May 21, 2009

Foreign Affairs bureaucrat - Ross Ligairi passes on

Sources are revealing that long-standing Foreign Affairs bureaucrat, Ross Ligairi has passed away.

Mr Ligairi is best remembered during the 2006 coup saga as having raised the ire of Samoan PM, Tuilaepa for "sugar-coating" the outcomes of their political meeting.

Our sympathies go out to the Ligairi family at this time.


Anonymous said...

Good luck.

Semi Meo said...

Our deep sympathy and condolences to Di Lo and the boys and the Ligairi Clan. What a tragedy, what a loss and what a time when we need all our brilliant brains to be around to continue the political, social and economic restoration process of our beloved Nation.

True servant of all successive Fiji Governments whose undivided loyalty the reigning PMs demands. One of the seasoned and highly trained diplomats. Brave under fire even when family, provincial and other allegiances outside his profession may at times probe his conscience. He has proved in may occasions to rise above self preferences in his resolve to serve the Fiji Government, who ever and what ever form it may be. We may demean some of his decisions, but there goes a man, many of us would never be half the virtuous man he was in our life time. Sota viro ‘aivata.

Anonymous said...

High quality, the fella lied about what was said with his meeting with Samoan PM.

Anonymous said...

Mr Semi Meo, his wife Losalini Kaseti is not an Adi, so please take note of that.

Anonymous - you should attach your name to that statement. Packs more of a punch.

Am actually surprised that Mr Ligairi lasted so long. He deserves the rest. Maybe now his sons will wisen up and grow up.

Semi Meo said...

It is always a privilege to respond to some who choose to duck under the “sulu i ra and sari” of anonymity just cause they may have forgot their name or may be "rere tiko ko pita". Affording prefixes and other pleasantries to someone name is a simple courtesy and respect. I respect Di Lo as a Fijian lady and ‘Tower of strength” as her husband late Mr. Ligairi unashamedly professes to the world to know.

So protective about the title Adi are you?... but I bet you lunch that some Adis by birth may as we speak soling their Adis around Cumming Street and not so dignified places. Just look at the records in CPS Totogo, and tell them I send you to check it out.
Just hope the title Adi be transferable so those who really deserve honour be their potion.

The Ligairi boys...hands off, and do'nt you worry about them, thanks, but no thanks.

Keep The Faith said...

Keep it above the hips please. I think is should now be the end of this discussion.

The point is he's passed on - God rest his soul - and yes he made some bad professional decisions.

End of Story.

Anonymous said...

How is this government justifying having a State funded funeral for Ross Ligairi?

Last I heard only Presidents got that honour.

Everything is being handled by Foreign Affairs - some Taina woman working under Vocea.

So are we to expect all career civil servants to have their funerals paid too down to forks and knives? PWD has apparently been dispatched to put up the vatuniloa ...

Use you sources Intelligentsiya ... this has been arranged for days. Verify this information please.

8HaiPasifiha8 said...

My sympathy to the late Ratu Iliavi Vukicanavanua Ross Ligairi's family - Losalini his wife (of Yadrana, Lakeba, Lau, having prepared his wardrobe for all travels and catering to Fiji communities wherever else they'd been assigned as a family unit and to his 3 sons, Ratu Masibana, Jeremaia and Ratu Mainalebakula, are my deepest wishes for the very best in all that your late Dad hoped for each of you.

Most unfortunate, that his 30 years minimum of diplomatic service was tarnished towards the end of his life, through the Samoan - Tuileppa. Suspicious indeed, at the turning of events, where the professional rather flawless in office late diplomat was sensationally defamed as incompetent. At whose benefit I wonder? May we who will always care, eventually connect the dots, in the workings of contacts between Tuileppa's Samoa and Tuileppa's Fiji.

A man whose life was literally divided in 3 parts. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (first priority - "Pays the bills," he always said), his family (wife & 3 sons)and his social life. In that am I not all so stunned to see that this Regime deemed it relevant however they arrived at their decision to bid him farewell as they've done.

Me omu a vahacegu ena omu ba lahi moce ho'o vahatuga Uncle Ross.

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