June 13, 2008

It Ends Here

We’ve HAD IT with the “we REALLY are going to have elections” outbursts at any international forum bored enough to listen. So please excuse us if we are just a tad bit cynical when you say something else on the home front.

But for Intelligentsiya it ends here.

That is, we are no longer going to be side-tracked by the excruciatingly depressing mess of this Junta but focus on the Elections and therefore to the “hopefuls” who think they can REALLY take the country out of the doldrums.

Right here and right now we will be seeking out political candidates who can bring some leadership to this country and it’s quite simple.

You or aspiring candidates and parties can nominate themselves to step up to the plate against some very high standards that any democratic electorate would expect -- having “1 (and only 1) kitchen” is one such example of these standards.

Aspiring candidates are also warned that part of the standards we will set are that they have to have a solid and credible background and the correlating RESULTS. Any research we unearth that points to the contrary, will be revealed.

Because the Junta PM had also initially publicly stated that no one in this interim line-up would be eligible to stand for elections we will stand by that (and not the latter change of heart). No one in this current interim administration will be considered by Intelligentsiya. Their current non-achievements so far is validation enough for us.

While the Interim (and Illegal) Government has had shifting goal posts all over the place, on the Elections front we won’t.

March 2009? Bring it ON….not for the faint-hearted, we warn you in advance now.


ex Fiji Tourist said...

Welcome back!

You have set a great goal for Fiji.

The deliberations that come in from Fijians will be interesting to read.

Automatically, anyone tainted by the stench of chaudhry's junta must be disbarred from standing for election. [If only to save them the embarrassment of receiving zero votes.]

FijiGirl said...

Check out Enuf Dictatorship's research on SV blog about the effect in Costa Rica of dissolving the military and replacing it with National Guard etc.

There's some excellent food for though about that, and IslandBoy seems keen to see it through.

Other policies - I'd stop granting residence and citizenship to people coming to Fiji for arranged marriages. This policy is enforced in the UK, and Fiji could learn good lessons from how it has worked there.

Proper bond for students whose further education is paid for by scholarships, government or private. Too many people have their degrees paid by scholarship in Fiji, and then flee the country to Australia, NZ, USA, Canada etc. Their scholarship money could have been spent on someone who would remain in Fiji and contribute to society and the economy. So a proper bond for ANY scholarships, please.

* Education Education Education
* Roads roads roads
* GET RID OF THE SUGAR INDUSTRY (I don't really mean it - that's just spite talking)
* New international airport in the Northern Division
* Major investment in forestry, fisheries, ecological projects and protection
* Get Andrew Hughes back or someone of his calibre to head Fiji Police
* Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi for President!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Intelligentsiya it covers almost every necessity required! All for it! Let's pray for elections in 2009!