November 02, 2007

Some comic relief to the Junta Comedy of Errors

Further to whispers on the blog-vine, the UN now makes it formal.

Encore the comic relief and exit the clowns ;)
UN helped stop murder suspects

1531 FJT
Friday, November 02, 2007

Update: 3.31pm THE United Nations says it had a role in stopping a group of soldiers who were charged with murder in Fiji from traveling to take part in peacekeeping duties.

The spokesperson for the UN Secretary General Farhan Haqm said the UN received information about criminal investigations into the soldiers and seven of them were stopped.

''As per standard UN policy and procedures and in close cooperation with the Fijian authorities, seven individuals were prevented from leaving the country and will not be part of the UN deployment. The issue now rests with the Fijian authorities,'' Mr Farhan said

According to a report carried by Pacnews, Mr Farhan said the UN still has concerns about the political situation in Fiji following last year's coup which could affect future Fiji deployments.

The seven accused will appear in court this month charged with murder and assault, after the death of Nadi teenager Sakiusa Rabaka earlier this year.

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Anonymous said...

So it was not the court order (this was probably trampled to the ground) but the UN intervention that stpped the murderers leaving the country.