April 29, 2007

A chronological break-down of what they committed to in Brussels

  • May 2007: Lifting of Public Emergency Regulations subject to any threats to national security, public order and safety;
  • 30 June 2007: Schedule is set detailing dates for the completion of the various steps to be taken in preparation for the new Parliamentary Elections;
  • From 30 June 2007: Commencement of quarterly reports to the EU regarding the essential elements of the Cotonou Agreement and the commitments;

  • 15 July 2007: A Tribunal is appointed as per section 138(3) of the Constitution:

138(3) If the President considers that the question of removing a judge from office be investigated, then:
(a) the President appoints:
(i) in the case of alleged misbehaviour—a tribunal, consisting of a chairperson and not less than 2 other members, selected by the President from among persons who hold or have held high judicial office in the Fiji Islands or in another country prescribed by the Parliament; and
(ii) in the case of alleged inability to perform the functions of office—a medical board, consisting of a chairperson and 2 other members, each of whom is a qualified medical practitioner;

(b) the tribunal or medical board enquiries into the matter and furnishes a written report of the facts to the President and advises the President whether or not the judge should be removed from office; and

(c) if the tribunal or medical board advises that the judge should be removed from office, the President may remove the judge from office.

  • 30 September 2007: The Elections Office is functioning and the constitutional appointment of a Supervisor of Elections is made;
  • Elections no later than 1 March 2009 in conjunction with the assessments and findings of the Pacific Islands Forum appointed candidates conducting the Independent Technical Assessment of the Election Timetable for Fiji.


GQ. said...


I think it is a great road sign for the interim government to follow, it is my hope they will embraced it and see to it that every details will be perused vigorously to meet the conditions set by EEC PIF and UN.

I understand the prerogative of the interim administration of setting up the anti corruption unit, and redrawing the boundary of electoral process, I believed it can be archived with in the time line.

All this road maps will not lead us to our destinations if the leaders and the people of Fiji cannot resolve the two main issues facing the nation today.
1. The land issues.
Unless the interim government address this important issues we will revisit the same situation 10yrs from now.

2. What is a Fijian?
We need to wrestle with this issue honestly, otherwise we will still have a country divide.

I wish and pray for the wisdom of the people of Fiji to have the ordesity to get away from the politics of race and class but to preach and practice the gospel of unity and inclusiveness.

kaivit 4ever!

Anonymous said...

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