the Government of Fiji has been suspended from the Forum is regrettable.

It is regrettable for a number of reasons.

The announcement was made via a press statement without any formal notification by the Forum. It was only at the prompting of the Government that a diplomatic note was received this morning at approximately 11.10am.

It is apparent that despite our Prime Minister writing to the Chair, highlighting the change in dynamics in Fiji vis a vis the new legal order; the fact that elections cannot and should not be held under a skewered electoral system; and Fiji’s willingness to engage with the Forum taking into account the facts and ground realities; the Forum and its Chair have chosen to ignore the circumstances in Fiji and the willingness of our Government, the willingness of Fiji to engage in a constructive and meaningful manner.

The statement also falsely refers to so called breaches of basic human rights, democracy and freedom under a military regime. Again such inaccurate statements do not lend credibility to the analysis and conclusions arrived at by the Chair.

Such inaccuracies and holding on to dogma begs the question whether the Forum is holding on to particular ideas, ideas that are factually incorrect. They appear to be based on representations made by only a few with political agendas and are reflective of the positions taken by the metropolitan powers in Wellington and Canberra.

The untenable proposition that elections should be held at any cost immediately, even under a flawed system is not only patronizing but demonstrates a lack of commitment to true democracy and sustainable parliamentary representation.

The purported suspension of the Prime Minister, Ministers and officials from all meetings and arrangements by the Forum and stopping Fiji from benefiting from any new financial and technical assistance is short sighted. What this in effect means is that Fiji and her people are being targeted. To claim that the suspension is only targeted to the officials and the ministers is a fallacy.

As to the actual ramifications of the ceasing of new financial and technical assistance, the Government shall carry out its own assessments and source alternative arrangements. We have access to countries and multilateral agencies that may wish to provide assistance to fill in any void.

Such a suspension of course is unprecedented for the Forum. Fiji, following the 1987 coups did not have elections for 5 years yet there was no suspension. The rationale behind the overthrow of the Bavadra government and the subsequent actions of the then new government were most dubious to say the least. Yet there was no suspension.

In contrast this Government has an agenda of reforms that are based on universally accepted principles and values, of equal citizenry, equal suffrage, eradication of systemic corruption and transparency but paradoxically the Forum hierarchy has chosen to suspend Fiji.

This punitive action of suspension poses a challenge to the Pacific spirit and Pacific Way. The Pacific value for inclusiveness and understanding is now under threat by the actions of the Forum. It is hoped that the Forum and the individual members have taken into account the ramifications on Pacific co-operation and solidarity.

The position of the Government of Fiji is that it is a government appointed by His Excellency our President. It is not a military regime. It has an agenda to carry out reforms, including electoral reforms. It shall hold elections by September 2014. Its reforms shall be guided by the Peoples Charter. It is committed to and shall continue to implement policies to eradicate systemic corruption. It shall engage with all countries based on respect, dignity and co-operation. It shall liberalize the economy to rid the system of years of neglect, to create better investment and employment opportunities – all, with the view to ensure that the citizens of Fiji benefit by way of lifting their living standards, providing better health and education facilities and accessibility and sustainable livelihoods. The Government shall not be deterred from any of its objectives even in the face of adversity, created by some.

The Government and the people of Fiji have very strong ties with our brothers and sisters in the Pacific. No such suspension can sever those ties. Fiji is part of the Pacific and the Pacific is part of Fiji.

May 02, 2009

The Formal Announcement

2 May 2009

Statement by Forum Chair on suspension of the Fiji military regime from the Pacific Islands Forum

The Chair of the Pacific Islands Forum and Premier of Niue, the Hon. Toke Talagi MP, has announced that the military regime of Fiji has been suspended from the Forum.

“It is with considerable sorrow and disappointment that I confirm the suspension of the current military regime in the Republic of the Fiji Islands, from full participation in the Pacific Islands Forum, with immediate effect from 2 May 2009.”

Hon. Talagi added: “This difficult decision, agreed unanimously between all Forum leaders at our Retreat in Port Moresby on 27 January 2009, responds to Commodore Bainimarama’s failure to address constructively by 1 May 2009 the expectations of Forum Leaders to return Fiji to democratic governance in an acceptable time-frame, in addition to responding to a range of other concerns (the Port Moresby Leaders’ Retreat Decisions are attached). It is also particularly timely given the recent disturbing deterioration of the political, legal and human rights situation in Fiji since 10 April 2009.”

“These measures respond directly to the confirmation by the military regime in Fiji, particularly through its recent actions, that it rejects fundamental Forum obligations and core principles, as outlined in the Biketawa Declaration and other key guiding documents of the Forum. Reflecting on the Leaders Vision Statement of 2004, this involves cooperation through the Forum to create a Pacific region respected for the quality of its governance, the sustainable management of its resources, the full observance of democratic values and for its defence and promotion of human rights.”

The Forum Chair confirmed: “This decision does not amount to the expulsion of Fiji, as a nation, from its membership of the Forum. That proposition has not been considered by Leaders in their deliberations. As such, the Pacific Islands Forum remains a 16-member body and the Republic of the Fiji Islands continues to be part of the Forum group of nations, albeit with participation of the current regime suspended until further notice.”

“A regime which displays such a total disregard for basic human rights, democracy and freedom has no place in the Pacific Islands Forum. Nevertheless, we look forward with great hope to Fiji’s earliest possible return to constitutional democracy, through free and fair elections, when we will be able to restore this country to its rightful place among our family of Pacific Islands Forum nations. The Forum, as always, stands ready to assist Fiji’s return to democratic rule, concerned, in particular, by the increasingly negative and wide-ranging impacts of events over the past two and a half years on the people of Fiji,” Hon. Talagi reaffirmed.

The Leaders’ decision involves implementation of two specific targeted measures, taken in accordance with the 2000 Biketawa Declaration. The first involves suspension of participation by the leader, ministers and officials of Fiji from all Forum meetings and events arranged by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, including the annual Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting. The second measure involves ensuring the military regime in Fiji does not benefit directly from Forum regional cooperation initiatives or any new financial or technical assistance, other than assistance toward the restoration of democracy.


May 01, 2009

Waiting Till the Midnight Hour

The pressure is on. For Bainimarama.

That usually means he will be erratic, irrational, desperate, accusatory and he will of course retaliate if the outcomes are not to his liking.

And erratic he has been. The morning began with the announcement that Bainimarama is now, literally at the 11th hour, keen to have face-to-face discussions with Australian and NZ Prime Ministers about our country (although admittedly and in fairness after watching the TV interview, the suggestion for a meeting with Rudd and Keys was almost shoved into Bainimarama’s mouth by Graham Davis, the interviewer).

For someone who should be quite humble and conciliatory when asking for a meeting, Bainimarama, ever true to his nature unrepentantly continues to take pot-shots at Australia and NZ. This is of course the nub of his psyche – if he detests you, you will know. Or wind up either castrated, tongueless or dead.

Bainimarama then began the irrational & accusatory phases of his mood-swings, lashing out at Australian Defence for all manner of defence impropriety such as “threats” and phone tapping.

Perhaps now the world will truly believe that we have a manic psychotic illegally holding our country at ransom. The eyes darting all over the place, instead of focusing on Graham Davis’s face during the interview are a dead give-away.

In the process of spilling his all, Bainimarama also see’s fit to keep the public clamp-down on with the Public Emergency Regulations in force longer, without bothering to inform taxpayers first. A classic sign of his desperation knowing that further knocks like suspension, will only heat up the temperature of the national mood.

In tandem, illegal acting PM, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum furiously starts with the letter-writing to the Forum probably telling leaders what they already know, but not what they need to hear to save Fiji from getting kicked out.

As if to show his waning influence, Aiyaz then begins to change his tune and now infers that the region and NOT FIJI would suffer, should our PIF suspension come about.

This is roundly and soundly put into perspective by someone who actually know’s PIF machinations, Dr Brij Lal.

At midnight, the formal announcement should be hitting news media all over.

Then PIF Foreign Ministers will meet expeditiously after the announcement to lay down what the suspension looks like for us.

Trade privileges are undoubtedly going to be assessed.

This heartbreaking announcement falling on May Day is cruelly ironic.

And it’s all because one individual thinks his vision for the country supersedes all of ours.