May 20, 2009

Ajmal Khan Did It

Journalists abroad have confirmed the news about the detention of prominent lawyers and their equipment further highlighting the increasingly draconian and illegal measures that people are up against.

Sources have confirmed that 2 of the 3 lawyers: Jon Apted and Richard Naidu have been released from the Criminal Investigation Division of the Police Department although their computers are still being "analysed". There are no reports yet about lawyer Tevita Fa.

As far as pro-regime blog's "Real Fiji News" erroneous and malicious exposures go, their target Raw Fiji News continued to blog unrelentlessly all afternoon.

Sources also highlight that the regime's friendly and treasonously appointed Chief Magistrate Ajmal Khan (pictured on the right) signed the search warrant.

Khan's propping up of the regime is being counter-propped by regime sympathizer and favourite defence lawyer, Haroon Ali Shah who adamently asserts that the absence of high court judges is not bringing law and order in the country to a halt.

As far as the business community is concerned, this incident further jeopardizes investments as lawyers who act on their behalf could at any time have highly confidential information confiscated on a whim.

Once again the military regime single-handedly undermine their own illegal efforts.


Anonymous said...

Good God, with crooked magistrates like Ajmal Khan on the bench, how can we trust the courts to be just and independent? FICAC should investigate how this crook of a magistrate steals from the public purse by favouring Khans rental cars without going through the tender board.

Anonymous said...

Ajmal Khan is an honest man an we all know that...this is what he gets for doin his job and if u say his a crook thn we know y ...becoz u r a crook yrself...
ajmal khan is a well respected man and he is better off not doing his own thing thn working with losers who dnt hv any self respect or dignity...
Gud luck to you Mr Khan.These people dont deserve you.

Anonymous said...

Ajmal is most dishonest magistrate Fiji ever had. He used his sister-in-law Nazhat Shameem to hide his ill deeds. She was close to former Chief Justice Tiuvaga. We all know her relations with him. Good riddance. Hanif