May 03, 2009

"The Hand in the President’s Glove”

This was the interviewers statement that flummoxed Bainimarama to the extent where he could only respond with “Umm Ahhh (sheepish grin)…I, I, I really do not want to talk about that” in the now infamous Graham Davis exclusive interview for Sky News.

Check it out in part 1 of the 3 part series available for on-line viewing (thanks to U-tube) here, at the 8:33 mark.

Part 2 of the interview is available for on-line viewing here.

At the 3:44 mark in part 2, Bainimarama burns the bridges to Tonga by accusing Tongan PM, Dr. Sevele, as having coerced him into agreeing to a 2009 election date to appease the rest of the leaders. That surely must what the illegal Attorney General is referring to when lashing out reactively to the PIF on our suspension, vis a viz “very strong ties with our brothers and sisters in the Pacific”?

It could also be Aiyaz’s subliminal call to the NZ Maori Party who become mistakenly compelled to help Fiji out as Maori Party co-leader, Tariana Turia, nobly asserts. Forget it lady, you don’t want to dip your paddle with Bainimarama’s morally corrupt and now alone canoe. What would make empathy from the Maori’s gain more democratic commitments than past attempts from 15 Pacific Island leaders with whom we share extensive history and blood?

On that note, the Australian Opposition’s views on the need for the relocation of the Forum Secretariat headquarters will be worth watching.

At the 5:56 mark of the second part of the interview, Bainimarama further divides and rules the Pacific by declaring that American Samoa, because they decided to take up the mantle of Fiji with Hilary Clinton, “understands what’s happening in Fiji”.

Up until Congressman Eni Faleomavaega’s sudden visit here, American Samoa had no visibility or relevance in this country. Perhaps the visit was also related to the sale of BP in the Pacific (which includes their presence in American Samoa) to Fijian Holdings Ltd, and the fact that the American Samoa Power Authority, a semi autonomous agency of the government, had announced it was negotiating a fuel purchasing agreement with Mobil Oil to take over its market share.

Also very telling in the interview is that our foreign reserves is down to 1.8 months (and not 3 months as interviewer Graham Davis had thought)…check that statement out at the 6:30 mark. Bainimarama backs up the sorry free-fall state of the economy with the assertion that “that was one of the reasons why we devalued the dollar, the Fiji dollar about 2 weeks ago” at the 6:50 mark.

More telling sound-bites:
7:58 mark – “because we protect our tourist industry” – Bainimarama
8:04 mark - “crime has dropped drastically” – Bainimarama

Part 3 of the interview is available for on-line viewing here.

Early in part 3 at the 1:41 mark the question “do you think you’ve isolated all potential threats to yourself in the military?”, was confidently responded with “All Gone”.

Davis - “So everybody in the military is loyal to you?”
Bainimarama – “E Yes”
Davis – “So there is no split?”
Bainimarama – “There’s no split”
Davis – “…as you said, no split”
Bainimarama – “None”

That is quite interesting when you view that against documents posted up on the “Stop Persecuting Fiji” blog: namely Lt Col Filipo Tarakinikini’s resignation letter and eyewitness accounts of other RFMF Colonel’s on Bainimarama's order (and subsequent reaction to contrary advice) in 2004 to put together a plan to topple the Qarase government.


Children of Fiji said...

We watched Bainicoupology being interviewed on sky News too & he was a pathetic as always, arrogant, nonsense utterings etc etc.

He raved on about ridding Racist racist element in Fiji as he seems to be so highly strung about. Then not long after he says something along the the lines of him being a product of cannibalism - the media person interviewing him could be his next meal!!

Its gutter talk-time or he just does not have the finese that comes with being in the spotlight & media more so now that he sees himself as the Head Dragon or big 'ulukau'!!

How can he speak of getting rid of Racism when soon after he cites a 'Racist' comments!! He has lost the plot , thats our conclusion, The sooner he goes the better for Fiji & its people.

Semi said...

As much as i detest Graham Davis for being a coup-sympathiser, I thank him for exposing the blatant liar and lunatic Bainimrama is.

The sooner we get RID of this idiot the better for everyone of us

Keep The Faith said...

True Semi.

If I didn't know any better it was almost a set up on Graham's part...and Frank lapped up EVERY tasty morsel thinking he had an ally in the "australian media".

It would be such an easy con to pen (for the benefit of an exclusive) a soft PR piece supposedly to get in Frank's good books and presto he gets the VIP treatment to cover the 55th bday morning glory celebs (did you notice all the soldiers were of a particular age group?) well has have the interview up @ QEB -- did Frank see all the raw footage? Graham might have gotten some valuable terrestrial shots of the camp I'm sure....

Did Frank even KNOW who Graham Davis was prior to his Frank PR piece? Probably not as well as Frank knows Mike Field, Sean Dorney or Barbara Dreaver that's for sure.

Many things in that interview Frank (I am pretty sure) was not supposed to let slip.

Children of Fiji said...

Its 'Bite-the- Dust' time for VB, one only needs to look at how unsettling his eyeballs were...angling his eyeballs @ every corner there are without moving his head!! Is he so worried about his own security even in the middle of those 25yrs - (perhaps) 40yrs Fijian soldiers who he has now used as his human shield. The problem with him is he wants to rid all top brass from the Government & Judiciary, relevant authorities & likewise the Good Chiefs & any other that appears to exert power on the Fiji people.

VB wants total control & as visible to the world during that SkyNews interview, he WANTS TO BE the head. he WANTS to be the chief, he wants to play Boss Judge he wants to be the Rule of Law etc etc when really in Essence HE IS NONE of those except an arrogant, Military Dictator who is now holding Fiji & its people @ ransom.!!
Whatever VB plans are - He needs to be brought down in whatever way it takes. Fiji will then Breathe again!! Let the elected politician tease out the problems of a developing Nation - we have had enough of men with guns trying to run the show.

Anonymous said...

So how come this Bainivuaka fool dares to lecture about constitutional democracy? How come he talks about corruption when his deeds in the past 25 months stinks to high heaven? Stop this pretense and the nonsense; face up to the fact he hasn't the balls to face up to treason charges.

Children of Fiji said...

Dear Anonymous,
This 'puaka-fella' does not have a clue whether he is 'aca or maca' so how can he answer such an intelligent question!!

Right now all those advisors 'puaka-fella' has are by the 'boxing ring-side' clenching their 'bloodstained fists'& scratching their 'cou'(s) trying to suss out how they can keep the guy intact in the ring & not be tko'd big time....

Or should we just say the 'kiuva naval ship' is sinking so fast as noted by his own revelation of 1.8months of Reserve left in Reserve Bank @ his SkyNews interview with GD & alls left now is our message .."JUST GIVE IT UP VORE.B..YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED"!!!