January 16, 2009

With heartfelt gratitude…

There is not a more appropriate way to put this but to acknowledge with sincere gratefulness, countries who despite the current global economic crisis, have reached out regardless to the people of Fiji.

We honour the citizens of Tonga, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, China, Red Cross China, France and the United Kingdom.

Vinaka Vakalevu, Shukriya and Thank You for remembering us during this crisis. May prosperity rain down on your steadfast nations.

We also gratefully acknowledge the hard-working efforts of the Fiji Red Cross, the Rotary Club, DISMAC and the multitude of other individuals and groups who have placed the plight of others before themselves. May your compassion be rewarded.

We pay special tribute to the selflessness of the many unnamed organisations and faceless people of and from Fiji. Those who without a second thought ignored their own burdens, opened their hearts and freely gave of and from their talent; prayers; minds; kitchens; wardrobes; homes; wallets and time. May your cups run over.

Continue to reach out to each other, monitor the weather and keep others informed.

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