July 18, 2007

Snapping out of it together

It’s true we are all being subjected to waves, bouts, hi’ and lo’s of depression. There is no denying it and many psychologists will agree with me that it is certainly no laughing matter.

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What to do? For the love of God talk about it with people you trust but DO NOT keep it all bottled up inside. Rant, rave on the blogs but don’t let it get to you.

Yes the state of our beloved country is helter-skelter but we still have much to be thankful for—we have good health, we have filled stomachs, we have family, we have friends. Celebrate life and pause to be thankful for the small mercies.

OK so perhaps blogging is not making the waves as quickly as we wanted. Justice is coming but let’s keep it firmly embedded in our minds that if anyone/s is to face a panel of judges it certainly will not be any of us. It will be them, it will be them, it will be them.

So why do we do this…it’s for our people and this picture of a Bubu in the market perhaps say’s it all.

It is our people out there who (and you can bet on it) know exactly what’s going down but will choose to worry daily about sustenance for the day and scrounging the pennies to get on the bus. We cannot ask them to change their priorities—theirs is life and death, ours is the life of the country.

The onus is on us, yes I’m talking about you the urbanite and the rellies all over the globe to worry about the life of the country on behalf of our people out there. Is that not the essence of veikauwaitaki?

So if you love your country, deal with your depression and learn to quickly snap out of it. There is much to be done.

Let’s also celebrate what we collectively have achieved via blogging this week at least (1) a now ex-Post Fiji chairperson’s and (2) the now-ex Chairperson of ATS. Did you honestly think that the mainstream media got wind of this by divine intervention? Nah peeps they got their leads from the blogs.

We’ll get there people but let’s focus our energies on the courts and the census/boundaries farce.

Keep your chins FIRMLY up.


newsfiji said...

Yes, i became really depressed seeing, hearing all that was happening to our Beloved Fiji!

But, i snapped out of it and here i am again!

Thanks for the great article!

Let's keep on keeping on!

ex Fiji Tourist said...

Blogging is working.

The main stream media outlets are following up leads from these anti coup blogs.

Slowly but surely you are all chipping away at the illegal junta's armour; the bare flesh is starting to be exposed. Soon you will be able to go for the vital organs.

Keep up the great work.