June 06, 2007

The power of anonymity…

From Cassandra's Desk

Two "anonymous" responses to my recent writings for Intelligentsiya speculated as to my real identity. Well, apologies and all that but your correspondent finds anonymity just too convenient for his particular purposes to even think about revealing his true persona.

For example, how inconvenient would it be if one Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama knew that Cassandra - the mythical prophetess of doom - was none other than yours truly?

Full disclosure - due to our respective associations with certain popular sports, Fiji's self-appointed ruler and your humble correspondent have been acquainted for some time.

But, I hasten to add, that particular connection is ALL we have in common. Moreover, I can honestly state that even before he went completely coup-coup, I never found any reason to like or admire the man, nor can I think of anything else - excluding of course gender and nationality - that could be cited as even remotely resembling a shared characteristic.

Indeed, we couldn't be more different. It’s all about being civilized. Without putting too fine a point on it, I believe - passionately - in civil, open society. Frank's all too apparent creed is guns, threats and deceit.

Whereas he relies on a chain of command and his rank enables him to bark orders to achieve his ends, I rely on an extensive and collaborative network of dear friends and allies, a network based wholly and solely on mutual trust, mutual respect and shared values and ideals.

And it’s a very supportive little network, thank you very much. All I need to do is ask - and whatever I seek is willingly proffered or shared if it is available. Now, is that or is that not, a civilized way to get things done? It’s certainly more civilized than pointing guns at people and trampling on their rights by illegally detaining them or beating them to death!

Now, were Bainimarama to discover my true identity, I suppose we could expect at the very least a cameo display of that unpleasant curled-lip sneer of his, and some (very) naughty words. Oh dear!

On the other hand (and this is my reason for addressing the issue of anonymity), how would he react to learning the identities and views of certain others, also long-time acquaintances, but ones far more powerful, influential and better placed than yours truly?

According to sources in my aforementioned network, this growing bank of disaffected “Francophones” – including in the military! - are now united in their opinion that Frank's nation-saving coup has become a nation-wrecking disaster.

And if Frank were to discover exactly what these erstwhile cronies now think of him and what they would like to see happen, there's be no time for sneers or oaths.

Rather, I foresee a sudden and urgent desire for the same cloak of anonymity that your correspondent finds so convenient.

Anonymously Yours,


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Anonymous said...

Good call on keeping your anonymity, Cass! Like virginity, once it's gone, it's gone! And I don't trust these guys one bit - PER or no PER.
Good to see Intelligentsiya back in the saddle again, too.