May 01, 2009

Waiting Till the Midnight Hour

The pressure is on. For Bainimarama.

That usually means he will be erratic, irrational, desperate, accusatory and he will of course retaliate if the outcomes are not to his liking.

And erratic he has been. The morning began with the announcement that Bainimarama is now, literally at the 11th hour, keen to have face-to-face discussions with Australian and NZ Prime Ministers about our country (although admittedly and in fairness after watching the TV interview, the suggestion for a meeting with Rudd and Keys was almost shoved into Bainimarama’s mouth by Graham Davis, the interviewer).

For someone who should be quite humble and conciliatory when asking for a meeting, Bainimarama, ever true to his nature unrepentantly continues to take pot-shots at Australia and NZ. This is of course the nub of his psyche – if he detests you, you will know. Or wind up either castrated, tongueless or dead.

Bainimarama then began the irrational & accusatory phases of his mood-swings, lashing out at Australian Defence for all manner of defence impropriety such as “threats” and phone tapping.

Perhaps now the world will truly believe that we have a manic psychotic illegally holding our country at ransom. The eyes darting all over the place, instead of focusing on Graham Davis’s face during the interview are a dead give-away.

In the process of spilling his all, Bainimarama also see’s fit to keep the public clamp-down on with the Public Emergency Regulations in force longer, without bothering to inform taxpayers first. A classic sign of his desperation knowing that further knocks like suspension, will only heat up the temperature of the national mood.

In tandem, illegal acting PM, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum furiously starts with the letter-writing to the Forum probably telling leaders what they already know, but not what they need to hear to save Fiji from getting kicked out.

As if to show his waning influence, Aiyaz then begins to change his tune and now infers that the region and NOT FIJI would suffer, should our PIF suspension come about.

This is roundly and soundly put into perspective by someone who actually know’s PIF machinations, Dr Brij Lal.

At midnight, the formal announcement should be hitting news media all over.

Then PIF Foreign Ministers will meet expeditiously after the announcement to lay down what the suspension looks like for us.

Trade privileges are undoubtedly going to be assessed.

This heartbreaking announcement falling on May Day is cruelly ironic.

And it’s all because one individual thinks his vision for the country supersedes all of ours.

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