April 11, 2009

Here We Go Again

Well folks we’ve been down this road before. They self-appoint themselves again into seats of power but we knew that they never had the interests of this country at heart. The whispers are that Rabuka will also re-surface as part of their "gang". It was always about them. Not corruption, not equality, not good governance etc. It was all bullshit.
We now live under martial law
no matter how they nice pitch it.

They are monitoring media outlets and are especially singling out foreign correspondents which means they are conscious of the international press they will generate. That means we need to be conscious that a lot of key news will be censored. Let’s hope that this will generate more bloggers as raised voices of dissent against this illegal military regime.

Keep the peace tho’ folks and be sure that whatever happens, they may kill the constitution but let it continue to live through you and remain lawful no matter how hard you oppose them. We’re not going to stoop to their level.

One thing’s for sure. The abrogation of the constitution by Iloilo has fast-tracked the regime’s pathway to the ICC.


Tim said...

Bloggers have been saying for many months that the junta would abrogate the Constitution. In typical fashion, they just did so in the most cowardly way available, i.e. by letting the demented do it for them. You'll also recall a couple of weeks ago the Nazi style Ministry of Information establishment, and Frank again saying he will not be dterred. I'm still at a loss to understand after all that has happened (and hasn't happened) how there are still coup supporters, though the junta should be under no illusion that the numbers are diminishing.
For fuck's sake people, wake up. Frank and his enterage are not genuine, NOR have they ever been.
Any caregiver will tell you how easily the aged, infirmed and those with dementia can be manipulated. It's not that the junta's apologists have any spectacular expertise, intelligence or credentials - it's just that they are dishonest, cowardly, often dysfunctional opportunists with victim mentality. If Shaista's latest isn't evidence enough. then nothing is. THe logic goes something like this:
There was no alternative (a bit like the neo-liberal "There Is NO Alternative TINA shit she probably so despises") and its every one else's fault. Create a situation that was bound to stuff up because of her and her ilk's own shortcomings, play it for all it's worth, THEN when it does finally go wrong, treat the symptoms and not the cause and try and shift the blame.
This woman is a Doctor? Funny how the early predictions of many anti-coup commentators have now come to pass.
But look on the bright side - the situation we now have effectively renders her job redundant (as if it wasn't completely and utterly bastardised to begin with)

John Cameron said...

Now that the Emergency Regulations have again been decreed it might be appropriate to republish "Boiling a Frog" under the original date. The judgment of the Court of Appeal is without precedent so far as I have been able to ascertain, since the reasons for judgment undermine the legitimacy and jurisdiction of the membership of the Court. If the regime was unlawful, so were the appointments of the members of the Court. At best the reasons were the opinions of senior members of the Australian legal profession, with which I largely agree, having advocated since 1987 that under Fiji's various Constitutions neither the Governor-General nor the President enjoyed any reserve powers. The complimentary remarks directed towards the Chief Justice and other judges of the High Court are largely misplaced. Had Ms Heffernan's Originating Summons not been stifled by Gates and junta-appointed judges this point would have been reached over two years ago, and some progress may have been achieved in the intervening period.

John Cameron,
Perth, Western Australia