May 21, 2009

Fiji Democracy Movement in Aust to take to the Streets this Weekend

Fiji Freedom loving Australians and their diverse supporters will be taking to the streets of Sydney this weekend to protest their opposition to the military regime.

Detailed below is a note from the organisers to fellow Democracy-loving supporters who may also wish to show their desire to see Fiji return to democratic rule.

Joining us at the march on Sunday 24th May 2009?

Here are some important guidelines to remember:

- This is a peaceful march. Any behavior that is deemed inappropriate will be dealt with accordingly by the observing NSW Police Force.

- If you are bringing your banners- any offensive , inappropriate language etc, will be deemed as an offense.

- Wear a black arm-band on your left hand to support the Black Arm Band Protest established by youth activist groups in Fiji. If you don't have one, we will be distributing black masking tape at the Town Hall Steps.

- Bring rugs, mats or foldaway chairs to Hyde Park to ensure that you are comfortable.

- Bring umbrellas and extra warm clothing for the evening chill at the park.

- When you get to the Town Hall Steps, DO NOT OBSTRUCT OTHER PEDESTRIANS by congregating on the footpath. Make sure you line up in an orderly fashion.

- DO NOT BE LATE! Be there at approximately 1pm. Marching will commence at 2pm. Volunteers are requested to be there at 12pm to be outfitted with vests etc.

- Best method of transport to the event is by train to Town Hall train station. Nearest train station from Hyde Park is Museum train station.

At Hyde Park our guests will include the following people:
1.Hon Ted Young, deposed Minister in the SDL Government
2. Pramod Rae, National Secretary of the National Federation Party (Fiji’s Oldest Political Party)
3. Bhallu Khan, New Zealand Businessman who was bashed so badly he almost died whilst in custody of the Fiji military Forces



Tears for Fiji said...

Godspeed and stay blessed everyone!

Our thoughts, prayers and hopes are with you all as you march to glory and freedom!!!

One day Mafatu!!!

Va said...

Onward march we will to freedom awaits us at the ends of our seas.Fiji Freedom is for everyone.It's time to stand for our land and speak,keep your head up child