April 10, 2009

So you think you can lead?

Turaga you're being physically propped up all over the place and you think you can lead?

Take a bow Rt Josefa Iloilo for taking the fall for Bainimarama and his henchmen in abrogating the 1997 Constitution. You are now the scourge of this country, the Pacific and the world. You can now formally take the title of Chief Coupster.

May the ICC welcome you with open arms in due course, as well as all those manipulating you.

The meek and resigned act from Bainimarama at his press conference last night was just that. An act. As we've said before they're not ready to let go of their newfound status just yet.

Is it over? Hell to the No. We’re just getting warmed up.

Be at peace everyone and enjoy your Easter.


brownviti said...

Iloilo, you have done a lot of things I disagree with but this takes the bait, you have done just what the 2000 coup plotters i.e George Speight and his henchmen wanted, the 1997 abrogated, now this country will become bias and racist and the new constitution will make sure of that..gone are the days of freedom of speech and media. Fiji, Welcome to Communism.....

ex Fiji tourist said...

As president bernie has illegally got rid of the constitution and sacked all the judges, it will be a foregone conclusion as to which bum lickers will be appointed as judges.

As justice is now not available in Fiji, nations should up their travel warnings to reflect this.

The Australian govt should put pressure on P & O to stop sending cruise ships to a military dictatorship.

The UN must act immediately (via Helen Clark) and send home all Fijian so-called 'peacekeepers'.

Anonymous said...

Was anyone ever in any doubt what Frank wanted?

He will never give up the reins of power voluntarily.

His tenure as "prime minister" has gone from a temporary measure, to a 30 months, to now another five years.

The armed services rely on the cooperation of the rank and file members. These members are the ones most hurt by Bainimarama's policies.

Listen to your chiefs and the people on the streets. Speak to your friends. Hear your family's pain.

Rise up, rise up, rise up.

Anonymous said...

I remember one moral of the historical'Julius Caesar' play...ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY....that aptly applies to this illegal regime.History repeats itself.Like Brutus and Cassius, Bainimarama and his goup of conspirators'days are numbered. Lets wait and see what will become of them for a while.
I hear from the raw Fiji news that our British Army bros and sis are planning to do something...they better do it..!!

toso tiko na blog ragone..!!