April 08, 2013


April 7, 2013
Members of current government will form PM’s party

The Prime Minister yesterday confirmed that his current Government will form the political party he will lead into next year’s general elections.

This revelation was made at Sawanikula Village in Wainimala, Naitasiri, by Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama during a talanoa session with the villagers.

The Prime Minister had previously confirmed to the Fiji Sun that he would be forming a party. Now he has confirmed this will be built on the Government he now leads.

Commodore Bainimarama was answering questions from the villagers when asked about the political party he was about to form.

In his reply he said – “Well to answer your question on my party, it’s the current Government that will form this new political party.”

However, he said the launch would be early next year as their priority now was to prepare the nation for the 2014 elections.

The Prime Minister said in his visits around the country, many had asked that the Government continued leading the country and there should be no elections.

He said since his Government came into power he had promised he would return the nation to democratic elections.

“I stand by my word and we will have elections in 2014 and it’s up to you to elect the government you want to lead the country after 2014.”

The Prime Minister said a majority had also said they wanted him to lead the country after the 2014 elections and that was the reason he was forming his own political party.

“I have to join a political party to contest the elections and for that to materialise I have to form my own party,” he said.

The Prime Minister said his party would continue the same service as it was doing now and many were happy about it.

He also said past governments and politicians had made many false promises and some of the parties involved were re-registering to contest the elections.

He reminded the people of Sawanikula these parties had ganged up and criticised the way forward to democracy.

They had said there would be no elections and now that they know there would be elections they are opting to criticise the way forward to democracy.

The draft constitution
Politicians and non-governmental organisations are now criticising the draft constitution.

“My concern is that these politicians and NGOs are trying to misrepresent and mislead the people, ” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister has encouraged the villagers to read the draft constitution and make up their own minds.

He said the draft constitution, for the first time in Fiji’s history, guaranteed socio-economic rights for every Fijian.

These, the Prime Minister said, included rights to housing, reasonable access to transportation, education, adequate food, clean water, a just minimum wage, social security schemes, health services and sanitation.

And they also included specific rights for children and the disabled.

The Prime Minister thanked the people for their support. He said he was optimistic his Government would come back to power after the 2014 elections.


So Gullible said...

why u guys believe him all the time?
its only a charade to make it all look like elections 2014.

So Gullible said...

your next post just confirms it.

Anonymous said...

It may look like a charade but it also means that Bainimarama does not have the guaranteed majority that he has been continuously harping about in the Press. If he really thought that he had the numbers he would have continued.

But he has found that to lead a sovereign nation legally, there is only one true way and that is through the ballot box and there are many internal and external factors (the most prominent being funding and foreign assistance for domestic projects) which direct that an election should be held with the will of the people announced publicly through their right to vote without any interference or impediment.

So it may be a charade but its a charade full of fear and worry. Bainimarama knows that when the people vote, they will vote against him and his government. An example was the 2006 elections when after all his rhetoric in the media condemning the SDL government for the non-renewal of his contract and those contentious Bills, the open seat for that area covering Nabua which included the RFMF institution was won by the SDL! The very soldiers he thought had his back voted for the very political party he condemned.

So bring on the elections, no amount of posturing will change the will of the people. They know who has their backs!

Anonymous said...

did he really say that he will win the 2014 elections? so he already knows the outcome of the elections 18 months before it's held?