July 22, 2009

BREAKING: More being taken up

Reports are now surfacing that the military are rounding up more innocent civilians in their attempt to stem the open defiance against their wishes for the Methodist Conference not to go ahead. The police are no longer being used for these detentions signalling the stepping up of military intimidation by the military regime.

SDL spokesman Peceli Kinivuwai is the latest individual to have soldiers waiting to escort him away for detention.

Last night it is understood that 3 Methodist clerics: Manasa Lasaro, Tuikilakila Waqairatu and Tomasi Kanailagi were each escorted up to the military camp with an entourage of 4 military twin-cabs for EACH cleric.

It is understood that Tuikilakila Waqairatu is the author of a communication to Bainimarama advising him that closing down the Methodist Conference "Bose Ko Viti" would be an unwise move that has resulted in the latest retaliatory moves by the military.

Once again the military is miscalculating the quickly changing mood on the ground.

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