June 08, 2009

John Rabuku entrenches himself with military regime

Fiji TV reports tonight that illegal and treasonously appointed magistrate John Rabuku has resigned to take up an acting appointment as the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).


Anonymous said...

First how come there is nothing much being said about the new Illegal DPP? Strange that this very important appointment has not received any comments from the Blog authour!!
Rabuku is a failed lawyer, a failed magistrate who has yet to deliver judgements from cases he heard in October 2007, and now is a failed DPP and totally ilegal.
He would never ever even sniff the post DPP if things were done on merit. He is a PAWN put there by Kaiyum so that the office can remain ineffective. Another treasonous appointment.

Keep The Faith said...

@ anon 08:57 -- if you are inferring that we are letting this chap get off lightly please note our blog heading "john rabuku entrenches himself with military regime" -- which is pretty clear.

he's as illegal as he was when he first took up the magistrates post and for that he's just as much a loser as iloilo.


Anonymous said...

As a lawyer, I shall give free legal perspective. You all need to be more updated with the legality of all thats happening in Fiji. The Qarase case was held in favor of the interim government, and the decision stipulated that the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo take executive power and administer it. Ever since then, the President had appointed the interim government himself, and the interim government has exercised its legislative, executive and judicial powers which are the 3 branches of the state controlled by government. These are features of a functioning state. All consecutive decrees promulgated, appointments, removal of office-bearers and so forth by the interim government are legitimate and legal according to the NEW ORDER! The revocation of the Constitution was done so by a Revocation Decree promulgated by the President himself. Until there is proof that the President is insane or incapable or is coerced to make such decisions, I, as a citizen of Fiji, refuse to appreciate all the blasphemy against the interim government! I am not a RFMF soldier, and neither am I a part of the interim government. I have also been taken up to the camp. I was beaten up and man-handled by the soldiers for our wrongs. I have felt the weight of a size-13 safety boot with punches against myself many times during my trip up to the camp. But I know right when I see it and I say that this new order is legitimate because I have researched and perused the legal developments so far and see that the current government have legally and properly followed steps since the Qarase government! They know what they are doing! People, we need to forget the past and move forward. Only through that way can we progress.

Anonymous said...

Blahblahblahblah, enough of the crappp. Goodness sake, give it up already. The economy is suffering & so are the people. Just too much BS & screwed up politics.