October 12, 2011

Military Regime keeps 2 foreign citizens under arrest

Further to the strong-arm tactics, spurred on by Air Pacific CEO Dave Pflieger's panic attack, the Fiji Police now confirm that they have in their custody an Australian citizen, Sheland Scott under spurious allegations of HR misdemeanours, which has recently been trumped up as cyber crimes.

Lest we forget, we can thank the illegal and treasonous Nazhat Shameem for laying the groundwork on that front, way back in 2009.

It is understood thta the detained Scott continues to have access to the consular assistance of the Australian Government.

Intelligentsiya had asserted in July that under Pflieger, Air Pacific might as well be known as "Air Treason".

Additionally, it has been confirmed on TV NZ's One News that another foreign citizen from New Zealand, and brother-in-law of Rajesh Singh a former MP, has also been taken in for questioning simply for speaking his mind.

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