May 22, 2009

Thaaaaaaaar they blow (off) again

As if to prove his worth and intent to worm his way back into the inner circle, the illegal Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum weighs in on the recent EU decision.

Radio Fiji (snigger) reports him as maintaining his confidence of the EU running back into their arms just because “of Fiji’s willingness to engage with them and the numerous reforms government has in place for the sugar industry”. Yo! Reforms are not going to be turning the EU on mate, and this you know only too well.

Aiyaz’s tone on RNZI has a slightly more “we’re still friends and can work it out” tone. Side eye now.

Fiji Village (ha!) has Aiyaz with a “we will row our own canoe” type tone with the “we must move away from hand-outs”. Fair enough. But why then is Leweni’s politically screaming down the “Now or Never” demands on Australia and New Zealand?

Who’s on the begging end again??

Leweni plods on with government subsidized “poropoganda” initiatives that will just see more resources down the drain and more TV’s switched off (and thus more paper in our pockets).

I hope they're prepared for the valuable entertainment fodder these programmes will provide for the blogosphere.

The good news is that Amnesty International is not going to let any grass grow under the illegal regime’s feet. And you know what that means. Amnesty also states their welcome of blogs as an alternative to free-flowing information.

However. A letter in today’s Fiji Times lashing out at the recent illegal and farcical decree on the Human Rights Commission slipped through the nets.

Viva La Censor's! Can you say “Inundation?” Let the love flow from abroad.

Evidently they're still panicking.

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Anonymous said...

Yippeee-I-Aye Kaiyooooom's ego was never gonna let him stay away from trying to buy back into what he sees as his fame and fortune. Especially when he has his agents busily at work lobbying across Australia and New Zealand and when he thinks he's got an entire army protecting him. The poor, angelic-like pleeding smiles of the Sami feigning some sort of intellectual argument to try to counter the bleeding obvious - as if he actually gives a shit beyond his own notions of self-importance!. Shame on the IPS/VUW for buying into that shit - one or two (or three) in particular - such as Robinson, Roberts - oops!
Shame indeed - it may well be that they're putting their own credibility on the line - fuck Cathan House!
I guess neither have actually encountered dysfunctional, pathological liars before although I was certain that Robinson at least had. Come to think of it, I KNOW HE HAS! Cut the crap mate - you're either being fucking stupid or you are a real disappointment, OR maybe life has become just a little bit too comfortable!
Still....never mind - even if the IPS/VUW see some sort of value in engaging, and in "dialogue", others including those in government (surprisingly enough) realise that they're dealing with a bunch of disingenuous, dysfunctional, self-interested, self-promoting bullshit artists whose arguments (if you only look at their record to date) change according to their OWN agenda.
Hey fellas: Wake the fuck up - we're more than 2 years down the track and LOOK at the record - it's really not that dissimilar to the start of the whole Mugabe thing, or anywhere else you might choose to look. The dictator becomes the Addictator - and in Frank's case - he was that before it all came to pass.
And by the keen were you all to "engage" and "dialogue" and be all accomodating at the expense of Joe Fijian AT THE START OF THIS CHARADE. I sure as hell didn't notice and neither did anyone else.
Come to think of it, I didn't see ANYONE present from academia at the last little attempt at engagement 2 plus years ago.
It'd probably be more beneficial if those present in ellington on Wdnesday just simply fucked off. The chances of your actually making a difference really are entirely minimal.
Like that ad used to say - "know me before you judge me" - At LEAST try and get to know Frank and where he's coming from! cos it really isn't that pretty. He's a pig ugly version of a cross between Muldoon and Mugabe with a hint of a few other little despots thrown in. And you guys see some sort of value in "engaging"?