May 20, 2009

Breaking: Richard Naidu and John Apted taken by police

Sources have just revealed that lawyers Richard Naidu and Jon Apted have been taken away by police.

Their computer hard-drives are also being seized.

Source reveal that Mr Apted has been told that he would be locked up at the Central Police Station for 7 days.

The haul ups could be instigated by false & libellous claims from the Real Fiji News blog.


Semi said...

It is obvious that those at QEB are truly raving mad.

And now more than ever before, this is SO not going to impress Hilary, or Kevin or John - who will all put the pressure on China and India.

Who will howl at the moon then ?

Anonymous said...

What else can the military strategists do to divert attention from the illegal biggest threat? They can't stand up to the Methodists so they have diverted attention to Richard and Jon.Take note Qiliho, it ain't over yet!

Anonymous said...

shows just how desperate they are trying to clamp down on information. they don't have any proof that richard and john are bloggers, coz they're not. but the military have based their info on claims only.

Children of Fiji said...

Bainimarama & his regime feeling very insecure indeed. Of course Apted & Naidu will be the heroes and VB et al will be villains, that at least we know.

Lets hope that the two will find strength within themselves to sustain whatever brutal encounters they may experience. We wait in hope & prayers.

FijiGirl said...

Thanks for the heads up, Intelly.

Marama said...

Well now we have an idea why Tevita Fa was hauled in as well - and perhaps not because of prolific blogging. The Fa's and now most of the Suva legal fraternity know Te's 24yo ladies-man son Finau has been 'involved' for some some with the Qantas GM's wife. Apparently the young charmer has a weakness for older married woman from down-under that can swing a racket and lavish gifts, in this case overseas trips!