March 03, 2009

When Foot IS Mouth

We’ve known for a long time that the military junta suffers from Foot in Mouth disease. Unfortunately the symptoms we see them displaying now show us that the affliction has become chronic. So chronic that they now speak with their feet and have shit for brains.

The military junta is out in full force INTIMIDATING witnesses at the Rabaka trial. There is no other term that aptly defines these dismal tactics. Leweni tries to downplay it as “normal” – haha there ain’t nothing normal about this case and Justice Gounder’s outcome will be monitored globally to see if it lends credence to the US State Departments assessment of our un-independent and un-impartial judiciary.

Leweni’s foot-IS-mouth disorder flares up perhaps after some internal pressure, and he clarifies that Bainimarama’s footmen will get salary hikes but only after things normalize economically. That’s another big whopper. Our economy has flat-lined and is in its dying stages.

Just to show you how important the Rabaka trial is for the junta, one of Bainimarama’s key hatchet men, Colonel Mohammed Aziz, takes time off from all the private Fijian Holdings Ltd entity where he executed a boardroom coup, to “observe”. The media reports are evidently insufficient for their real intentions.

For Aziz, the clearing of his otherwise busy & overnight corporate schedule which includes regular jaunts to India to partners denotes a fizzle in the attempts at their making a mark in the petroleum sector. For a company that is making just a profit of under FJD$13 million it sure looks like it will suffer from lock-jaw soon by attempting to bite off more then it can chew. This venture appears to want to gush out foreign exchange that is more needed NOW in our economy. The frustration-filled tinge in the public voice of the Reserve Bank chief is hard to miss. With Standard & Poors walloping us it’s no wonder Narube is going white very quickly.

Anyhow. Stand strong Rabaka witnesses – you can make a stand for the justice owed to Rabaka and the people of this country. Will these young, unassuming gentlemen be the heroes Fiji is aching for?

The Baleiloa file is STILL missing. Someone involved here is also suffering from foot IS mouth and it looks like it will fall squarely on the spin doctor. She is dispensable after all. Poor heffer.

On the stock exchange arena all is quiet apparently. But the delisting of Yaqara Group Limited leaves a nice entry point for Fiji Water and their designs on using Yaqara to expand into cows , nuts and what have you. Jeez donating to Bainimarama’s private (and still unclear purpose) purse sure has some perks.

The Auditor General’s report into Bainimarama’s episode of helping himself to public money will be out next week.

Meanwhile Bainimarama’s comments back at Samoan PM Tuilaepa become increasingly flaccid.

He’s met his match.

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