June 12, 2009

Global Liberty-Loving Fijians "Bind Mai"

Expatriate Fijians to expand anti interim government activities
Updated Wed Jun 10, 2009 4:37pm AEST

Australia's Fijian community plans to take its campaign against the military regime to other parts of the world. The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement is hoping to set up similar chapters in England, and enlist the backing of their compatriots in the US. The group also plans to increase the pressure on Fijian citizens living in New Zealand, who have accepted positions back home. The President of the Sydney chapter, Peter Waqatairewa, told Michael Cavanagh in Canberra the campaign will also be taken to the United Nations.

Listen to the radio interview here.

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Children of Fiji said...

Bring it on! Viti-Kiwis standing by. Check-in hq @Sai's blog.