June 14, 2008

Let the People Set the Election Policies

So here you have it. These are the key categories of election policies that Intelligentsiya thinks need to be addressed by aspiring candidates:
  • Inclusive and Sustainable economy
  • Human Rights and Democracy
  • Natural Resources
  • People development
  • International relations
  • Reforms
  • National relations

Of course this list is what we think...tell us if you think otherwise.

Let’s turn the next elections around folks. Instead of political parties and personalities drawing up what they think we need, let’s make democracy live and start calling the shots about what we think the nation needs to prioritise, and by who we trust.

We don’t think there will be much disagreement about the fact that the recovery of our Economy will be key. Therefore candidates who aspire to hold this key portfolio will have to really jump through hoops.

Intelligentsiya’s view is that perhaps when we align the people with the required roles we can force aspiring political parties to think longer and deeper about critical party personalities rather than perpetuating cronyism or ‘alma-materism’ which has long been a trend that needed to change yesterday.

We limit our categories also to 7 (but open to suggestions so blog them in folks) as we see that any new Government will have to do more for less. Uh-huh that’s right candidates…if you are dreaming of swanning around in a new Pajero then we suggest you consider walking as the priorities will be saving money and sweating your butts off to get the country back in order. You can count on Intelligentsiya to hold candidates to this.

Having reduced categories also suggest that these should form the basis of election manifesto’s and therefore we will not be supporting a large cabinet in the interest of cost efficiency. Again the motto is doing more for less—otherwise, simply, don’t throw your hat into the ring.

Let the games begin….9 months to go and counting.


Anonymous said...

Love it! love it! Great forward thinking Intelligentsiya.

Go elections March 2009!

Btw where would the restructure of the military fit in? Especially their guns.

Because that would be some MAJOR cost saving initiatives with funds diverted to chn who need bus fares, citizens who need medicine, etc but most IMPORTANTLY nipping coup makers' capabilities in the butt!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff.

I for one feel that the Democratic process has been killed by Party Politics and would like to see parties disbanded altogether and have people elected to Parliament to actually represent their people not their Party.

Parliament would then elect an Executive or Cabinet who would be answerable to them.

All debates would then require members to consult more with their Electorates and their votes would be published to their electorate so that people can decide if they are being represented or not.

This approach obviates the need for Multi Party Cabinet and should be truly representative of the people.

The RFMF in its current form must be disbanded. If not then reformed so that wayward officers can not lead their men against the people.

Only a Security Council approved by Cabinet can authorise major activities and set policies for Military Activities.

A well run Military would be great for Fiji. Problem is this one is not well run so either change that or get rid of it and focus on internal issues like crime.

We want a Government Of the People, By the People and for the People.. AMEN

m.scribe said...

A good PR person could make a lot of money teaching these dumbasses a thing or two about public speaking. My 'foot in mouth' must be the mate taka of the month. "we are really going to have elections" "we arent having elections without the charter" "there is not charter, we are in the process of putting it together" and ... the stupidity goes on!

Gdevreal said...

Same question - role of the military vis a vis the constitution, the presidency, the ministry for home affairs, the police, the government, the election process, the Vanua, etc.

The relationship has been screwed up and where is the check and balance?

Now it is one gun one vote, and one $ one vote, not one person one vote.

Keep The Faith said...

Keep it coming y'all!!

We'll show the IIG how real inclusive policies are supposed to be set and at a fraction of the cost that the "charter charade" is costing the country.

And with the suggestions so far (so get them in ASAP) -- we can probably suggest more clarity to what the aspiring candidates should be campaigning for.

Talk to your rellies out there in the rural areas and bring forward their thoughts too.

Anonymous said...

Limit tenure of PM, Party leaders, President, parliament members etc to two terms only...No more.
Else have a good dictator.

linuswyatt said...

I liked the idea, promoted by anonymous's 2nd comment about No Political Parties; Make every electoral candidate an Independant!! Idea actually has great potential to
cut out politiking and grandstanding and abusive House of reps speeches also deals with the racial issue. Would minimise Chaudry types and their boycott moves, provides true "by people, of people for people" governence and makes it easy to change non-performing members at the next election. Really good democracy for a small nation!!