November 03, 2007

The junta’s favourite trick: when drowning, roll-out a deflective tactic

So the military are up to their human rights violations again.

Ballu Khan and Rt Inoke Takiveikata were taken in most probably for “re-education” purposes today for allegations of conspiring to assassinate the iPres….woah….that’s going to be a mighty big one for Langman and Nasir to prove at FICAC as their track record and progress has been far from sterling.

The word on the street was that prior to October the junta’s military goons had been tailing Ballu, Rt Inoke and certain members of their clique using all manner of detective leg work -- the favourite being "taxi driving intell" by military personnel.

Therefore if they knew or suspected then that they were up to no good then, why are they jumping them now?

Or is this another ruse to bring out the PER again as there’s been so much public outcry about their ridiculous antics these past 2 weeks?


tim said...

Doesn't look very clever does it? The iiPM turns up during questioning.

ex Fiji Tourist said...

Well said!

It is certainly a ploy to divert attention away from their miserable failings, especially of the past few weeks.

Notice that this is usual method of changing the press coverage from their stuff ups to something rediculous.

We have had:-

Australia about to invade Fiji last December

Bomb threats before Fiji Day

An 'insignificant' politican was the cause of emergency regulations

Australia's military chief ringing bananasinpyjamas to threaten him

The expulsion of NZ's commissioner because he had a better seat at rugby than bananasinpyjamas


Isn't it amazing that fatty fullchow says that they bashed up someone to prevent bloodshed.

What a bunch of pathetic losers!

Anonymous said...

An attempt to beak the moral of SDL supporters. Will fail and backfire big-time. Big mistake pig!

Anonymous said...

They are stating that arms were involved in this latest attempt and that it is only a matter of time before they find it.

Reminds me of the corruption claims which was used to justify the coup.

Where is the corruption? Where are the arms?

Anonymous said...

I think it is justified, thinking of the fact that SDL would have brought this country to knees. Better live under a dictator than under SDL


Anonymous said...

allegations of an assasination attempt?

i clearly smell a rat AND what i think could be another major f**k-up by the junta.

i bet it will all fall to pieces and be more of an embarrassement to the junta and a victory to the oppressed!

frank & I-arse, you've both done it again!!