March 17, 2009

The Shit’s Hit the Fan

Finally. The Rabuka trial has come to an end and some semblance of justice has prevailed. In our minds however Murder is indeed Murder. No semantic exceptions. What remains to be seen however is how much of the actual 4 years jail time they truly serve before the Yellow Ribbon farce grants them the convenient “get out of jail” card on a silver platter.

May the Rabaka family find the closure they have been aching for.

The intimidation of all vocal pro-democracy individuals cropping up all over the darned place have not escaped the beady eye’s of the international world. The Police are ever comical meanwhile and still looking for leads. Yawn.

Folks this is the time to be ever vigilant, particularly if you reside in the vicinity of those speaking out and demanding democracy on your behalf. Note all suspicious activities (time, date, car type, make, model, rego, no of participants, what they wore, what they said, what you saw them do) and relay your findings to a trusted counter-witness of yours who should also record your statements as you told them. Also, be very aware that the 1am-3am time-slot is the favourite haunting hour of the goons in green.

Why? Even if the Police Force is not doing the job that your taxes pay them to do, there will be a day that all eyewitness accounts will be needed. That day is coming very soon. Just ask Christopher Pryde and Lieutenant-Colonel Pio Tikoduadua who have apparently been sussing out possible ICC action on their cliquey decisions and naively thinking that the EU would not notice their entrance and exits.

For the goons in green, regardless of your “just following orders” justification, the latest results of the Rabaka trial are as clear an indication as any that justice will prevail. Be very clear that you and your families will pay the price for your actions.

Speaking of taxes. We are told that there has been communication from the Ministry of Finance to our national coffers custodians directing them NOT to pay out anything more than FJD$350K per day for tax returns—for corporations (big/small) and individuals alike. What does that mean? Basically that our national coffers are pretty deplete.

That bit of news coupled with the latest antics of our superannuation fund in vetting (and now charging for) withdrawals make the case that Fiji’s economy is in the toilet.

The verdict: Bainimarama is up shit creek without a paddle.

That's what you get when you think you can row your own canoe.


Tears for Fiji said...

Well said Intelligentsiya!

Sad how we can ALL see through Vore's SHITE but he couldn't it himself. Sa row, row row the shit-filled canoe to Timbaktu.

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