June 12, 2009

Pension Funds to be Slashed

While our superannuation entity has the gall to re-brand and do totally unnecessary public relations activities (it is the workers as primary stakeholders that they have to impress at the end of the day), the treasonous PM has the CHEEK to announce that our retirement funds - yours, mine and everyone else's - will be slashed.

Bainimarama points to a World Bank review as justification. The reality is the military appointed Board and CEO have stuffed up big time in their decisions on investments and we have to pay for it. Again.

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Anonymous said...

Time to drop leaflets from the air folks!! Lets retaliate & resist. Every employee around Fiji should take two minutes slow down at their own pace during their working hours. A slow sure way of getting back & no one will know not even the coup juntas.