May 20, 2009

Uh Huh - They’re still panicking

The treasonous President Iloilo moves his gnarley digits in panic and reveals two new illegal decrees.

One farcical decree essentially see’s the fast-tracked exit of FHRC’s former military pet rottweiler who no longer enjoys housebound privileges. Dr Shaista Shameem is sent out to pasture as we predicted and her replacement will apparently be appointed upon Bainimarama’s return from singing his sob stories at the ACP meeting in Guyana (he might want to give the next ACP meeting a miss as Samoa is hosting and you can be sure that their PM Tuilaepa will rub his hands in glee at the opportunity to give Bainimarma a one-on-one tongue-lashing).

Naturally this delay gives the military regime time to round up someone legally challenged enough to take up this mantle. The illegal Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum for the record is still searching for more legally challenged sorts to back them up illegally on the high court benches.

The second illegal decree titled the "Administration of Justice" decree hijacks any case challenging the "validity or legality of the Fiji Constitution Amendment Act 1997 Revocation Decree 2009 (Decree 1)" and provides that such cases "shall immediately transfer the proceeding or the application" to the illegal and shredderous Chief Registrar, Major Ana Rokomokoti-Daucakacaka. Oh ye of small minds. In Bainimarama’s own televised words “there are 500 hundred ways to skin a cat” and there are therefore a myriad of other international processes that can and will be exploited.

Epeli Ganilau is acting as Prime Minister this time around, and this perhaps points to a sign that Aiyaz no longer finds favour with Bainimarama. Khaiyum is now confined to barracks with trivial legislation like the one currently driving younger people to the drink faster -- a sure-fire nightmare in the making. It is possible that the show pony strutting and vociferous lies of yore has had him fast-tracked to the outer margins of the inner circle like his mentor Shaista Shameem.

Bainimarama’s globetrotting feats are of course only opportunities for him to sing the “we’re the victim” mantra to other world leaders and, if the opportunity presents itself, specifically corner Pacific leaders with his irritating whine. He has already done a voice-checked panicky solo to the EU to that effect as the ACP group have more pressing issues to tackle.

Already the one-time friend of the regime, Mahendra Chaudhry and the sugar sector are panicking at the effects of the EU announcement.

The fact that the regime will also be represented at the upcoming ILO meeting and “minussing” trade unions like FICTU, that don’t share their illegal views are not isolated incidents. This also is a panic-stricken move. The “we’re the victim” sobs that Filipe Bole will now add to the mix will be dramatically raised in Geneva largely to extract more political pity from those bothered to listen. The ILO meeting is possibly an opportunity for the military regime to assess who the military regime's circle of dwindling friends are.

Unfortunately for all of them and these wasteful jaunts, their illegal and treasonous reputations precede them. The respected political forum that we were once key members of has spoken.

Treasonous Vice Pres, Nailatikau’s confirmed trip to PNG to woo the Grand Chief for pity should also be entertaining. If Nailatikau is banking on old friendships and his extended blood-ties to one who Somare was very tight with, it will take much, much more than that to convince the old man. For one, Nailatikau’s obvious Tongan-ness has him at an immediate disadvantage and he too will be panicking again soon.

The “protected” tourism industry is now also panicking despite lauding the recent devaluation, they aren’t rejoicing anymore as their expected returns remain ummmm stagnant.

As we revealed earlier, the panic has also seeped into the down-graded local government offices who have been directed to issue new and illegal opening hours of certain business even though their licensed opening hours stipulate otherwise.

At the height of the military regime's giddying panic-room mania, they haul up innocent lawyerly-type citizens in their needle-in-a-haystack quest to find bloggers who continue to be a thorn in their panic-stricken sides. Prepare to laugh as Leweni becomes the face of these two-bit espionage attempts.

We sincerely hope the falsely alleged bloggers are released ASAP and remain unharmed.

Tongan PM Sevele has been most disappointing and conceivably been pressed by the royal palace to soften Tonga’s position on Fiji. Unfortunately the Tongan chappie is showing the world more and more what a total woos he is. He is only confirming Bainimarama’s allegations on Sky TV that Sevele conned him into a 2009 election date.

Mind you, Sevele has done the 1 step forward, 2 steps back shuffle before and other PIF leaders are only too aware of this “weak link”. A decision was taken by all leaders that they agreed to. If there are second thoughts now it is an indication of weakness in the face of hard decisions. Sevele was not voted for by the people of Fiji to worry about our "poor people". He clearly has enough of that with his own constitutency to worry about.

There are misplaced notions that Fiji is being ostracized by the international community. It is not. The only entity being put out in the cold by the international community is Bainimarama and his military regime. And for that they have the fullest support of the people.

Perhaps these Forum Governments need to be reassuring each other a bit more that it certainly was the right decision. And therefore they should be guided by factual information. To that end we would certainly encourage them to take a poll (and not selective cherry-picking like American Samoa) from the folks of this country to allay their conscience. So go on then. Ask us and be democratic about it.

Any more of this to-ing and fro-ing only show's them all in extremely poor political light.

But Pacific Leader’s should make no mistake, the majority of muzzled voices in this country want Bainimarama out and are prepared to suffer as we have already illegally under Bainimarama's tyranny. This is why Bainimarama is stifling dissent and prepared to dictate what information we masses are privy to.


Children of Fiji said...

Excellent posting as always.

Yes, dissapointing comments from the Tongan PM. Perhaps he is performing his soft-sell approach because he is related to EN Fiji's Vice-P thats why.

On another level, Tongan PM seems to have his head stuck in the clouds when one reads his comment in Wellington. Is it his advisor influencing his thoughts or VB & his cronies have tried their backdoor tactics of lobbying its neighbors in a last ditch attempt to upset the apple cart??

discombobulated said...

Brilliant synopsis. Tongan PM must have had a VERY senior moment. I would have thought he would have known MUCH better than that.

And you are right about the panic mode. Most afraid of own shadow ..... as the old proverb goes - He who sacrifices his conscience to ambition burns a picture to obtain the ashes.

Anonymous said...

These so called leaders like the dumb Tongan PM need to understand that they are not doing the people of Fiji a favour - The people are suffering and can suffer even more if this means getting rid of Bainimarama and his crooks.

I salute the Samoan PM for being a straight talker and not a whimp like the Tongan PM.

Oh Judgement Day is so near for these crooks.

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!! I so agree was the whispers between Senele & Bananamman after the first Pacific Island Forum in Tonga that did it. They tied the knot then...why do we have to cope with the bullshit from soem who uses their position of power like Senele & Bananaman.
Thumbs up for the Samoan PM he has the guts to say the truth.