July 15, 2010

PINA Executive Board Resolutions

It appears that the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) continues to fumble along on the slippery slope downwards towards mediocrity.

It is a sad day for citizens of the Pacific when the fourth estate believes it is their calling to take sides in politics.

The resignation of ex-Vice President Mr John Woods is accepted just as matter-of-factly as day is day and nght is night.

And all the issues of mismanagement and bad goverance as continually raised by a fed-up John Woods continue.

Take Note Australian citizens. PINA is an entity that your hard-earned tax dollars are helping to prop up. They in turn are propping up the military regime and it is up to you to change this script expeditiously.

If PINA has no problem with the draconian Media Decree, which in essence limits their own ability to report Fiji news freely and fairly, questions need to be asked.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Matai and the rest are just proving themselves to be coconut heads for sure.

Cease all funding I say !

Anonymous said...

Bula Fiji,

To expect Matai to oppose this regime is a bit unrealistic considering it might ruin his sons career in the military, yep he has a son a LT in the RFMF. No surprises there........On the otherhand, sometimes last month or a couple of months back, a few army officers were sacked for "adultery" well, the thing is Pita Driti has been seen in the company of non other then Annie Rogers in the wee hours of the morning......even Mrs Driti paid thme a visit @ Annie Rogers Laucala Beach resident early one Sunday morning with a suitcase of Driti's dirty brown stained undies and his cross dressing kit. The question is, what the fuck is he still doing in uniform?? ?Isn't that adultery.....??