December 17, 2010

The "Spirit of "Giving" - Military Junta Style

If you're wondering how it was that Namosi folded to the regime's will, read the media statements on their version of "christmas gift exchanges" as churned out by the illegal and treasonous military regime's propaganda arm below:
From: Minfonews <>
Date: 16 December 2010 11:43
To: Minfonews <>



A visit by the people of Namosi to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua is an early Christmas and New Year’s blessings says the Prime Minister and Military Commander, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

A delegation of close to 200 people of the province were led by the Turaga na Tui Namosi, Ratu Suliano Matanotobua.

“This is an early Christmas present for us here in the military barracks and for Government,” Commodore Bainimarama said.

“We thank you for coming and visiting us because we are here for you.”

He thanked the vanua of Namosi for its continued support towards Government and the military

Meanwhile, Commodore Bainimarama continued to highlight the importance of choosing the right people to lead the country after 2014.

“Everyone need to know the People’s Charter for Change Peace and Progress which entails government’s commitment towards a truly democratic government and elections process,” the Prime Minister said.

“We do not want a corrupt Government coming in. We want every citizen of this nation to get the fruits of their labour in every little way they contribute.”  

From: Minfonews <>
Date: 17 December 2010 08:14
Minfonews <>



Hidden in the highlands of Namosi, where one has to travel along narrow gravel roads passing dense forests, one will reach the beautiful villages of Namosi and Nakavika.

The two villages are cushioned by mountain ranges, green vegetation and rivers creating a scene that leaves one mesmerized with the natural creations of God, which are still preserved in the interior of the province.

Women in these two villages, who rarely get to see any visitors, could not hold back their joy when the Minister for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation Dr Jiko Luveni visited them on Thursday.

The Minister’s visit was not only to have discussions about their needs but to present a gift, which these women would have wished  for in time for the Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations.

Dr Luveni donated four sewing machines to the Soqosoqo Vakamarama in the two communities to be a source of generating income. 

When handing over the sewing machines the Minister encouraged the women to make full use of the machines, and added it was a gift for them to celebrate Christmas.

“I wish you all a merry Christmas and hope these machines will be used to make clothes for your children and families. It is given with a hope to generate income for your livelihood, especially when you live so far from the main town,” Dr Luveni said.

The Namosi Soqosoqo Vakamarama vice president Ms Veronika Teresa Gukibau said the sewing machines could not have come at a better time.

“Now our women will make use them to sew new dresses for the festive season celebrations,” she said.

“These women hardly go to Navua town because it costs $20 for a return trip.  Since they already have the materials and skills it will now be easy for them to make clothes in their villages. They will make clothes for Christmas, the church service and of course school uniforms for children.”

Namosi provincial administrator Viliame Raka thanked Dr Luveni for visiting the two communities and having dialogue with them. 

“We are grateful to the Minister for donating four sewing machines because our goal is to improve the financial resources for our province. We have seen a lot of development where Government has assisted in terms of farming and land use, ecotourism and agriculture and we are fortunate the Minister visited the women here today and sat with them and heard them out, it motivates them,” Mr Raka said. 

Ms Salote Vakavudali, the Nakavika Women’s Club representative said the women were touched by the Minister’s kind words of encouragement and the sewing machines were a blessing for women in the two communities.

“The sewing machines are the best Christmas gift we could have wished for at this time of the year, we can start making the school uniforms now and can plan for a kalavata during this festive season. We thank the Minister for this gift,” Ms Vakavudali added.

Ratu Inoke Kubuabola: Liar Extraordinaire

There can be no doubt at all that Rt Inoke Kubuabola has the art of lying down pat.

You can hear his bullshit PR exercise following his tabetabe trip to the Melanesian brethren here:

Despite the gloss, it is clear that Rt Inoke has used the old game of diplomatic arm-twisting to get Fiji back in the fold.

The Grand Chief of PNG who would may have had other thoughts about Fiji, currently has other pressing matters to attend to.

December 16, 2010

Military Regime Rides on Oprah Mania

Oprah Winfrey, Forbes's Number 1 most powerful celebrity in the world is set to arrive in Fiji some time today.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum the illegal and treasonous Attorney General get's himself entrenched in the minutae of her arrival details and gushes like a girl about the enormous potential to Fiji as a celebrity holiday destination.

Oddly enough, despite the pending arrival of such a global celebrity, her own US Ambassador is not here to receive and keep an eye out for her, which signals that the visit could be a sudden one.

It also hints at the possibility that Oprah's political relationships could be a factor in the use of her star-power to softly, softly prod Fiji towards better behavior towards the USA and it's interests.

This is the United States of America that Bainimarama is wanting to take on after all and they don't muck around.

The proof as always will be in the pudding. It will be entertaining to watch the military regime change their tune regarding the USA after she leaves. 

Oprah can sway global opinion especially in terms of tourism destinations. And money is exactly what the regime needs, but doesn't have.

Bainimarama et al take note: the stand of the United States of America on Fiji is not going to change any time soon.

December 15, 2010

Vinaka Natapei

Keep holding Bainimarama's feet to the fire -- even while you're in Opposition.

Vanuatu’s Natapei opposed to Fiji getting MSG chair
Posted at 02:18 on 15 December, 2010 UTC

Vanuatu’s opposition leader, Edward Natapei, says Fiji’s Commodore Frank Bainimarama should not become the new chairman of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Mr Natapei has also condemned the decision of the new Vanuatu prime minister, Sato Kilman, to support the plan to make the Fiji interim prime minister the MSG head.

He made the comment after Mr Kilman left for Honiara to reconcile Vanuatu with Fiji and to join a Solomon Islands-sponsored process to make Fiji the MSG head.

In July, when Mr Natapei was the prime minister, he cancelled the MSG summit to stop the Fiji coup leader from taking the chair.

Mr Natapei says he accepts that Fiji is an MSG member that can participate in any MSG activities but not for it to hold the chairmanship.

He says if Fiji takes the MSG chairmanship, the organisation will be put into question by democratic countries.

The Ol' Smoke and Mirrors Ploy


Now that Bainimarama has achieved what he set out to do by using the media to warn the US's Ambassador McGann, we now brace ourselves for the onslaught of the real reason why he is flexing.

If this illegal and treasonous regime can lie about their ability to haul up the USA and blame them for cancelling marches, nothing is beyond this lot.

It must really suck to be given US visa's with a strict restriction of staying with an 11km radius of his point of location while in the USA and not being allowed to take ol' wifey to Disneyland which by the way is a heckuva bigger restriction than what is permitted to Mugabe and Ahmadinejad.

Fiji threat to expel US ambassador labelled mistake
Posted at 02:18 on 15 December, 2010 UTC

The Fiji interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has threatened to expel the US ambassador, Steve McGann.

Commodore Bainimarama has told FBC News says the actions of Australia, New Zealand and now the US were hindering progress in Fiji.

Australia and New Zealand have had their top diplomats sent home.

Commodore Bainimarama has told the Fiji Sun newspaper that he is open to suggestions from the public on what it thinks should be done with Mr McGann.

A Fiji-born academic at the Australia National University, Brij Lal, says removing the US ambassador could prove to be a serious error.

    “It’ll be the biggest mistake Fiji will make if it decides to expel the American ambassador. The US is not Australia or New Zealand - it has enormous clout globally.”

It is not immediately clear why Commodore Bainimarama is now considering expelling Mr McGann.

Last week however, Fiji revealed that the US hadn’t granted visas to Fiji officials, which Fiji says it will take up with the United Nations.

However, travel bans have been in place on coup supporters ever since the elected government was ousted by the military in 2006

Earlier this week, Commodore Bainamarama questioned whether Mr McGann or the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, was lying by saying the US was committed to re-engaging with Fiji.

The visa issue prompted Commodore Bainimarama to tell the Fiji Sun newspaper that foreign affairs officials had summoned Mr McGann last weekend to express Fiji’s concern.

Hours after he made the claim, the US embassy issued a statement to say Mr McGann had already been out of Fiji for more than a week.

When contacted by Radio New Zealand International, the Fiji foreign ministry declined to elaborate on who was summoned, if anyone had been summoned at all or if the ministry had been unaware that Mr McGann was out of the country.

It referred queries to the prime minister’s office which in turn said it was a matter for the foreign ministry to clarify.

The American embassy, being aware of the debate about a possible expulsion, says it will make no further comment at this stage.

The information ministry in Suva has also not commented.

Brij Lal says Fiji should try to improve ties with countries wanting to help.

He says the regime members may be misjudging their powers.

    “Unless they can have their way all the time, not only domestically but internationally as well, they simply throw up tantrums and threaten to expel people.”

Last month, Fiji deported a US executive without saying if he had broken any law.

It simply alleged he had interfered in Fiji’s domestic affairs.

Another Coupster flee's the Coup-Coup Nest

Perhaps Sada Reddy's sudden flight to safer shelter, has triggered a trend of sudden up-and-gone-gone-gone madness.

John Prasad now seeks the safety of his Aotearoa permanent residence for refuge after stuffing up the FSC and the country too.

John Prasad leaves for NZ
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fiji Sugar Corporation Acting CEO John Prasad left for New Zealand this morning.

Prasad’s contract with the FSC ends on the 31st of this month but the FSC said today that Prasad is taking a Christmas break to visit his family in New Zealand.

Prasad took up his appointment with FSC from October this year for a period of three months.

His appointment was made following the resignation of former CEO Deo Saran towards the end of September.

Prasad was directed to implement reforms and restructure the FSC in accordance with a report on the sugar industry prepared by accounting firm Deloitte.

Report by: Rajendra James

Bainimarama: My Way or the Highway USA!

Bainimarama takes to the malleable FBC airwaves today to launch yet another flexing tirade against the USA. 

And just like the coward he is, he chooses to launch it in the Fijian language to massage his ever waning support at the grassroots level ie the Churches and Vanua. 

There have been visitations to Bainimarma of note lately from Namosi and Ca'audrove.

I will expel US ambassador if need be: Fiji PM
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says he is prepared to expel the US ambassador from Fiji - if they continue to hinder progress in the country and oppose his government.

However Bainimarama told FBC News that US ambassador to Fiji Steve McGann was currently in Washington to explore ways of improving relations between the two countries – and he is letting things be for the moment.

In a vernacular interview on Radio Fiji One Bainimarama says the actions of Australia, NZ and now the US was hindering progress in Fiji.

He adds that if the US increased their opposition to Fiji’s progress – then it was best they move out like Australia and New Zealand and wait to re-engage with the government that would be elected after elections in 2014.

Bainimarama says it is best that they stand aside as his government was implementing a process and roadmap set out in the Peoples Charter –– to remove once and for all the elements that brought about instability to the country.

However he also expressed concern at the possibility of foreign governments coming in after the 2014 elections to support parties that would go against everything his government had put in place.

This he says will take Fiji back to the dark days that no one wants to revisit.

Report by: Stanley Simpson/Masimeke Latianara

December 14, 2010

Christopher Pryde; Apple Polisher Extraordinaire

Apple polishing for self preservation purposes sure seems to be the flavour of the week for the illegal and treasonous military regime.

The illegal and treasonous Christopher Pryde is on cue and pretends to tussle with Australia citing the need for Australia to take their cues from the region.

Oh Really Mr Pryde? What you mean Samoa, Melanesia, the Pacific?

The bottom line is that Pryde has just embarrassed Fiji by using a non-political forum to try to give his illegal and treasonous "guvment" credibility.

Sock it to him Australia -- Oy, oy, oy.
Fiji SG attacks Australia
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Solicitor General Christopher Pryde has attacked Australia’s attitude towards Fiji at the recent 29th Pacific Islands Legal Officers Network meeting in Brisbane last week – labelling it as unprofessional and childish.

Pryde says the chair of the meeting chose to deliberately ignore Fiji.

Elenoa Osborne has more.

"Pryde says Australia’s behaviour - is unprofessional and disrespectful to Fiji as a Pacific island country.

Pryde says other countries in the region may have their differences of opinion with Fiji but they still treat Fiji with common courtesy and respect.

He says Australia need to take a lesson from other Pacific island countries and act in a way that is appropriate for the region.

Subsequently Fiji has rejected Australia’s Framework for Law and Justice Engagement in the Pacific.

Pryde says issues of money laundering, human trafficking and transnational crime are problems not just for Fiji but for the whole of the Pacific.

He says Australia’s policy of isolating Fiji and withholding assistance and co-operation at the operational level to tackle these issues demonstrates Australia is not wholly committed to the region.

Pryde is urging New Zealand, Australia and the Forum and Commonwealth Secretariats – to review their policies of isolation and non-co-operation with Fiji and work for the common good of the whole of the Pacific region and leave aside their political differences."

Report by: Elenoa Osbourne

December 13, 2010

Why "The Fiji Sun" should be permanently dismissed

Last Saturday, 11 Devember 2010, the Fiji Sun screamed as its front page headline:"US Envoy Called In".

The article went on to say that:
"United States Ambassador Steven McGann was yesterday summoned to a meeting with Foreign Affairs officials amid a widening rift between the Embassy and the our Government".

Today Radio Fiji runs a story confirming from the US Embassy that Ambassador McGann is in fact in Washington, has been there since 5 December and aims to return and have his own chat with Bainimarama.

Once again the Fiji Sun has been sprung spitting out another porky.

Ambassador holds talks on Fiji in US
Monday, December 13, 2010

The US Ambassador to Fiji Steven McGann is holding discussions in Washington on issues of continuing concern between Fiji and the US.

The US Embassy says McGann left Fiji on December 5th for previously scheduled annual leave and consultations in the United States.

McGann is holding discussions with U.S. officials on issues of concern in the context of the policy of increased engagement with Fiji and in appreciation of Fiji’s support in international forums.

The US Embassy says McGann will personally brief Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama on the outcome of his consultations upon his return to Fiji.

Report by: Elenoa Osborne

December 10, 2010

Ho Hum

Yup. They're paper-chasing in earnest.

They've cut the dispensables loose, and look to any and every revenue source to plug the leaking ship that is Fiji's economy while the signs are as clear as day.

Careful Dixon Seeto, it looks like your use-by date is coming up quite rapidly a'la Sada Reddy.

Bainimarama continues to take to the airwaves of their propaganda machine, FBC, with grand assertions that he and his gang care about the poor.

Meanwhile for the regimes primary target Fiji Water only weeks ago, it is business as usual.

Where Oh Where Will The Marchers Be?

The city of Suva is on heightened security alert, with policemen doing more than their usual beats around the big smoke.

Bainimarama see's fit to assure the nation that he as the fox guarding the henhouse will keep 'em safe.

The totally illogical reasons for the heightened alerts blaming the US Embassy, blog sites etc are valuable fodder for entertainment.

The fact of the matter is that the "public march announcement" has poor ol Bainimarama's ticker doing more than the usual beats per minute.

Perhaps the police should round up the Souls to Jesus crew doing their thing on the foreshore in case would-be marchers are camping out there.

Whatever happens, the "paranoia much" nonsense has given the pro-democracy folks a look-see into the much visible achilles heel and therefore valuable ammunition to continue to send them scurrying after false scents until it wears the illegal and treasonous powers down towards giving way to space to allow us to take to the streets.

Prime Minister reassures nation
Friday, December 10, 2010

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has reassured the nation that its security remains intact.

Speaking with FBC News, Bainimarama says today’s cancellation of public marches around the country is just a precautionary measure and there is no need for people to panic.

Bainimarama says the US embassy has warned all its citizens in Fiji to refrain from taking part in public marches around the country today, which led to a lot of confusion among the Fiji people.

He says following this confusion caused by the warning issued by the US embassy, a precautionary measure had to be taken to cancel all public marches.

The warning from the US Embassy states that all its citizens must refrain from being part of any marches organized for today as associated protests may have an anti-government tone and it is possible that assembled groups may become unruly.

The Embassy also encouraged citizens to monitor media networks covering the event and remain vigilant in public places and near military installations in and around the greater Suva area.

It said demonstrations intended to be peaceful could turn confrontational with little or no warning.

Permanent secretary for information Sharon Smith-Johns says the cancellation of the annual Coalition of Human Rights march planned for today in Suva is unfortunate as the embassy based its warning on a blog site.

Smith-Johns says what was supposed to be a peaceful march in support of Human Rights Coalition, is now not happening all because the American Embassy decided to advise US citizens of the possibility of violence and unrest based on a blog site.

Report by: Dev Sachindra

December 09, 2010

Central Bank Chief Does a Runner Officially

Its official. Sada Reddy has done a runner officially.

There goes your money folks.

Bainimarama & Co petrified of intended March for tomorrow

With a planned march on the cards for tomorrow, Bainimarama spares no effort to shut down any and all avenues to ensure that this march does not happen.

10 December is a global day of remembrance for Human Rights and local NGO's had apparently all been given permits to march.

Those permits have since been rescinded with effect from last night.

Government Printery Sold

Another censored news piece is that the Government Printery now belongs to Oceania Printery after the hush-hush sale came through last week.

The Government Printery has not been without its share of military pressure and naturally staff of the former government owned entity would be worried about their ability to put food on the table.

Bainimarama rocks the fatigues again... the question that begs answering is -- what's he signalling with this stunt?

Vocea Claims EU softening their stand on Fiji

The militarily pliant FBC posted a story today promoting a claim by Fiji's illegal and treasonous Ambassador in Brussels, Peceli Vocea, that the EU is now willing to engage with Fiji on our roadmap.

Vocea claims that the EU via Baroness Catherine Ashton -- the spokesperson of High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice
President of the Commission, along with Andris Piebalgs -- the Latvian EU Commissioner for Development has written to Fiji both signed off on a letter stating a softening of their stance.

That would have to be a total about-turn where the EU is concerned, particularly when it was only in March that the EU froze their long-term aid to Fiji, and only in July when Baroness Ashton slammed the military regime for expelling the Australian High Commissioner.

A sudden about-turn by the EU on their stand on Fiji would be absolutely out of character given the very recent US visa dramas for members of the military regime and the US's response.
EU willing to engage Fiji on ‘roadmap’
Thursday, December 09, 2010

The European Union has indicated its willingness to engage more with Fiji on its ‘roadmap’ for the return to democracy in 2014 says Fiji’s ambassador to Brussels Peceli Vocea.

Vocea told FBC News a letter outlining the EU’s position has been signed by Catherine Ashton, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the Commissioner Development Andris Piebalgs.

“That’s a very interesting development, I think a letter was just sent to Fiji signed by the Commissioner Development, and Catherine Ashton, that they are looking forward to working with Fiji on the roadmap – with regards processes Fiji may need to put in place for 2014.”

Vocea describes the letter as a very important gesture, and a very important development for Fiji with the European Union.

Report by: Stanley Simpson

What's Going Down In Air Pacific?

There's a censored whisper that 12 top managers of Air Pacific --  "the world's friendliest airline" --  have been removed and replaced by a correlating number of expats. 

There are further whispers that about 100 employees are expected downsized with effect from January - February 2011.

Stay tuned.

December 06, 2010

Who Pushed the Casino Idea?

Remember the bad idea to bring casino's to Fiji?

The idea that already has women's groups up in arms but was backed wholeheartedly by the malleable and equally treasonous tourism sector?

Gambling has tremendous social costs and there are no shortage of stats about this all over the globe.

But Fiji can thank Elizabeth Powell, a former flight attendant with Air Pacific and a former executive with Bed Bank  for pushing this idea.

Powell's credentials more aligned with the US rather than the South Pacific, boasts her as feats as having "led the development of hotel partnerships in US-gaming centers (Nevada, New Jersey and Mississippi) and resort destinations (Hawaii and Mexico)".

No wonder this underqualified-in-all-things-Fiji finds it fit to congratulate life guards in support of the illegal and treasonous Surfing Decree --- which was promoted by her personal sponsor, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Bainimarama justifies axing of Mara

For some strange reason, Bainimarama feels the need to explain why he has severed Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba (Mara) from his inner circle not too long after Mara had announced a pitiful profit for the Fiji Pine Board which Mara chaired illegally and treasonously.

And the best reason Bainimarmama can offer is simply "because we can".

Currently the only trusted military men that Aiyaz and Bainimarama have left unscathed for the moment are Natuva, Naivalurua , Naupoto, Saumatua, Tikoduadua, Vaniqi , Smith and Vuniwaqa.
It's Government's decision: Bainimarama
Monday, December 06, 2010

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says government will make changes where and when it sees fit.

Bainimarama made the comment following the appointment of Viliame Naupoto as the new Fiji Pine Limited Chairman.

The position was previously held by Ratu Tevita Uluikeba Mara. Naupoto was nominated by government for the position.

Bainimarama told FBC News – it is not new that changes are made within government.

Naupoto was appointed during the Fiji Pine Limited AGM in Lautoka on Thursday.

Report by: Savaira Tabua

December 04, 2010

To March or Not To March -- that is the question....

A letter penned by "Samuella Bale" (2 "l"'s??) was posted on the Fiji Today blog highlighting the serious risks to this initiative.

But Mr Bale is right. Taking to the streets with the PER in place is indeed risky and it is critical that decisions taken by would-be marchers are well informed.

So to help would-be marchers make an informed choice, we pose a few questions based on the information that is before us:
  1. What is the guarantee that would-be marchers will be protected by army/police who would undoubtedly be sent clear orders to control the crowds? Does it smell a bit too much like the orchestrated marches that gave way to the coup of 2000?
  2. If the police/army will let the march happen without raising a finger, what has brought this about? Is the military regime's alliance cracking? Is it because Bainimarama's key hatchet-men: Mara, Driti, Leweni, Tikoitoga, Teleni etc have either been sent packing back to barracks or shut out? And frankly why should we give a damn about their internal falling out when we essentially want them all locked up?
  3. Why is the march approaching the illegal and treasonous President with a petition? Is this not a public show in acknowledgement and acceptance of an illegal and treasonous appointment?
  4. As per the petition that is supposed to be delivered to the illegal and treasonous President, who has seen it? Is there a draft petition floating around? Are would-be marchers supposed to sign it without fully understanding who this interim administration is supposed to consist of? Or are there more opportunists just waiting in the wings to give us more of the same? If so who are they -- Military Council, SDL, FLP, NFP etc?
  5. If the President is supposedly holding all this power why hasn't he done something on his own accord? Or is he still very much beholden to Bainimarama? If he is, what assurance is there that he will be moved by such a public display?
  6. Is this march once again politically motivated? Is it because some are waiting to use the crisis of opportunity such as the fragmented military for political gain?
  7. Is this march simply using the opportunity of Bainimarama's apparent illness to get back at Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum who is clearly using Bainimarama's crisis for his opportunities?
  8. WHO is the face of the march that will control any frenzy's?
Until these key questions are answered with clarity and an absolute guarantee that can stand up in a court of law, we also would urge would-be marchers to treat this initiative with caution.

December 03, 2010

"Save Fiji Movement" Press Release

AS PER OUR INTENTION TO “SAVE FIJI FROM FURTHER OPPRESSION” the march planned on the 10TH December 3, 2010 will go ahead with the call for each citizen to come forward and ask the President of Fiji to listen to the graveness of the nation as a whole. 

We wish send a clear message to the Current Regime of Fiji that this march will be a peaceful one from Sukuna Park to Presidential house where the petition will be delivered. We welcome the government of the day to put security measures in place to protect the national security but any “unwanted action” will be met with equal reaction.

We have CONSIDERABLE support from the civil servants including the security forces and this day marks the people pledge for a change. People support in 2006 to the RFMF was instrumental in putting Commander RFMF in power. So when the people and business have enough of your leadership – “we want you to exist peacefully”

“SAVE FIJI MOVEMENT” is not coordinated by any political parties but it’s for every citizen of Fiji to come forward and ask the government for accountability in the following key areas:
  • Save Fiji from plugging further into financial crisis by mismanagement by the current regime
  • Not doing enough to save the sugar industry and failing to bring transparency in the 80 million mill upgrades
  • Continuous drawings from FNPF and sudden withdrawal of FNPF 2010 annual Financial Report from public thus not accountable to nation
  • Putting the economy into risk of bankruptcy by regulating the Business industry.
  • Falsify Reserve Bank data of economic growth thus unexplained “run away” of the Reserve Bank Governor.
  • Putting by unjustified decrees to enhance corruption of Attorney General as per filed reports evidence produced to the Prime Minister by Land Forces Commander.
  • Not doing enough for international engagement to declare elections and manipulation of election process by making voting non- compulsory.
Therefore the President who is the only legal authority to appoint any interim government must answer to the people on 10th December 2010. We warn the interim government not to interfere with the people pledge to speak directly to His Excellency “The President of Fiji”. 

Time has come for the President to assess the grim reality of the situation and consult the people so that he can make the right decision. This march is also to show the support the President that the people are with him and he has the people’s support and any move to remove the President will not be tolerated.



Fiji Officially Broke: Bainimarama States Inability to Service Offshore Debts

True to form, the illegal and treasonous Voreqe Bainimarama confirms what we already know.

Which is that he will spend it all up now and conveniently offload his regime's tab for unfettered free-for-all hogging at the trough for taxpayers to foot the bill for, and for the next political party (yeah right) to worry about.

It is NEVER, EVER, EVER a good idea to owe other countries or multilateral institutions vast amounts of money that you never had the backup reserves to even begin to pay back because when can't service the IOU, you will will have no other choice but to be coerced into "alternatives" that are never in the best interests of your country.

The sovereignty of the nation becomes beholden to the highest bidder. And in addition to the burden on taxpayers, citizens are furthermore armlocked into deals they can not wiggle out of.

Fiji looks to extend debt repayment time frame
Friday, December 03, 2010

Representatives of overseas funding agencies are in the country to work out a plan with government on extending the time frame of paying back debts left by past governments.

This was revealed to FBC News by Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

Bainimarama says representatives of two funding agencies are in the country to hold talks.

They are expected to leave the country soon and will return next week for further negotiations.

Bainimarama says government is also negotiating with the government of India on extending the time frame of the repayment of the $86 million loan for the upgrade of the sugar mills.

He says the government that will come into power in 2014 will continue with debt re-payments as the current government cannot pay it back all at once.

Report by: Apisalome Coka

"Save Fiji Movement" flyer

December 02, 2010

Another Mara Link Bites the Dust

If the MTVVL briefing note is anything to go by, the complete removal of another Mara link within the inner military circle swiftly comes into play.
Naupoto is new Fiji Pine Ltd chairman
Thursday, December 02, 2010
By: FBC News
Former Immigration Director Viliame Naupoto has been appointed the new Board Chairman of Fiji Pine Limited.

Naupoto’s appointment was confirmed in the company’s Annual General Meeting held today.

Naupoto replaces Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara– who has been the Chairman since April 2009.

Accepting the appointment Naupoto thanked Ratu Tevita for his contribution to the pine industry and assured he would continue doing the same.

All the other board members remain the same.

Fiji Pine Limited also handed over an interim dividend of $1 million from the 2010 profits to Fiji Pine Trust.

Could Rt Epeli Nailatikau be the next to be shown the door?

The MTVVL blogosphere is twittering about the possible exit of the illegal and treasonous President, Rt Epeli Nailatikau from his place in the inner circle of the military regime.

Read it here.

There are also whispers that due to the fiscal diarrhea now plaguing the nation (and further supported by Prof Wadan Narsey's analysis of the recent budget fracas), the compulsory age of 55 years could be brought down to 52 years of age.

The 2011 Budget Oscars and the Public Debt: Prof Wadan Narsey

Read another "real-talk" update from Prof Wadan Narsey breaking down the tomfoolery surrounding the recent Budget announcements.

Document available for download and printing here (PDF'd due to graphs).

Vinaka Vakalevu Prof Narsey for continuing to speak truth to power on our behalf.

December 01, 2010

Australia Fiji Business Council weighs into the Fiji Water saga

Despite the new Leweni aka Sharon Smith's PR spin for the regime, about Fiji Water folding into submission as being a sign of investor confidence, the Australian Fiji Business Council says otherwise.

The mere fact that Fiji Water is staying silent around the overnight developments speaks volumes.
Australia Fiji Business Council says Fiji Water row bad for confidence
Posted at 06:45 on 30 November, 2010 UTC

The Australia Fiji Business Council says the row between the Fiji interim government and the US company, Fiji Water, is undermining confidence.

On Monday, Fiji Water shut its bottling plant because of a tax hike from next year while the interim regime says it plans to put the resource out to international tender once the lease is available.

The president of the Australia Fiji Business Council, Brian Anderson, says the US company has taken a tough decision.

    “And I guess the government has come out just as strongly and said if they don’t want to be there they are quite happy to have someone else run it, which actually all it does is erode confidence even more.”

Brian Anderson of the Australia Fiji Business Council

The Fiji New Zealand Business Council says it has no comment on the impact of the closure of Fiji Water.

Mother Jones: Fiji Water Closes, Fires Workforce…Re-Opens?

The latest from the water company's standoff with the island junta.
— By Anna Lenzer
Tue Nov. 30, 2010 6:49 AM PST

Fiji Water announced today that it will re-open its factory at 8 a.m. Wednesday, less than 48 hours after brusquely dismissing its Fijian workforce and shuttling its employees off its premises via express buses. The company announced that it has agreed to pay Fiji's new water extraction tax of 8 cents per liter, which just Monday the company had argued would force it to shut down.

On Monday, Fijian press reported that Fiji Water had ordered its entire 400-person workforce dismissed immediately, even though the tax wouldn't take effect until next year. "Workers stood in shocked silence," and "many openly wept" as general manager Paul Davies informed them of the company's decision to send them home, the Fiji Times said. (The company also announced a halt to its various charity projects in Fiji.) Fiji press also reported that Fiji Water's private security firm, Homelink, had secured the Fiji Water facility after the workers went home. Radio New Zealand reported that the union representing the fired workers wrote to the Prime Minister, asking him to reconsider the tax.

During a similar, yet less pitched, fight over a tax hike proposal in 2008, Fiji Water likewise shut down temporarily and sent its employees home. Back then the government backed down. This time, officials have made it clear that that wouldn't happen: Before the company changed its mind about the tax, Prime Minister Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama said that Fiji Water should sign off on its land leases as soon as possible so that the government can proceed with finding a new company to manage the factory. "The Fiji Government remains firmly committed to both international and local investment in Fiji," Bainimarama added.

While the government will still have to rely on Fiji Water's own measurements of the volume of water it extracts, the method will be less complicated than figuring out a percentage of the company's actual international income. As I've reported, Fiji Water has for years operated through a network of international tax havens such as Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands, and Switzerland. During a 2008 fight over a water-extraction tax in Fiji, the company submitted diagrams to Fiji courts including complex organizational charts of the company's global corporate structure via a network of global companies—its Swiss operations have names like "Daisy" and "Jasmine.

Fiji Water still has not returned calls for comment.