June 08, 2010

FNPF Chief Clueless on National Television

Unfortunately the illegal and treasonous FNPF Chief Aisake Taito does not inspire any semblance of confidence and this came to a head during the recent FNPF Write Down scam.

Check him out for yourself at the 1.35 mark, during Fiji TV's Close Up analysis on the debacle

Taito delicately shuffles and reads his scripted lines which should rightly cause observant members to question whether or not he has mastery over the figures (and the background) that he should by now know by heart.

What gives Taito away is the fact that he cannot tell us in plain, simple english what's what.

As all media/entertainment folk know only too well, the camera never ever lies.


Anonymous said...

Lies lies and more lies. Taito is nothing more than a coup apologist. Like all the others feathering his own nest. He should be very ashamed about his straight out and bare faced lies.
What is it with these people that they start to believe their own lies?

Anonymous said...

He should just keep house like his second wife does at government house.....glorified housegirl that she is.

Anonymous said...

On Twitter:


The Fiji Government will default shortly on US$150 m bond. Do not be concerned; it as part of our economic strategy to get World Bank help.