March 06, 2009

An Ode to Bainimarama's Canoeing Ambitions

Row, row, row your canoe
Flounder against the tide

Look to
China, Cuba & Russia
All new friends and not quite kosher
What's he trying to hide?

Row, row, row your canoe
What’s Frank gonna do?

Commonwealth’s bashed ‘im

He hurls out “stuff ‘em”

But really he's in a stew

Row, row, row your canoe
Frank wants folks to forgo
We’ll all say No Way!
These are already dark days
His own spending’s gotta go slow


FijiGirl said...

So Vore wants us to forego and make sacrifices? We didn't see him sacrificing his $180,000 holiday back pay now, did we?
God bless Fiji

Tim said...

Why would they make sacrifices when they see the hunta still seeking ways to keep their snouts fully sumerged in the Fijian taxpayer trough, while business, including airlines, tourist operators, NGO's and others seriously consider better options primarily to the East, but also to the west.
Frank might wake up one day after broken sleep and nightmares about all who wish to kill him, and realise he missed the last waka outta there. No amout of slithering through a cassava patch shouting "victim, victim" is gonna get him out of that pickle.