June 08, 2010

Sharon Jones Learns the Ropes Junta-Style

One and half months on from her illegal appointment, illegal and treasonous Acting Permanent Secretary for Information Sharon Johns' first communication with media professionals tries to wipe the slate clean and warm up an otherwise frosty relationship with the media via "enhanced dialogue".

Only days after that attempt at dialogue with her primary stakeholders, John's has an about-turn and more or less declares war with experienced journalists.

I guess we can safely assume she's been given her lines from her bosses, and we wish all the best in her undoubtedly short-lived boot-licking endeavours:
Focus on younger journalists – Smith Johns
Publish date/time: 07/06/2010

The Acting Permanent Secretary for Information Sharon Smith Johns said it may be time that some old journalists leave Fiji's media industry.

While speaking to Radio New Zealand International on the proposed Media Decree, Johns said it is worth focusing effort on younger journalists.

She said the Media Decree could be in place within a matter of weeks.

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum earlier confirmed that they are looking at making certain changes to the draft Media Decree.

1 comment:

junta groupie sharon said...

Sharon smith johns is just another junta groupie. An unemployable and inadequate carpet bagger who saw the opportunity to pocket a few $$$ from the megolomaniac dictator. A palagi with no credibility, no relevant experience and no talent.
Like other treasonous parasites she will be brought to justice when the guns are taken from this criminal cabal of coupists. Her time wil come.