May 07, 2009

Retaliation Begins

While Bainimarama is offshore pretending to know about money and attempting to dazzle other ADB leaders with lies, he has, despite being publicly lauded as one of three elephants in the room, been busy working the phone-lines back home barking out retaliation orders.

In thumbing their noses to justice, they release convicted criminals back into society. The Prisons Commissioner, Brigadier General Ioane Naivalurua, himself a military man is undoubtedly making this happen. The reality is that everyone was expecting it to happen. Even Mr Peni Rabaka, father of the deceased Rabaka, who now fears direct retaliation from these thugs.

The state of play on our legal arena is ever fluid and the Law Society’s head, the ever bold Dorsami Naidu, continues to speak out questioning the absence of High Court judges and the impending actions that the military regime is planning against them.

Reports are surfacing on the up-close-and-personal clamp down attempts by military thugs on access to uncensored information via internet cafe's.

It is all essentially aimed at sending a signal to you PIF leaders that they, within the safe sovereign vicinity of their EEZ, are untouchable.

The other subliminal signal he is sending to his “loyal troops” is that he’s got their back if they continue to do his treasonous becking.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the illegal and treasonous Acting Prime Minister has also been spouting his mouth off a bit too much for his own good. So much so that the PIF Chair is now said to be considering the movement of the PIF Secretariat. He has been sworn at by the heroic Samoan PM, Tuilaepa, indicating that he really is getting up their noses.

Aiyaz has forgotten (or does not know) that despite trying to position Fiji as an elder sibling in the Pacific, the unwritten understanding is that silence indicates assent. The Solomon Islands, Kiribati and Tuvalu all know that. Tuilaepa points this out icily as only he can.

Fiji’s place as a UN peacekeeper debate continues and Australia PM Kevin Rudd, sticks to his guns. The UN rep being questioned on Fiji’s UN security assets, rightly points out that as an international civil servant he is no position to comment on a member states assertions.

Naturally. As an international civil servant he simply executes the wishes agreed by (read majority) member states. Bainimarama's current retaliation antics are simply providing more valuable ammunition towards more voices against the engagement of our security forces. The report to the UN Security Council therefore reveals that they are already talking 'options'. They will however take their cues from the principal inter-regional political body, the PIF.

The Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa’s Maoridom have, in deciding to champion Fiji’s supposed indigenous challenges, opened themselves up unnecessarily to a stinking can of worms. They should have learned from the faux cries rallying for indigenous “to arms” by George Speight in the coup of 2000.

What’s missing in all this STILL are peaceful signal’s to the world that We The People stand united and firmly against Bainimarama’s treasonous tyranny.


Anonymous said...

The pig is mad literally. Ask his mates in the navy who used to smoke pot with him. And it took a conman who had stolen from the regimental fund (Epeli Ulukau Ganilau) to recommend this pig madman to be commander. Of course, they were all part of the coup plot as we will soon see from the Rasiga documents.

Anonymous said...


Check these out:

Tim said...

What it really shows is how out of touch Davis has become, or perhaps its just that he isn;t that good a judge of character.