September 07, 2007

Déjà Vu

Yes we’ve got déjà vu too. We’ve been down this road before and already the regional and international condemnation is coming thick and fast.

Sorry FVB folks. You will again bear the repeated brunt of having to perform miracles of turning water into wine on the tourism front. The upgraded travel advisories won’t make this task any easier.

So again we citizens have to make do with reduced public outbursts. You know what that means on the Letters to Ed and blogging fronts.

What is extremely entertaining tho’ is the continued charade of their continued upholding of our constitution. This time around the junta has firmly placing a noose around the Presidents neck who does not really have powers to declare a state of emergency. A Promulgation does not cut it folks…check your constitution. It is very unclear how The Shyster is interpreting her version of the light blue book.

But if there’s one thing we can count this junta on its PREDICTABILITY. Their cycle of governing has consistently been as follows

• Problem
• Knee Jerk reaction
• Impact
• Rethink reaction
• Problem
• Knee Jerk reaction
• Impact
• Rethink reaction

And so it goes. Only thing is the initial problems they encounter end up metamorphisizing into 3 more problems. Do not be surprised therefore that we aren’t going anywhere. Do not be further shocked to discover that original thinking nahi hai.

So where are we heading right now? Your guess is as good as ours. But hold fast and hold true to the fact that every cloud has a silver lining.

God is with us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Intelligentsiya. Not only God is with us. He is also in controll. It won't be long when Voreqe will find it out. God bless Fiji.

jamesa Huggett said...

Again, again and again. This government simply wallows in it's own incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe and your Illegal govt.
The writing is on the wall and your days are numbered. It's just a matter of time from now.

Keep The Faith said...

Decree undermines intentions of democracy by Fiji
Friday, September 14, 2007
(Radio Fiji)

The re-imposition of the Emergency Regulations runs the risk of undermining public confidence and certainty Interim Government’s intention to restore democracy as it had pledged says the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon made the comment to Interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry during a phone telephone conversation yesterday.

McKinnon’s spokesman Eduardo Del Buey said McKinnon told Chaudhry of the Commonwealth’s concerns about developments here.

Buey said McKinnon also acknowledged the Interim Government’s efforts to return Fiji to full democratic and constitutional rule.

He requested an update from Chaudhry who is in Brussels and welcomed the initiative as part of the Commonwealth’s ongoing dialogue with the Interim Government McKinnon also reaffirmed the Commonwealth’s support to the ongoing Pacific Forum process to help Fiji return to democracy.

He said the Commonwealth would be pleased to assist the development of a “People’s Charter” but that elections and an open democratic environment were required if the process of developing a Charter was to succeed.

McKinnon also welcomed Chaudhry’s report on the progress by the Government to prepare for elections by March 2009 but he said there were concerns about continued reports over human rights violations.