June 27, 2008

FYI: Shaista Shameem's report on Russell Hunter and Evan Hannah (sic)

For those who know the Fiji scene, this report is seriously funny. Mike Field has already outlined the ways in which it is so, but two things are most prominent: The "evidentiary material" she uses as the basis for her report is illegal. No question. The emails were stolen as a result of hacking into the email systems of the institutions concerned (and the Freedom Bloggers already suspect who the culprit may be). Isn't the hacking of emails a breach of privacy? Shameem doesn't think the question is appropriate to answer in her 41-page report.

Another thing is that the majority of her report meanders all over the place - most notably through the personal conversations in the stolen emails - before getting to the point of her report. Her investigation even implicates The Albert Einstein Institution in the US, the CIA's alleged role in that organisation (again on the basis of stolen emails), and the CIA's reported involvement in several coups around the world ... (and on in the same vein). She wonders about the source of NGO funding and gripes about the "inter-locking directorates of civil society". What about the inter-locking directorates of the military-led regime?

Shameem talks of "conspiracy" and tries to show us "evidence". She appears to have created most of that conspiracy herself by using stolen emails to make sinister links between institutions and people (like who's married to whom, and what the alleged background of this or that organisation is).

And then there are the recommendations. But we'll leave that for you to read for yourself.

Download a copy here (2.35MB).


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