May 23, 2009

Breaking: Lawyer's illegal muzzle now in force

Thanks to blog commentator Semi Meo, we have just received this breaking news.

It appears the shredderous and treasonous illegal Chief Registrar, Major Ana Rokomokoti-Daucakacaka, who melodramatically refuted our shredding allegations earlier, is no longer bashful about her key role in the military regime and is furthermore proud to be able to now control other lawyers via the new illegal decree.

This plan was broken by the coup4.5 blog on 6 May.
1. As of two hours ago, six High Court Administration Staff, led by the Regime’s Chief Registrar Ana Rokomokoti, forcely removed the keys to the Fiji Law Society secretariat, from the custody of Secretariat Staff Ms. Afrana Nisha, and attended the Secretariat. Afrana Nisha was then taken to the Secretariat where she was told to hand over all complaint files.

2. According to the Chief Registrar, the complaint files were being removed pursuant to a new Decree issued as of yesterday which provided her with all the powers pursuant to the Legal Practitioners Act. When we asked to sight the Decree, we were informed that the Decree could be obtained from the Government Printery. The Chief Registrar also notified us that she will be issuing the Practising Certificates and that the Fiji Law Society will be but a voluntary body henceforth.

3. The President requested that they wait at least until Monday so that proper records could be made available to them, however, his request went unheeded as the files were forcefully removed.

4. This latest development is of grave concern to the President and the Council, given its dire implications, as this effectively terminates the core functions of the Fiji Law Society and all its members’ years of hard work since 1956.

To add salt to the already festering legal wounds, yesterday Injustice Anthony Gates offered a feeble and wimpy justification for his return to the bench.

However. Being the "Major Lewzer's" that they are, their timing could not have been more impeccable. Australia now drop's the gauntlet and readies itself for a long, hard, fight to help bring Fiji back to democracy while Fiji democracy lover's prepare to take to the streets of Sydney tomorrow to protest their opposition to the military regime.


Semi Meo said...

We won’t be surprised at all if some of the complaints file unceremoniously removed from the FLS office during a rugby scrum style raid were pending or fresh complaints against certain present or prospective members of the bench. All we wanna know is how those complaints will be addressed especially complaints from overseas clients who may have quite a lot of money lost while monies were taking a walk between the Trust and General accounts of certain law firms. FMF Legal eagles and minor may also be cleared, well, just that previous complaints against them will be no more. That’s cleaning up. Hence, we may just end up with a…mmm….a Bench of the new era with Legal gowns and wig plus Military uniform in cupboards of their respective chambers. Should have stuck to Law and may end up donning one of those coveted gowns and may be camouflage uniform. Why was I “kaba quwawa tiko” instead of climbing the stairs to the library. Still, tomorrow prices of kasera, flour, rice, noddles, pencil, rubber,flipflop, panadol, fuel, busfare etc may shake us back to our knees to pray more. Let’s do that shall we?

FijiGirl said...

So Gaytes is delivering the final, fatal blow to the Rule of Law in Fiji. We should not be surprised. I remain mystified by one thing. What is Gaytes getting out of this? The man who stood by the Rule of Law in the Chandrika Prasad case is not the same person as this man. His motives are entirely different. What's in this for him?
God bless Fiji

Semi Meo said...

May be it is time credible representations are made by our people to Friends of Fiji within the Australian Federal Parliament. May be we start with a courtesy call to the ex-Nasinu Resident now a very Senior member of the Rudd Government. This particular Minister is known to reminisce the times spend in Fijians and Indo-Fijian homes after school during his primary schools days in Nasinu, a former suburb of Suva City, now an autonomous municipal. Just that we may need the benevolent wisdom and input of our friends abroad to garnish our now laughable and liquid political position. That all we may need; people with credibility to speak for us in any International forum. Even Asia may be beginning to fathom that we’re not too serious about return to normalcy in all corners of our existence as a people and as a Nation. If we stall, then those who presently tasted the sweetness of power crave to keep it at any cost. Let’s keep on praying as our redemption may be soon than some thought.

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