May 22, 2009

The Kangaroo Court is now in session

All rise, all rise. Under an illegally shrouded cloak of secrecy the treasonous bench-warmers have arrived.

New judges sworn in
The first set of judges has been appointed by President Ratu Josefa Iloilo this morning.

Justice Anthony Gates has been reappointed as Fiji's Chief Justice.

Justice Davendra Pathik, Justice Daniel Gounder and Justice Sosefa Inoke have also been sworn-in as High Court judges.

President Iloilo also appointed Mary Muir as Resident Magistrate.

Muir is a former lawyer from Ba.

They have been appointed under the Judicial Services Decree.

Other appointments are expected soon.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Anthony Gates is expected to issue a press statement later this afternoon.

Stay with Fijivillage for that.


Tim said...

What was a scared, bitter old fruit who has lost all credibility amongst his peers going to do? He backed himself into a corner long ago by his cowardly actions. So no surprises really.
I wonder if a peroxided, bitter old closet queen from Christchurch will also be on the agenda - after all, he's probably not only considering his options, but also the fact that Christchurch is bitterly cold right now. Why not opt for more civilised temperatures, even if it does involve prostituting one's principles and basic decency - oops, I forgot - Pryde is used to all that.

Semi Meo said...

Very sad that Saturday afternoon the Chief Registrar staffs are alleged to forcibly entered the Fiji Law Society secretariat and removed “complaints file claiming a Decree to “legitimise” their act of thuggery is being printed at Government Printing and when the President would duly execute after a bout of bad flu his suffering. The said Decree is purported to relegate the Fiji Law Society to a voluntary obsolete NGO, hence, stripped of her teeth and stripes. Could someone tell us lay men and women what’s happening? the truth, cause come Monday the price of “kasera” and flour run at speedes out soon to be devalued dollar may never catch up to.

Semi Meo said...

Dear Members, Saturday 23rd May, 2009

We regret to inform you the following:

1. As of two hours ago, six High Court Administration Staff, led by the Regime’s Chief Registrar Ana Rokomokoti, forcely removed the keys to the Fiji Law Society secretariat, from the custody of Secretariat Staff Ms. Afrana Nisha, and attended the Secretariat. Afrana Nisha was then taken to the Secretariat where she was told to hand over all complaint files.

2. According to the Chief Registrar, the complaint files were being removed pursuant to a new Decree issued as of yesterday which provided her with all the powers pursuant to the Legal Practitioners Act. When we asked to sight the Decree, we were informed that the Decree could be obtained from the Government Printery. The Chief Registrar also notified us that she will be issuing the Practising Certificates and that the Fiji Law Society will be but a voluntary body henceforth.

3. The President requested that they wait at least until Monday so that proper records could be made available to them, however, his request went unheeded as the files were forcefully removed.

4. This latest development is of grave concern to the President and the Council, given its dire implications, as this effectively terminates the core functions of the Fiji Law Society and all its members’ years of hard work since 1956.

Please forward your views ASAP.

Kind regards