May 15, 2007

Going nowhere...

We woke this morning to news that the army's Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti has a list of about 20 people who he says will be arrested in connection with anti-military blogs.

This is just a quick post to alert you all to the possibility of something happening (or not, as the case usually is) today.

We hear that FINTEL is on the verge of blocking the entire Google (Blogspot and all the rest) servers. Now, wouldn't that just rile the internet-connected population the majority of who use one or all of Google's services?

Meanwhile, we're still here, going about our daily business and will come back to blog later. These bloggers are not going to hide. We're going nowhere. The same can be said for the military!


Anonymous said...

How are bloggers are threat to National Security?

This is the only avenue the people of this country have to VENT!!

We cannot openly voice our opposition because we never know who is can't trust anyone these days.

The anonymity provided by blogging is therapeutic.

Whilst there are some bloggers who advocate violence, I believe that the majority are just plain angry and want to SPEAK OUT.

The only people really advocating violence are the military....

And by voicing opposition to these blogs has the opposite effect - it has people clamouring to see what's on them. WRONG STRATEGY BOYS

Now, if the RFMF guys just ignored the blogs, then they will just fade into insignificance.

Anonymous said...

the military junta are just trying to look smart... BUT, what a bunch of pufters and block heads... make sure you eat you rourou at home!
keep blogging and exposing the BS clean-up.

Anand Pillay said...

holy smoke!!! I use Blogger for my WORK!!! What the heck am I going to do now if they block it??? How will I hold global meetings where we used to all come to a common blogger site to work on documents in real time and basically just continue working normally!!!!

The dam RFC site has brought nothing but trouble to us :( and we have to now suffer because of them!!!

Kindest Regards,
Anand Pillay
Uciwai, Nadi

Anonymous said...

Roko Ulu, like Driti, is the most idiotic and top of the class coward in Fiji's military. To threaten women as he did shows how low down he is. Get the Elections on so he can be legally dealt to. What a disgrace!!

Anonymous said...

The need for a public emergency decree seems to be based on circular reasoning in any case. It is the lack of democracy, the PED and the nose-diving economy which are upsetting people in the first place, so as soon as those problems are addressed, the growing public discontent will simply dissipate.
The idea that expression of personal opinions in cyberspace or anywhere else is a threat to national security is a potentially endless loop of circular reasoning. Sooner or later the military is going to have to arrive at the place where freedom of speech doesn't bother them, because no self-respecting democracy can do without free speech. And no person who is used to free speech, and who believes it is their right, will give it up. Period!

Anonymous said...

I cant access resistfrankcoup blogspot today. Does anyone have the same problem???

Anonymous said...

Am unable to log on to RFC, do you know if they hve been busted by FINTEL?

Anonymous said...

Its 1615 wed 16th and where has resist franks coup blog site gone. Nothing on my radar screen. Is this just a coinicidence?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know whats up with RFC...cant seem to log on to RFC..

ex Fiji Tourist said...

5 months on and what have these idiots achieved? Let me outline them for you.

1. The destruction of the legal system in Fiji.

2. The destruction of the tourist industry in Fiji.

3. The imminent collapse of Air Pacific. Jumbo jets parked at airfields are not a healthy sign; maybe Emmirates might like to buy it at a bargain price.

4. Nurse leaving the Fiji by the dozens to seek employment in Australia or NZ.

5. Fijian press censored in what they can publish.

6. 300 million Euros which should have been flowing into Fiji, now on indefinte hold. The consistent bashing of citizens is not helping Fiji.

7. Tourists (like myself) staying away in droves. Vila is my holiday destination in a few weeks time thanks to coup coup Frank.

8. An economy that is heading towards disaster.

9. Investors leaving Fiji faster than a mozzie in the Mortein factory.

10 . Corruption and nepotism as a way of life.

11. Warner Brothers making a new Looniney Tunes movie staring the idiot himself. All they need to do is join all his TV appearances together and with all his stupid aaahhaaahhaas and rolling of his drug suffering eyes, they will have audiences around the world rolling in the aisles.

12. The respect for the Fiji millitary has now zeroed out.

13.. The world can see that the foolish boy as illegal AG has now hit rock bottom and has now started to dig.

14. The illegal finance illegal minister is upset because someone stole both his books on economics; including the one he hasn't finished colouring in.

The list could go on up into the hundreds.

The idea of this committee of hundreds is a joke. Why? Because bananainpyjamas will stack it with his supporters. They will be an unrepresentative rabble. It is an insult to the people of Fiji that this mob would want to take over the Parliament of Fiji.

Fiji, you are in my prayers as you go through the backward steps taken by these goons. ( The real Goons would turn in their graves to be compared to this lot of pussies! )

Anonymous said...

Is it me or has resistfrankscoup gone bye byes

Anonymous said...

i dont want to state the obvious which is that the army is f**ked

but i couldnt help to continue to notice the influence of immported christianity in fiji.
quarase said during the coup he was "waiting for divine intervention'
taoi said during his interrogation he was waiting for a miracle
then afterwards he says he forgives the military
i guess this also the christian forgiveness thing
(would i so quickly rush to forgive military bastards way

i also seem to recall that the army went on a fast for spiritual cleansing to prepare them for their "clean up campaign"

everyone using religon to justify themselves
maybe im steppig on eggshells here but cant help but notice

Anonymous said...

RFC where are you?! Pls start up again somewhere, somehow... I am having withdrawal symptoms!


Anonymous said...

No Anand Pillay, you suffering coz of the coup man! See ex-fiji tourist's post! Wake Up! now they stop u thinking man.

Anonymous said...

the military logged a complaint against the comments contained in the RFC blog-site. the powers that be that govern blogs pulled the plug on RFC because of it. RFC will bounce back in a different form and more stronger than before.

Anonymous said...

Thank you bloggers - although I don't comment - I only relax with a glass of wine reading and laughing about it - I can't even type (my 8yrs old niece is typing for me). This morning we logged into RFC and was stuck but when my niece press the back button (green one with white arrow on top left of your screen)RFC site came on. Maybe you should give it a try!

Anonymous said...

IG has too much to hide - tovo ni lawakicalevu - murder,theft on a grand scale (mata ni ta boka,LIT (lasa i tuba)& major feather nesting while our poor country slowly sinks to the ground & loses all credibility because of a couple of dickheads. No brain No Pain ga ko vore kei rabuka. I can't understand why the maras & ganilaus side with this lot when they treated KKT like piece of da. No brain No pain tu vei kemudou talega.

Anonymous said...

To anon 1: This is how bloggers are a threat to national security, you guys make up false stories and then create a racial propanganda. When everybody is trying very hard to build Fiji from here, you bloggers are nothing but negatavity. How selfish and foolish? Pity on you guys and say you have a heart for Fiji. I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 18/05 9:09 - You are obviously not talking about this blog because neither adjective (that is, 'made-up' and 'racial') is applicable to it. Also, the alleged "negativity" of the blogs is simply a mirror of public opinion of the negative things which are happening in Fiji as a direct result of poor and dumb decisions by the military and its IG (both of whom don't know what they're doing anyway).
And by the way, If the military had not infringed on the freedom of the press in the first place, these so-called made-up stories would never have seen the light of day. That is because those tales would have typically been sent to the mainline press where they would have been subjected to the usual impartial editorial process. But now because the military has chosen to curtail and infringe on the independence and intrepidness of the press, they have simply created demand for more challenging and titilating Fiji news on the web!
And besides, none of this negativity (public discontent, libel on the web, economic downturn) would have happened in any case if the military just listened to public and international opposition to the coup in the first place, and stayed in the barracks. So no-one can blame anyone else but Frank and his cronies for that.
And even now, if Frank and the IG listened to the majority opinion and resigned in favour of an IG made up of elected parliamentarians, we could start the process of really getting Fiji back on track.
But Frank and Co are obsessed with their own vision of the future regardless of what the people think. So as the Fiji Times said today, it seems they prefer to watch the whole house burn down rather than to get out of the too-hot kitchen that no-one asked them to come into in the first place.
Who then has no heart for Fiji? Answer - the same people who have no brain for Fiji, namely Frank, Teleni, Leweni, Driti, Ului and their illegal IG!

Anonymous said...

To anon 9:09, I suppose your idea of building Fiji from here is killing more people and hauling more people up to the QEB to be tortured. Oh and don't forget the issue about freedom of speech, Do you really call that heart? Would you call that "positive". From what I can see the bloggers, while at times can be very frank and one sided, have not MURDERED anyone,nor have they forcefully TORTURED anyone, and no one is being forced to read their blogs, unlike the rest of Fiji which is being forced to put up with these illegal acts.
Sorry Anon 9:09, you have no argument, you do have your opinion though and your welcome to it. Now, allow others to have their opinion after all that's everyone's right.

FiniFreedom said...

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