May 09, 2009

In case the junta thinks the ACP is not in the loop...

They are.

The Committee of Ambassadors of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States,

Having regard to the principles of the Georgetown Agreement establishing the ACP Group, the ACP-EC Partnership Agreement signed in Cotonou, and the Intra-ACP political dialogue framework;

Recalling the Declaration of the 5th Summit of Heads of State and Government held on 7 and 8 December 2006 in Khartoum, Sudan, condemning the coup d’├ętat of 5 December 2006 in the Republic of Fiji, and calls for the restoration of constitutional order in the Republic of Fiji;

Having regard to the conclusions of the consultations held on 18 April 2007 between the European Union and the Republic of Fiji within the framework of Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement, and having regard to the undertakings agreed by the interim Government of the Republic of Fiji following said consultations, notably as regards respect for human rights, rule of law, democratic principles and the holding of free and transparent elections by the end of March 2009 at the latest;

Having regard to the conclusions and recommendations of the ACP Committee of Ambassadors' mission to of the Republic of Fiji from 12 to 16 May 2008 to evaluate the implementation of the above-mentioned undertakings, and the impact of the sanctions imposed by the international community on the Fijian economy and society, and to determine how the ACP Group could assist the Republic of Fiji;

Seriously concerned by the recent events in the Republic of Fiji following the decision taken on 10 April 2009 to abrogate the constitution, and the postponement of general elections to September 2014 at the latest;

Regrets the abrogation of the constitution, suspension of freedom of the press, and the declaration of the state of emergency; and

Calls for the opening and strengthening of inclusive political dialogue with all parties concerned with a view to quickly restoring constitutional order and holding democratic elections as soon as practically possible.

Issued in Brussels on 21 April 2009

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Anonymous said...

All very positive except that there can be no political dialogue with the pig-he does not have the sense to engage seriously and realistically. People of Fiji, you have to take back your freedom to choose your government, your constitution and your rights. Passive, non-violent resistance now!