February 10, 2007

Are we a pain in the posterior?

Intelligentsiya has been receiving lots of positive emails. Here is one from Marcus Garvey Jnr - or Marbles for short - (not his real name) I thought would make a fun post:

Hey guys.

Just wanted to let you know I think you're doing an incredible job out there!

Setting up Intelligentsiya was a stroke of pure genius.

Not only does it allow ppl to read uncensured reports of and views on what is really going on in Fiji, but it also doubles as royal pain in the ass for those control freaks up at Delainabua.

I can't imgaine what it must be like for them to be aware of your efforts and not be able to find out you are (and so be completely powerless to stop you). I'm really enjoying reading the stories and reports on your blog.

I set up this email account specifically to post my views (annoymously) on Fijilive, but I find I'm severely censured by the some illiterate administrator / moderator for that site.

Anyway, keep up the good work and stay under the radar!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

well done , i'm enjoying reading your articles from australia . keep up the good work . just remember , he who forgets the past , is bound to repeat it .
hopefully Fijians won't forget this coup culture anymore and i hope that your society puts into place a mechanism than brings these people to justice , those of past coups , and those who may contemplate doing one in the future . By the way , has the new zealand barrister commited treason against Fiji when he advised the Military ?