June 24, 2008

An analytical gem from Mike Field

Sometimes it takes outsiders to tell it like it is. When it comes to Fiji, the venerable Pacific affairs journalist Michael Field, certainly has a field day.

Take for instance, Field's precis of the still-not-publicised report by Shaista Shameem on the deportation of newspaper publishers Russell Hunter and Evan Hannah. Fiji TV had reported on the leaked document, highlighting the fact that Shameem had found no basis for claims that the men's human rights were breached when they were bundled away for deportation. Immediately the red flags are up, especially when the devious manner in which the men were thrown out of the country was well documented by the media.

But the real question is: As a lawyer, could Shameem not have realised a glaring legal error in basing her report (judging from the reported bits) on emails that have apparently been obtained illegally.

Of course, Field makes several points beautifully about the fundamental questions left unanswered. Oh, and he's also notes Shameem's love of Wikipedia. (Recall the incident during the Qarase v President trial three months ago when Shameen, as amicus curiae, used Wikipedia as one of her "authorities" and blamed her lack of preparedness that day on internet failure at her office the day before.)

Hilarious. Read Michael Field's piece here.

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Anonymous said...

Well there are certainly a number in the iIG who can't see the wood for the trees.
What I find amusing is the Pistol Shooter's offense taken at the Scut(t). Since she implicity claims to be a women of the world (or she'd be unqualified for her FHRC and Ombudsmen's positions), she feigns outrage at Cameron's analogy albeit in jest. Even a judge should have seen it all before. She expects respect - another who simply thinks she's able to assume a degree of mana (we used to call them social climbing wankers not that long ago). But as Cameron astutely points out - its what comes from being close to assholes.
Scutt has either led a really sheltered and priviledged life - pick a cause and make a name - or she's just another bullshit artist like the rest of them.
Amazing how many of this iIG are striving for respectability - they're all as pure as sin!
IF, come the day when they get their just reward, watch them all squeal like pigs!