March 14, 2012

UN News Centre: Ban welcomes start of constitution-making process in Fiji

12 March 2012

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed last week’s announcement in Fiji of the start of a constitution-making process, saying it was an important step towards the country’s return to constitutional order.

It is critical, in his view, that this process is inclusive and participatory, and that the voices of all Fijians are heard and their fundamental human rights protected,” said a statement issued by the spokesperson for the Secretary-General.

Media reports on Friday indicated that Fijian authorities had announced a process to debate and approve a new constitution over the next one year. In January, Fijian authorities lifted the public emergency regulation.

Commodore Josaia V. Bainimarama, the Prime Minister of Fiji, took power in a coup d’état in 2006. Last year, during an address to the General Assembly’s annual General Debate, he outlined details of a political road map – which includes the drafting of a new constitution – leading to national elections by September 2014.

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