September 13, 2007

"Friend" of the Court?

We were half right. The court decided not to grant The Shyster with intervenor status but frankly the amicus curaie status is a whitewash.

We all know who's "friend" within the court The Shyster will be. Yep thats right the 2 Judges who would be stupid to rule against themselves (read: selective memories re: Treason).

But we sussed out their strategy. The junta knows full well that much rides on this case so apart from stacking the courts they need to stack the case so that it falls to their advantage. Enter the HRC who is now shamelessly flaunting themselves as coupsters and yet conveniently, as wolves in sheeps clothing do, pretending that they are still independent.

The junta knew full well that iState party needed help and what better platform then the generous human rights provisions as protected in the Constitution. The junta also knew new full well that as intervenors to the case they wouldn't have a chance. But intervenor status wasn't what they wanted anyway. It's the oldest trick in the book, negotiate upwards but your real "want" is what you will get when you reduce the options downwards.

They wanted to enter as amicus which more or less allows them to pick and choose all the human rights violations committed by Qarase (and if they're feeling generous they might point out that the junta also committed human rights violations like oh you know some minor traffic violation).

As a by the way, we must applaud the state lawyers McCoy, Pryde and Sherry. They learn pretty quick from their newly adopted junta mother as probably coached to them from I-arse who's still being breast-fed from the bhaini's in terms of bollywood acting. The fake "indignation" is most entertaining as they are the one and same!

Note to Mr Pride: keep those monthly free-booze sessions for the staff going -- its going to get your pockets nowhere and you may soon notice the peaks in "loyalty" on those nominated booze days.

Back to the cruncher. Byrnes & Gates let her be their "friend" and she advises the court using the most marvellous human rights fantasies that you could ever imagine, in order to put Mr Qarase away. Ties in well with the iPM's wishes too and then they'll withdraw the PER as a measure of good-will.

Then they'll pull the sob stories with the international community for sympathy and money and profess that the people have spoken by wanting a new way forward for Fiji a la Peoples Charter aka New Constitution.

Only problem with this is the best laid plans (especially where the junta is concerned) very often go awry.

But our question is who will be the friend of the people in these perplexing times?

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ex Fiji Tourist said...

Very good article!

There is a spelling mistake in your headline, though.

There shouldn't be a 'r' in friend so as to give a better summary of shyster.