June 11, 2009

More Treasonous Frauds take to the Bench

Fiji Village and Fiji Live are reporting that a new bunch of treasonous wigged one's have today taken their illegal oaths to serve in the magistracy and the high court.
Former Chief Magistrate Salesi Temo and former Permanent Arbitrator William Callenchini were sworn-in as puisne judges this morning.

Former Labour parliamentarian and Local Government Minister Chaitanya Latchman, former Human Rights Commission lawyer Usaia Ratuvili and former Magistrate Eparama Rokoika have been appointed as Magistrates.

Both Chetan LAKSHMAN and Usaia Ratuvili are former employees of the Fiji Human Rights Commission while Rokoika is himself a former magistrate who was seconded to the Nauru magistracy in 2006.

Meanwhile, Military Commander, Pita Driti is unsuccessfully attempting to downplay the arson attacks on Attar Singh as being "one of many".

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