October 30, 2007

Rockstar or Rock Bottom?

You be the judge...

and the proof is in the pudding...spot the "rockstar".


Anonymous said...

bananasinpyjamas has hit rock bottom and has started digging!

Anonymous said...

This is great thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

To hell with the Bainimarama regime..damn ever since they took over things have gone from bad to worse.What kind of clean-up involves the killing of innocent people?
I liken the Bainimarama regime to that of a communist party.It seems every person that we meet in Fiji is somewhat scared to speak out against the current idiotic unruly immature government fearing that they will suffer the consequences if they do so.What happened to freedom of speech?
I fear that if the Bainimarama regime is not toppled over more lives will be lost.
To Bainimarama i say..go and get an education so you can seem more intelligent in front of the cameras.The media is playing you as the fool which you are and big congratulations to them for portraying you that way.
One day these things will come back and haunt you and your descendants so be prepared to face the consequences.In the meantime be the puppet that you are but be ready for a fight and i mean not a physical one but a spiritual one.You'll never win and you'll never succeed in anything so get real....who are you trying to fool?Well not us.I look forward to that day when you stand trial for your actions.Hey just remember what goes around does come around, if i were you ,which thankfully I am not, i would step aside and let the real educated gifted politicians take control of the government.Otherwise,the nation of Fiji will turn into one of those third world countries.....so be prepared for the fight of your life.

Anonymous said...

One morning after a very groggy night at the officer's mess, bananasinpyjamas was awoken by his security guard. [Mary doesn't sleep in the same room anymore as bananasinpyjamas has his guards sit at the end of the bed].

bananasinpyjamas' clothes were scattered all over the floor.

Guard: You seem to have red wine on your mess jacket.

bananasinpyjamas: Ahhhahhhh! It was that useless failed diplomat, colonel dimwiti. He just can't control himself. He spillt red wine everywhere. I will have to give him a week on guard duty.

Guard: But sir, there is vomit on your good shirt.

bananasinpyjamas: Aaahhhaaahhaa. It was that useless dimwiti again. When he has had a few drinks, he can't conrol himself. He vomited all over the place. I'll have to double it and make it two weeks on guard duty.

Guard: Sir, I think that you should make it a month.

bananasinpyjamas: Why?

Guard: Well dimwiti seems to have sh*t in your pants too.