March 03, 2009

Who's really getting the bargain here?

China come’s a-galloping to our rescue with the means, manpower and technology for the construction of low-income housing. The deal which comes to a whopping FJD$70million will see Housing Authority getting $50mill and the Public Rental Board accessing $20mill. Both these entities will be merging soon anyway.

Can someone tell me how low income earners will be able to afford any housing when jobs and productivity are not happening right now?

That being said it will be interesting to see how the loan repayment can be serviced if there are no customers.

Taiwan is naturally trying their best not be out-done .

The saga of the now ex-Chairman of the Commerce Commission, Charles Sweeney comes to the fore showing that there was more than meets the eye on the sudden leave being taken by the Telecom CEO, Taito Tabaleka.

ATH Chairman Tomasi Vakatora perhaps showed his hand too quickly by being the only one to welcome the new Commerce Commission chairman, Dr Mahendra Reddy.

It is worth recalling that ATH had done their bit in chest-thumping at the news of the entrance of new mobile phone operators, but their ownership of Vodafone had them quietly clinching their fists. Vodafone’s erratic mobile market strength lies of in the fluid interest of about 98% of their pre-pay customers. Telecom's Tabaleka and his offensive "operational matters" booboo perhaps did not like augur well with the ATH's favoured Vodafone.

Perhaps it escapes the attention of many that Telecom is fully owned by the people of Fiji while Vodafone is only partially owned by ATH and Vodafone International Holding BV.

Vodafone is headed by Aslam Khan who is husband to InJustice Nazhat Shameem. Nazhat is of course the sister of FHWRC’s Shaista Shameem.

Shaista Shameem is now cracking the whip on all those on-board the poser bandwagon by leading the charge to discredit Rt Saki Tuisolia, husband to Imrana Jalal who dared to rattle what Shameem see’s as only her domain.


FijiGirl said...

Vore is about to learn, the hard way (again!), that trying to play China and Taiwan off of each other ends in someone getting their fingers burned.

Peking might turn around and decide to start funding Vore's opponents, or perhaps even other factions within the military.

Taipei will just keep giving him enough to pi** off Peking.

Vore-Chodo think they can win at this game. They have no idea. Fuc*ing amateurs.

God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Fiji Girl has ommitted the fact that China and Taiwan has normalized relations. Read the news

Even the Independence movement in Taiwan has been muted.

As for the China loan, maybe if those homes were financed by FNPF, then it would be move favorable.

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon: I am sure Fiji Girl will have a response for you but in her absence what I can say is that China very nobly agreeing now start opening its arms to Taiwan is NOT going to solve their long-standing issues today. No Sir. It goes faaaaaaar back. China is only reaching out because they've got economic woes big time just like everyone else. Ditto for the independence movement - they are probably watching with apprehension to see how sincere China is.

It's not so much about the China/FNPF loans, its about what the selling point of these funds were for i.e. low-income housing and how well they are in a position to service these loans during these austere times. Which is therefore a very shallow policy decision. Low-income housing must be a "next to nothing" cost but as we all now the Govt coffers are dry.

Is taking a loan from China or FNPF wise? And Bainimarama has the gall to ask people to sacrifice more while these low-income earners probably only saw him in the flesh for the first time when he insensitively rolled up there in his flash SUV with Kevin Barr to pretend to be mapping out new housing options with money he doesn't have.